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Opinion | May 3, 2015

Angelina K. Morrison: Why Floyd Mayweather Will Never Be Universally Loved

Angelina K. Morrison: Why Floyd Mayweather Will Never Be Universally Loved

A stinking rich black man who flaunts the cash will have many more enemies. And sustaining this view, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (born Floyd Joy Sinclair, on February 24, 1977), the "pretty" black boy from Grand Rapids, Michigan, has numerous enemies around the globe.

To capture the scale of the disaffection felt towards him; consider a case of an American fighting a Filipino in America and being booed. That says it all.

But is there a valid reason why this man—despite his unsurpassed achievement in this era—is still chided and derided? Perhaps there is, and that is what this article will seek to put across with stainless clarity and consummate gusto.

Having overcome the next best fighter in the ring, despite what anyone will say, he should be luxuriating in the tantalising fruits of his exalted success; and yet, he can only but dream of universal acclaim and love. Indeed, the man has a mountain of an issue to climb.

Poverty, in my view, has a way of staining the soul and leaving an imprint upon it for a lifetime. I look at Floyd's background and I realise that there are surely psychological issues at play here. And beyond such deep-rooted issues, the other begging question becomes: What is a man supposed to do with his wealth? "Go [his] way, sell whatever [he has] and give to the poor," as Jesus advised the rich young ruler in Mark 10:17-22?

In truth, to expect such of a man who is not even a preacher by any shred of the imagination—and as to how many times his shadow darkens a church door, which we do not know—will be asking way too much. For starters, even the preachers who will be role models for him to emulate, have yet to follow such a high and demanding request. Ask yourself: How many preachers do you know who have given their mansions away to live in a quaint little cottage, all in the name of obeying the Master's command to that young ruler?

Despite this view, a man must still stand or fall upon his own sword. And the brash arrogance, whether to sell tickets or not, of Mayweather must equally attract the right and measured condemnation. In fact, the distance between him and refreshing humility is like day and night. To attempt to mention Mayweather in the same breath as humility would be a curious attempt to mix clean, fresh water from a brook with the stinking sewage from a downtown house. The two cannot be more different.

Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather
Surely, the man has but contributed to the way he is perceived; and right here he must take the deserved blame. Nevertheless, the criticism that he gets is perhaps more than he truly deserves. Revisiting the idea of colour must come into the fray. Being black and rich is never something that will win you universal accolades. After all, blacks are always irrevocably resigned and consigned to belonging to the hoi polloi of society; and when one rises to the height that Floyd has, and has the ways and means—the mammon that rules the world—then envy will definitely play a role in how such a man is perceived. People will always look at him through such stained spectacles.

Turning to the Bible for why this state of affairs rings true, there is one scripture that speaks to the situation with almost mathematical accuracy and scientific precision. It is for this reason that I will always consult this true and ancient text when analysing issues. It does not matter what topic I ever have the privilege to write about, I will always look at what the Bible has to say, and in my view, it is always right.

Adjusting for other texts, in the Book of Proverbs, Agur the son of Jakeh, makes a wonderful observation, and writes: "For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear: For a servant when he reigneth; and a fool when he is filled with meat" (Proverbs 30:21-22 KJV). Considering how much people insult Floyd for being crude and crass, I can confidently conclude that there are many who are certainly "disquieted" and cannot bear to see a man who they term as classless being so full of life's "meat"—the many houses, the flashy cars, the vast sums of money in the bank, you name it: it has only left haters in perpetual revolt. They just cannot help it!

Let another black man rise and do exactly what Mayweather has done, and he will attract the same "disquiet". And right here, while I will perhaps advise that Floyd, a man approaching his 40th birthday will tone down the unnecessary shenanigans and act more of a mature man, I can only but hold my breath and hope that such sound wisdom enters his lovely head.

However, given the current variables, Floyd Mayweather Jr. can never ever expect universal love. There are too many bones that people have to pick with him, and in all candour, most of these elapse far beyond the ring. Of such, there are some he can change or minimise, but there are definitely others he will have to live with.

On this august occasion of his victory over Manny Pacquiao, the last but fitting word has to be: Congratulations to you, Floyd—enjoy your victory with boundless care!

Angelina K. Morrison is interested in national development, true religion, and self-improvement. She enjoys thinking, and writes stories only when the muse grips her. Her first short story, Gravellatina is a breathtaking five-part gripping series available now at Amazon. You can email her at [email protected], or find her at or Facebook page.

Angelina K. Morrison
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