13.05.2004 Diaspora News

Akropong Kwakwaduam Association obtains her 501C Status

By Kwakwaduam
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Mr. Kumi Gyan President of the Kwakwaduam Association Inc announced at the General Meeting of the Association held in New York on 5/8/04 that the Association has obtained its USA Federal Government Tax Exempt Status. This he said was due to the excellent work the Organization has been doing and her ability to satisfy the stringent criteria required by the Federal Government for the satisfaction of the 501C status. He said with the acquisition of this status the organization should work hard to continue to achieve the vision and goals set by the Association.

At the same meeting Dr. Aniapam Boafo gave a brilliant lecture on “The ChildNaming Ceremony of the Akan People in Ghana” and distinguished himself as true Cultural Icon. Using the Powerpoint Software he touched on origins of Akan Names, their Mmran and the gave a demonstration o the ceremony itself.

The Kwakwaduam Association Inc it will be recalled, is an organization the members of which who trace their ancestry to Akropong Akwapim in the Eastern Region of Ghana and who reside in the Tri Sate Area of the New York City. It has as her vision the promotion of economic, social, cultural relationships among members and the organization of activities to improve the quality of life at Akropong itself. In this regard it will be recalled that Association has purchased a bus for the Clinic in town, Has provided Lighting fixtures for the town, has contributed to the clean up of the Adami water source and it is in the process of organizing a Kaplan Like Institute in Akropong to offer remedial classes for JSS and SSS students.

You can visit Kwakwaduam on the Web at WWW. Kwakwaduam.Org

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