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For The Records, Franklin Cudjoe's Academic And Professional Integrity Is Intact

For The Records, Franklin Cudjoe's Academic And Professional Integrity Is Intact

Ladies and Gentlemen, I had really not been interested in responding to persons of dubious character and intent in the current NDC government of Ghana who are making a needless meal of my bio data. Out of respect for all of you who believe in Transparency and Accountability, I am breaking protocol as recommended by my PR handlers to set the records straight. Meanwhile our lawyers are almost done with the legal work awaiting advice on a possible libel suit.

So, here we are, my proof for the 4 damned lies told about me.

1. Part-Time PhD Studies, Buckingham University.

Initial Assessment of Franklin Cudjoe for Part -Time PhD studies- Circa late 2008

“I am pleased to recommend Mr Franklin Cudjoe for a course of supervision leading in principle to the degree of D.Phil. I had the pleasure of being at an academic conference in Ireland a year and a half ago, on the writings of Lord Macaulay, where Mr Cudjoe acquitted himself very ably in some formidable company. He wants to write about the possibility of voluntary institutions, financed by government subscription or private charitable donation, helping Ghana to break out of the circle of statist apathy and corruption which afflicts most African societies. Franklin’s own organisation has already made promising advances in this regard. My co-supervisor would be Dr Conolly. We are confidently expecting a most impressive thesis.” By-Principal Supervisor- Professor D. O’Keeffe (currently ill)

IMPORTANT: My Email Address at Buckingham University today is :

FRANKLIN CUDJOE <[email protected]>

Why don’t you drop me an email to test and let’s arrange for some dried guinea fowl party?

2. I was indeed an Earhart Foundation Graduate Fellow, every one can check on page 22 here: ( - last but one item)

3. Alumnus Harvard Kennedy Executive Education for Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum:

Fees: Full Scholarship

Course: Global Leadership and Public Policy, 2011.

Faculty Chair: Iris Bohnet, David Gergen, Co-Founder, Rebecca Coyne, Diorector

Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education {'Harvard#6_207_727417'}

09 Nov 2010

Dear Mr. Cudjoe,

On behalf of the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Admissions Committee, we congratulate you on your acceptance to Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century from 22 Mar 2011 - 01 Apr 2011. We are delighted that you will be joining us for this exciting professional development opportunity.

Along with a diverse and accomplished group of peers, you will be immersed in a challenging and stimulating learning experience. Beginning with breakfast each morning through a full day of compelling classes, the schedule is intensive. We therefore encourage you to arrive on campus ready to work and to remain free from office responsibilities during the program.

Our faculty and staff are eager to help you make the most of your time at Harvard Kennedy School. We look forward to meeting you on 22 Mar 2011!

Please do not hesitate to contact Melissa Kotoch at

[email protected] if you have any questions. Once again, congratulations on your acceptance to the program.


Rebecca Coyne

Program Director

Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century

4. Double Recipient- Templeton Freedom Award Grant as reported in the Washington Times

The Washington Times - Thursday, June 22, 2006

“Ghana has twice the per capita output of poorer West African countries, but it still relies heavily on outside sources for financial assistance. Ghanaians like Franklin Cudjoe want to change that. This is where the Atlas Economic Research Foundation steps in. To help Mr. Cudjoe’s outreach, the foundation this year awarded Imani $10,000 in a general grant, the Templeton Freedom Award Grant.”

Read more:

Read more:

5. I did debate the sitting President of Tanzania at the time, Benjamin Mkapa in 2005!!! See my initial argument here

President Benjamin Mkapa's scathing response--

My final response to Benjamin Mkapa--

I hope this settles it for now. I am Franklin Cudjoe and I am just warming up to occupy the Controller and Accountant's General's Department to bust GHOSTS on our public payroll!!!

Respectfully yours,

Franklin Cudjoe

Founding President & CEO, IMANI

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