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Mar 12, 2015 | Headlines

President Write's Himself Off: Dead Goat

By AFAG Ghana
President Write's Himself Off: Dead Goat

It is quite sickening to hear the president of the republic likening himself to a dead goat who fears no knife. This is clearly a sign of admitting failure and inability to lead this country.

Ghanaians should now understand the reasons behind the president's desperate attempt at using ethnic and anti-christian sentiments to destroy Ghana. It is sad to have a president writing himself off.

Fellow Ghanaians, a dead goat literally means a non listening and non achieving being. The president through this unpresidential talk has stooped so low and ridiculed politics and governance. Indeed he has declared a state of hopelessness and this is not civil so long as he remains in office.

Mr. President you have per this comment brought the highest office to disgrace. It is clear the challenges confronting you has overwhelmed you. The council of state's office should be scrapped. It appears the president has no advisers.

It was yentie obiaa, now ''dead goat". We will be happy to hear next that you have resigned from office. Mr. President you are an apology to politics and governance. An obvious misfit and not worthy to be emulated. You have no leadership legacy. You desperately have to seek one.

Ghanaians should embrace themselves for the worst. Dangerous times ahead.

God bless Ghana

AFAG Leadership

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