Enough of the War Mongering, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong

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NOV 18, 2016 LISTEN
Kennedy Agyapong

I personally see peace to be a nonnegotiable price of a necessity. We need it not because we need it but because we deserve it naturally. My heart pants any time I hear individuals ride on deviancy, incivility, violence and all sort of unacceptable acts for parochial interest. I agree that deviants and unscrupulous people are part of society but can't do same when people who find themselves in enviable positions under the care of the ordinary citizen, gamble with our survival.

Today, without any modicum of doubt, I write to succinctly condemn with alacrity, the statements made by Kennedy Agyapong, the Assin Central Member of Parliament against the Inspector General of Police.

Check this out on GhanaWeb:

I was not astonished though sad after listening to an audio of Kennedy's attack on the IGP. Initially, I thought it was a doctored tape for propaganda. My research proved me wrong and I had to ask myself whether an individual can be that stronger than a nation. The Ghana Police Service is the heart of our national security and any attack on it by any individual or group is only a timely revelation of war( God forbid). Is it the case that Kennedy enjoy being called names like " maverick " and hence continue to feed on it or he is summarily violent and uncivilized?

Agreeably, I cannot pass judgement on him but posterity awaits us all.

Grievously, this is not the first time Kennedy has made such ugly and unsavory comments in this country. What I don't understand is that any time he comes out with such violent statements, you have people defending him and never see anything wrong with him. I don't think conscience could be bought that cheaply so don't tell me he buys their conscience all the time.

Kennedy Agyapong have insulted almost everybody in this country and always see everything wrong about people and their actions apart from he( Kennedy Agyapong).

Isn't that lugubrious?
Before his attack on the Ghana Police Service, he is on record to have attacked the hard earned reputation of the chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei, a woman with enviable track records. He used all sort of unprintable words on her with impunity. Is this a nation builder?

It does appear we are becoming a center of political comedy in the eyes of the international community by the actions of some of these characters who are supposed to be role models and agents of development. Kennedy Agyapong comments have never added anything meaningful to national progress except to preach war. I can boldly say that he is such a loud Member of Parliament outside the floor of Parliament but an introvert in the floor where Hon. Members of Parliament display their intellectual sagacity. May be a justification that the most empty barrels make the most noise.

I think that, having allowed earlier statements made by him to die a natural death, Ghanaians should not allow him to continue to be a liability. As long as he remains a member of parliament under the care of the ordinary Ghanaian, he must learn to be responsible and respect the laws of the very country he claims to be serving.

I personally see his " service" as disservice to national progress and prosperity. If nobody can control him, the law should be able, only if he is of sound mind.

I don't expect any individual or group most especially my dear NPP to come out to defend him again. Though it is vividly clear that the NPP lack the courage and alacrity to condemn his actions, they should not cast aspersions on those who come out like me to manly condemn his uncharitable acts after all, if you sleep with an itching anus, you wake up with smelling fingers.

This is a person who called the NPP bunch of "fools" and yet felt good without realising that he insulted himself as a member of that party. That was the best own goal he ever scored with all his unproductive attacks.

I respect some members of the NPP who have demonstrated commitment to nation building and who engage in productive intellectual discourse but Kennedy called them fools and went unpunished. If the NPP refuse to unequivocally condemn him again, I will have every reason to believe that it is behind those violent acts. How powerful do he think he is, to continually reduce this nation to his household? It is nauseating. To say the least.

I urge BNI to cage him because we need peace before, during and after the impending elections and his actions are a threat to national security and have the propensity to spark mayhem in this country. If he thinks he builds fame by making such useless comments, he must be defamed by the very constitution that makes him an MP.

Also, political parties, national peace council, civil society groups and all concerned members for peace and development should come out to tell Kennedy the bitter truth that enough is enough of his seemingly unrepentant war mongering. No individual is bigger than this country.

Shall be back........
Denis Andaban.
[email protected]