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31.12.2014 Feature Article

The KKD Rape Allegation And The Trap Of Sex

The KKD Rape Allegation And The Trap Of Sex
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The fact that sex sells is not in doubt. And sex scandals sell even better! Headlines about sex evoke a sense of curiosity even in those not so keen on news. For news lovers, they would follow every detail from every available source. What a demanding job! And it is even more tasking with the advent of social media and countless blogs.

Many people who have had sex before confess that it is “sweet.” Little wonder then that they don't attempt to quit but demand more of it while at the same time becoming more adventurous and innovative to make it even “sweeter.” The act is so sweet that any attempt to limit it –obviously no one in their right state of mind would attempt to ban it – is often met with fierce resistance.

In the early days of the now well-dreaded HIV/AIDS, many people viewed it as a fabrication to deny them of sex, good sex. AIDS is called SIDA in French. And in some Francophone countries, the acronym SIDA was dismissively rendered as 'Syndrome Imaginaire pour Décourager les Amoureux', an imaginary syndrome to discourage lovers. And it is common knowledge what lovers do,isn't it?It was only after the virus had wreaked considerable havoc that they grudgingly became much more responsible.

Many people believe that women have been responsible for the downfall of great men such as Samson, the strongest; Solomon, the wisest; and the Goliath-defeating King David. They know presently that women continue to cause the downfall of great men. I daresay it was sex, good sex that caused their downfall, and it is sex that continues to destroy men not women.

Take the well-known story of Samson and Delilah. What will make a sane man continue to consort with a woman as dangerous as Delilah? What will make him agree to being bound with fresh rope with the risk of being attacked? And have you wondered why he continued the affair after getting rock-solid evidence that the woman wanted to kill him? In any case, I wonder why he fell so deep asleep. After what? I tend to agree with those who argue that Samson's downfall was as a result of his love for sex with Delilah rather that his love for her per se. And that he probably had his hair cut after a thrilling bout of sex.

As for Solomon, the probable explanation for his downfall is that he loved sex, and he believed in variety being the spice of life. Yet still, King David's downfall is even clearer: he sees a woman taking her bath;his libido rises to a crescendo;he invites the woman over; and he has SEX with her.

The love of sex weakens a man: it impairs his ability to be rational; it makes him lose his authority; it makes him shed his dignity; it makes him an uncelebrated daredevil; and it makes him an evildoer. The love of sex is comparable with the love of money: It has led people to commit atrocities just to satisfy their voracious sexual desires.

Yet, there are many things that encourage the love of sex: ubiquitous advertisement of sex-enhancing products; revealing, sexually-suggestive dressing of some ladies; erotic videos masquerading as music videos; the glorification of sex as proof of masculinity; and easily accessible pornography (that emphasizes penetration) among others.

The accusation of rape against KKD should prompt as to examine and reexamine our sexual life, and to fine-tune it if need be. It should remind us to build effect defense mechanisms against the sex traps that are so gleefully set 'everywhere you go.' A better way to minimize the risk of “sexual disgrace” is to put sex where it properly belongs: marriage.

Every man, I believe, has the will power to restrain himself and to control his sexual desire. After all, a few seconds of sensual enjoyment must not lead to long years of sorrowful confinement.

Emmanuel Asakinaba Student at the University of Ghana, Legon. Email: [email protected]

Emmanuel Asakinaba
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