30.09.2004 General News

Legon Students Angry Over ¢300,000 IT Fee

By Chronicle
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Students of the premier University of Ghana Legon, have expressed their dissatisfaction at the collection of ¢300,000 from each student as Information Technology (IT) fees.

Information gathered by The Chronicle on its visit to the campus, was that it has already been five weeks since the school re-opened but nothing has been done to facilitate the reality of this course.

Interestingly, the University can only boast of 100 computers that are currently in existence, but a total of ¢6 billion has been collected from the students population.

Sources indicated that the project which was introduced in the system, recently is supposed to be enjoyed by each student for only 64 hours, which is not adequate for the completion of the course, since each student is expected to have 2 hours of lecures.

In an interview with some executives of the Students Representatives Council ((SRC), it was disclosed that a meeting between the SRC and the University's authorities led in ascertaining the fact that there are 112 computers in the pipeline which will be made available by the beginning of November to commence the IT programme.

Further information gathered by the paper, indicates that the IT programme is meant to begin with only the final year students, which comprises of the level 400, Diploma 2 and graduate students of the University.

The question raised by some section of the students was why monies should be collected as IT fees from students who are going to benefit in the subsequent academic year.

It was gathered that, the University authorities have assured the SRC that the 112 computers in the pipeline are not the only computers expected, because more will be added later.

In the light of this, the SRC have assured the students that they should keep their hands crossed for the delivery of the 112 computers as has been promised by the University authorities.

Meanwhile, the SRC have pleaded with their authorities to include vacations in the lecturing of IT, due to the limited time given for the course during lecture days.

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