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24.12.2015 Feature Article

The Birth And Life Of Jesus Christ: 10 Important Lessons To Be Learnt. (Part 3)

The Birth And Life Of Jesus Christ: 10 Important Lessons To Be Learnt. (Part 3)
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5. EXPECT YOUR PHARISEES AND SCRIBES: I wish I could say otherwise, but, no matter how genuine and helpful your intentions and actions are, expect oppositions and persecutions.

Jesus never sinned; He only went about doing good. He healed the sick, opened blind eyes, unstopped deaf ears, save people under various demonic oppressions and attacks, raised the dead; all He ever did was good. You would have thought someone as good as Jesus would never face any opposition, but Jesus constantly faced different forms of oppositions from the Scribes and the Pharisees.

This shows that doing good or doing the right thing is not immunity from oppositions and persecutions. You might not really understand why you face so much opposition in your business, career, family and other areas of your endeavors, when all you ever did was good. Jesus is telling you today: 'look at me, if they did it to me; they will do it to you.' Persecutions and oppositions strengthen you and push you forward. It's part of the package, enjoy it.

6. REVITALIZE YOURSELF: as powerful as Jesus was, He always isolated Himself to relax, pray, empower and re-energise Himself.

This is an important lesson we can learn from Jesus. There are times we must look back and access our lives. There are times we need to keep abreast with the current knowledge trend. There are always areas in our personal and professional lives we need to improve upon.

It shouldn't always be about work; spend time with your family and friends. Take vacation to places you would love to visit. Don't become rusty; go back to school, attend seminars, take short courses. Constantly keep yourself abreast with recent advancements in your industry, and above all, keep yourself connected with God through prayer. Do check and balance on yourself and make efforts to improve yourself every day.

7. FIGHT; YOUR TIME IS LIMITED: your talents, gifts and potentials are given to you for free; they are what you need to accomplish your mandate in life. But accomplishing your dreams or purpose is not automatic. It requires resilience, diligence, persistence and faith.

Jesus was a man with great powers, but that never eliminated Him from the daily problems you and I are confronted with. But that never stopped Him; He had to fight to establish the will of God here on Earth.

That God gives you a dream doesn't mean you cross your legs. You need to fight to fulfill the purpose of God for your life.

NB: the final part of this article will be published tomorrow.

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Author: Elorm Apediavu Hermann

[email protected]


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