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Women Are The Architect Of The Downfall Of Men

Women Are The Architect Of The Downfall Of Men
18.01.2016 LISTEN

The struggle of a man begins at birth but not at marriage but relationship or marriage come to compound the numerous obstacles faced my men. In fact the life span of men is drastically reduced by ladies who naturally are supposed to make men complete.

I have decided to direct my pen to the woman's kitchen after my pen has slept for sometime now perhaps because of the festivity season. Indeed I would have love to be singing praises for all women at least for bringing us forth into this world. Let me be quick to add that, despite the vitally important role play by women in our traditional, social, economic and political life, the lifestyle of the 21st woman leave much to be desired. I therefore criticize to correct but not to demonstrate mere aggression towards our mothers. For whatever it is, they are part and parcel of our lives.

Having being a witness to many woes a relationship and having being in a relations for a couple of years now, I think I stand a better position to speak to the relevant issues about these very emotional, complex and self styled ladies of our age. Don't probably call me Mr. Know all but you know, if a crocodile comes out of the river to tell you fishes drum and dance, who are you to doubt because to see they say is to believe.

The point is that women are simply wicked and do not like men who really love them. They feel so proud that they refuse to see and hear of what is good for them. Excuse me to say their temporal beauty clouds over their intellect and the attendant effects are on all of us. Believe me that, many guys have learnt how to lie, cheat, steal because they want to be loved by their desirous ladies. Go out to the the street and ladies who have done nothing to live with, constantly talk shamelessly of marrying men with latest cars and with the highest certificates. Many are such who want to be associated with stars. They fake the sacred gift of love from God.

No wonder sin originated from the first woman ever to be created and we are all suffering the results. How many times have guys not been betrayed? There are rich men who are struggling to eat because either the wife or the girlfriend has burnt his certificates or ran him into abject poverty. You yourself can look round and see classical examples.

Yes it is true that women are vulnerable and should be given enough opportunities to come out from their several years of vulnerabilities but the question is how ready are they?

Even when they are very lazy and go about chasing guys for money? Go out there and there is a common term called "Bego Libiri" to mean morning chop money from guys. What prevents you from equally giving to your guy? They like outings but never wanna pay a 'kobo" even if they have money. This is undiluted greediness and smart foolishness. Forgive me if my words are hash.

I entreat all guys to take caution because enough is enough. If they won't get up and work, they should die of hunger. The hand that does not work does not eat.

Better still they can do open prostitution than this hidden but killer unprospitous cum insane game they constantly engage in. My advice is that, those bad ladies should change or they would suffer in the hands of few patient guys who are willingly ready to make them useless at all cost.

The few charitably ladies must begin to educate those useless, foolish and game girls out there. I commend you for being ladies of fame and dignity and may you be blessed with a good relationship and may you never suffer in the hands of the wicked.

Now my fellow gentlemen, if they are refusing to be wise, be wise. A word to the wise is enough.

No hard feelings. Naming and shaming can work if we want real change. Morality, my concern.

Hahahaha my pen has spoken.
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