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FRSC: Another Misplaced Priority From Aso Rock (Part 2) - Global Reporters Vienna

FRSC: Another Misplaced Priority From Aso Rock Part 2 - Global Reporters Vienna
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Can the federal government of Nigeria successfully stop or control the operations of “Oluwale” to a manageable level? Because Yorubas dominate in “Oluwale” illegality, therefore, they may probably say, if the federal government must stop “Oluwale” from functioning they should patriotically first stop the Hausas from their illegal and embarrassing hawk of foreign currencies in all Nigerian international airports and major cities in every state which they have unrepentantly turned blind eye to. One can now see how Nigerian problems are interconnected and why they are so complex to solve without political will and sincere leaders. I am still weeping for Nigeria because the ethnic mentality of those at helm of affairs has continued to hinder her progress and kept her in deep state of oblivion that is incubating an explosive bomb. To buttress the dangerous dimension of this ethnic mindsets, if the Igbos were the ones ridiculously abusing foreign currencies before international visitors, Ndi Igbo would have been long ago wiped away within the vicinity of Nigerian international airports by the Nigerian combined military forces with orders from “Aso Rock”.

[...] One thing is having a good idea or policy and another thing is implementing it honestly and at the right time with the right people to achieve its set goal(s). Let us presume that this policy is perfect and that the timing is ideal. But, please which body will see to the implementation of this law? Is it the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), an agency that does not have the ordinary modern mechanism for knowing when one is driving on Nigerian roads under alcohol but has started a fairy tale project that would find any owner of a car used in committing terrorism? Or is it the Nigerian police force that is supposed to be a security agent but has actually killed more Nigerians than armed robbers in Nigeria have done. The Nigerian police force is the most heartless government agency against helpless innocent Nigerians and the most neglected government parastatal that has shamefully exposed them openly to #20 bribe from commuters in Nigeria. And they are epitome of corruption only second to the maximum internationalised father of them all, oil sector. How many times have you seen the FRSC or Nigerian Police Force (NPF) on the roads checking any motor with computer since the introduction of the new law? This is really amusing! FRSC, an agency that has failed from its fundamental duty to protect our children who are the leaders of tomorrow by not finding it necessary to create a law that should make it obligatory for Nigerian drivers to use children's seats while carrying children in their cars as obtainable internationally. Is it the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), an agency that does not have the knowledge of the number of Nigerian children that are dying every year in car accidents caused by dangerous death trap holes which the various Nigerian governments have left unattended over the years despite awarding the contracts with full payments.

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To be continued
Uzoma Ahamefule, a patriotic citizen writes from Vienna , Austria

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