17.03.2005 General News

Aussie-Ghanaians Unhappy With Osei-Ameyaw - Rejoinder From High Commissioner

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I wish to refer to the article which appeared on your website on 7th of March 2005 on the above subject matter and please be informed as follows:

a) Status Of The Consul-General Of Ghana In Sydney

Kindly be informed that Mr. Kofi Osei-Ameyaw was the Consul-General of the Republic of Ghana in Sydney, Australia up to 2nd January 2005. He has resigned his post and has duly notified the appropriate authorities.

b) Present Status Of The Ghana Consulate In Sydney

The Ghana Consulate-General in Sydney has assisted the Ghana Mission

immensely; not only in meeting visa requirements but also dealing with other personal and commercial activities.

The Ghana Mission in Tokyo which has concurrent accreditation to

Australia has recommended to the relevant authorities that our office in Sydney should continue to function whilst issues relevant to the appointment of a new Consul-General are being considered.

It is also pertinent to note that the Consul-General's position is an honorary

one and the Government of Ghana does not spend any money on the operations of the Consulate. It is rather The Consulate that handles all matters pertaining to the representation of Ghana in Sydney from its own resources.

The operations of the office thus constitute an incredible savings to Ghana in money and personnel terms. Additionally, sums of money that are collected on behalf of Government of Ghana (fees for visas, passports, etc) by the office are considerable.

The Consulate-General of Ghana in Sydney does not operate from a sub-

urban residence. It has a central location and consequently provides a geographical service, not only for the public residing in Sydney but also the public residing in other states simply because it is within the “Express Post” area serviced by Australia Post.

Officials of this Mission have also inspected the premises and are happy with the facilities available.

Staff and His Excellency the High Commissioner have dealt with Mr. Graham Molloy in various capacities and are fully confident that he is fully qualified to represent Ghana in Sydney. Mr. Molloy is currently handling the consulate's work in his capacity as Consular Assistant. In this regards, one must rather appreciate his contribution to Ghana's business in Australia.

c) Visa Fees etc.

Mission wishes to inform the Ghanaian community in Sydney that visa fees etc, have been published on the Consulate's website for some years and the website has been updated since November last year.

The Ghana Mission's accounts were audited 4 weeks ago and the report from the Auditors indicate that they were fully satisfied with the financial operations of the Ghana Consulate-General in Sydney.

Finally, Mission wishes to appeal to the general public in Sydney to rather

focus on how to help strengthen the links between Ghana and Australia rather than dwell on issues of very minimal supportive consequence.

The doors of this Mission are always open and individuals should feel free to

contact the High Commissioner or Staff of this Mission at any time.

The following are the Mission's contact details:

Tel: (03) 5410 – 8631 – 3

Fax: (03) 5410 – 8635

E-mail: [email protected]

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