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27.01.2013 Feature Article

Overcoming The Devil’s Deadliest Attacks

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''Satan is not dummy. He knows. He understands and he will try to sabotage the coming blessing. He will try to sabotage the answer to your prayer that God is about to bring into your life. He will try to prevent you from enjoying the coming victory.

He will try to discourage you just before your graduation day. He will try to get you to give up in prayer just when your prayers are about to be answered. He will try to get you to run out of patience and give up in prayer. No wonder Jesus repeatedly said, 'Don't give up in prayer' ''. - Dr. Michael Youssef Leading the Way Ministries

There are four classes of people in the world: those who fall in life after they have had a great achievement; those who miss in action quickly when their victory is around the corner; those who are fed up in life, and those who act based on buffoonery and unguarded inquisitiveness leading to their total loss in life. These circumstances and their time zones are the opportune time of the devil to attack you so you will lose focus, and meet your downfall.

The devil has always been, and is a very great evil strategist targeting the weak in spirit, the about- to- be -successful, the successful, and those who become careless on the way of accomplishing their dreams. His greatest secret has been unveiled in John 4:13-15, so of his devices and schemes, man should not be ignorant.

He plans to attack man always, and the best way to stay focused is to be aware of his opportune time. He believes that timing is very relevant in causing people to fall. He employs favorable time zones to purposely lead man to his shame and death. It is his desire to distract you from God's plans concerning you.

Every doyen under the sun understands the principle of timing. The farmer knows it. The pilot applies it. The fisherman understands it. The captain is aware. The hunter employs it. The most experienced professionals and tycoons fathom it deep the overwhelming significance of timing. The devil is alive; he may not come to you as ever thought, but may appear in your life as that knock-out lady, as that gargantuan kick back, or as a mere loss of concentration. He attacks man especially at the time that he is least expecting it.

The devil is very calculating. He attacked Jesus, first, after he (Jesus) had had a great blessing. Jesus had just returned from Jordan where he had been declared the beloved son of God. The devil attacks those who have had great testimonies to share.

Mankind need to be very alert after a great success. So many achievers fall foul after they have been victorious over the challenges that nearly shipwrecked their successes. Applying your microscopic lens, you will see the gravest downfall of some business tycoons, celebrities, and persons who once served in big positions.

The greatest temptation is for you to think after you have been successful that you are the fountain of your prosperity. Any time we think this way, we feel least dependent on God. Pride is the origin of deadly experiences.

It transports man from grace to grass. Second, the devil attacks man immediately before a great success. Jesus' great victory was awaiting him. Man's greatest victory comes after he has stood firm against enticements and the flesh of the world regardless of what the public will say, or the price you will pay. Third, the devil attacked Jesus when he was totally spent after fasting for thirty days and thirty nights.

The devil attacks man any time he comes to the conclusion that enough is enough. When man is physically, mentally and emotionally drained and exhausted, he is too distressed and feeble to have focus and concentration of his purpose, responsibilities, and what he really stands for. He becomes too exhausted to have clarity of vision. He becomes too nervous to stand against temptation. The corruption, irregularity, and total absence of discipline occur because people are

obviously drained. Being totally fed-up in life makes your mind nonfunctional, and therefore you become automatically prone to overreaction. Additionally, you become susceptible to blowing things out of proportion, because you have become vulnerable to extreme exaggeration of your haunting circumstances. One very sad thing is that such experiences you go through at this very stage are surely not the right picture of the real life.

The devil capitalizes on your vulnerability, and attacks you. He makes you apply short-cut means in the use of your integrity and ethics as employers and employees, husband and wife, fiancé and fiancée, teacher and students, parents and kids, pastor and congregation, president and those in government among others.

The truth is that short-cut approach in dealing with unbearable situations serves one major purpose, and that is to cause you to do the wrong thing for the right reason. The tactics of the evil one is strategic and calculating, channeled directly to derail man. May we ever be cautious of our lives, and prepare for his day of attack so we become victorious in the end.

How good and pleasant it is for man to live a life of victory over the wiles and deception of this world! How good and pleasant it is for officials to end their term of office, and go home peacefully to enjoy life with their families and friends, without being found guilty of causing financial loss to the office they once occupied, and without being put into jail!

Raymond Obeng
Raymond Obeng, © 2013

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