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Come away, my people

Sep 4, 2012 | Dennis Peprah

The world today no doubt is a global village with a global problem. News of various disasters- earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, economic meltdown, terrorist attacks and insurgences are just ever where.

No community is spared and men's heart are falling them for fear. Unfortunately, some believers are drifting away with the tide while some others are devising means of survival by seeking succour in the very elements of destruction.

The questions on the lips of many believers today are “who shall be saved” and “how can I be saved”. I want to tell you that safety and preservation can only be found in Christ. Picture the Lord speaking to you just like He spoke to the disciples saying “Come ye yourselves apart and rest a while” (Mark 6:1).

Here is what He is saying to you: “as dangers loom and storms of opposition gather around you, it is only wise to retreat to the refuge of safety and renewal. And is there a better place to hide than in me the Rock of Ages? To be safe and strong in the midst of all the tumult going on, you the need the shelter of my wings. My place is at the throne of grace (mercy seat) where I delight to be in order to intercede for you.

As a loving father, all I want you to do daily is to spend a short time, just a little moment with me, to regain your waning strengthen and dwindling courage.

“Though I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner (Ezekiel 33:11, 2 Peter 3:9) yet will I not acquit him or justify the wicked. I am soon going to punish the world but not without keeping you away from it.

No other truth is more repeated in my word than my determined purpose to punish all workers of iniquity especially those who hide in my household (1 Peter 4:17). I have promised to keep you safe and I will not go back on my promise but you must keep close to me. You must separate yourself from the world, and seek my comfort through secret prayer.

“A day of indignation and judgement is coming on the world. All the calamities the world is experiencing are mere outbreaks of disorganized and unregulated forces of nature and are meant to arouse the world to the sense of impending judgement but they seem to wax stronger and stronger in their wickedness. But you are not to be anxious or dismayed because of these things for those whose hearts fail them for fear are those who have not adhered to my plan of safety.

“Know that my desire to keep you safe will be of no use if you would not cooperate with me. If you desire to be kept in perfect peace and purity between now and then, “rise up come way” (Song of Solomon 2 :10). When you come apart to get the needed strength, you must remain in the constant communion with me through the reading of my word and prayer. No praying child of mine can be destitute of my grace, so speak to me often. Though I know what you need, I want to hear it from you. Everything you need to know about and all you need to do to inherit eternal life is contained in my word. It is the only thing that can make you wise and cause your faith to grow (John 5:39, 2 Timothy 3:15). Read always and meditate on it.

What you do with this divine counsel, reader, will determine what your fate will be now and in eternity. In case you are still bound by the shackles of sin and worldliness, then now is the time to heed Christ's call to come into his freedom and light. As the world is fast heading for destruction, if only you will open your heart, He will heal your brokenness and bind you up if you have been wounded on the battlefield of this life. Cast off the grave cloth of the cares and pursuits of life, put on Christ's righteousness and draw closer to Him so that He can keep you safe amidst the chaos of this confused world (Jude 1:24-25).

Feature by Dennis Peprah, Sunyani

Dennis Peprah
Dennis Peprah

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