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FRSC: Another Misplaced Priority From Aso Rock (Part 1) - By Global Reporters Vienna

FRSC: Another Misplaced Priority From Aso Rock Part 1 - By Global Reporters Vienna
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Nigerians are very intelligent people and there is no controversy over that, with great ideas, but their governments at various levels have failed them in turning these ideas to reality because of useless politics of ethnicity, mediocrity, corruption and above all non-functional laws et cetera that have kept the people for so long in operational corrupt structures. Because in every twelve there must be Judas, therefore, those who are Judas amongst these intelligent Nigerians in the government smartly use theirs cunningly for the welfare of their pockets and families in so many ways as past events have shown. For that reason; how genuine and reasonable is the policy of digitalised motor plate number in Nigeria now? How many developed or peaceful known countries in the world are using digitalised plate numbers and attributed them as the main reason of their good security without patriotic security agents? Even though the policy could effectively help in security checks if sincerely and reasonably articulated and implemented, but do we actually need that at this juncture of our life as an entity considering its financial implication to the masses especially with the removal of the fuel subsidy? Are the arrangements and atmosphere really conducive now in Nigeria for successful execution of this policy? If Nigerian problems should be scaled today, is this digitalised plate number in any way a priority to Nigerians amongst all their problems? How well prepared are we to embark on this rigorous, expensive, ambiguous and unrealistic miss-placed priority?

As a realist who believes in change in Nigeria, I will objectively analyse with good intent of finding out how practicable this journey would be considering all hindrances and equally proffer solutions that are impeccable and vital to the conspicuous impediments. One only hopes that our dogmatic politicians will equally read with openness bearing in mind that no one has got monopoly of knowledge.

With new innovations from a wizardry bunch of talented individuals in developed countries, the world has since left the manual way of living to a more digitalised and easy made advanced level of life with the invention of absolutely incredible technologies that have put important information that matters in the globe at the tip of our fingers. In that way our world is now called a global village. Because there is nothing that is known by mankind that is permanent except change, consequently, if Nigeria as an entity has decided to take a new leave by embracing this type of stress free lifestyle of living with the introduction of digitalised motor plate numbers, I give them kudos and partially welcome the idea as a patriot. I do so because the thought of up to date type of computerised governance should be encouraged otherwise the implementation of this policy now without smoothening perceived hiccups first for healthier operation is catastrophic that will produce nothing than chaos and increase crime and corruption.

As much as every modern Nigerian would be very happy to know that the government has applied a policy that would protect him/her from terrorism as they said and further put full stop to the frustrating and outdated manual way of operation in order to adopt the fanciful, attractive and easy digitalised system of doing things, but definitely no patriotic average Nigerian will be pleased in this cruel and disregarded form the federal government has forcefully without creating an enabling environment first and without regard to the financial pressure on Nigerians now myopically introduced the most expensive motor plate numbers in the world. Because there was nothing on ground that would make this policy attainable, consequently, it should better be described as only an attempt to scheme security towards protecting the lives of few privileged ones and a gimmick to swell the pockets of those cabals in the government to the agony of the majority because the idea behind the policy is already in futility even before the implementation because of the continuous existence of 'Oluwale'.

In my candid opinion I sincerely believe that the introduction of digitalised plate numbers in Nigeria now was not done because of the security of ordinary Nigerians as claimed but rather because of what will come out from the contract and for the protection of Nigerian elites and our corrupt political leaders. The timing and the expensiveness of the plate number buttresses my reason. Remember that it was after the successful bombing of the Nigerian police head quarter and UN building in Abuja by Boko Haram that it dawned on Aso Rock occupiers that they are equally not save and that was why they hurriedly implemented this wild goose chase policy for their defence. They forgot to primarily proffer solutions with good policies that will alleviate the sufferings and pains of ordinary Nigerians. They refused to recognize that the fundamental causes of social vices in Nigeria are results of millions of our youths who graduate from various Nigerian higher institutes of learning yearly without the perspective of having jobs and the corrupt structures we operate in with dishonest corrupt politicians. Does one need to blame them? They can of course afford to forget these obvious facts because they have stolen billions for the comforts of their families that even their great grandchildren can afford not to work for the rest of their lives but could still live like millionaires. Because of their leprosy fingers they are looking for short cuts to success with myopic fire brigade approaches by trying to do what they are supposed to do in the afternoon in the morning forgetting that when things fall apart that the centre cannot hold.

There are deceptive smart Nigerian politicians and contractors with sugar coated analyses that know how to fool Nigerians with the use of well packaged theoretical imaginations just to smile to the banks to the peril of Nigeria, while ordinary Nigerians gnash their teeth as a consequence. According to the government agency, the reason behind the introduction of digitalised plate numbers in Nigeria is to enable the security agents to trace the owner of any car used for terrorism bombing. I pray that God gives President Goodluck the wisdom to identify some of his enemies in his cabinet whom he thinks that they are with him but in the actual sense they are digging his political grave with bad policies. Thanks for the sack of the IG of police whom I had earlier questioned the rationale behind his having been given a national award last year in my article titled “My Tears For Nigeria” and equally called for his dismissal. Therefore, sacking him was nothing special for people like me because it was long overdue, but what will be extraordinary is making sure that the national award that was given to him last year is retrieved. That will be news that will compliment the sack and save the face of Mr President from the PDP politics that deceived him into the coronation of a non-performing general to a position supposedly reserved for excellence.

Please cunning Nigerian politicians, Nigerians are not blind nor deaf as to understand that the introduction of digitalised plate numbers cannot help to trace a real planned crime in Nigeria or give any clue if Boko Haram members decide to strike because they are not stupid as to use a real registered plate number for any suicide bombing when “Oluwale” in Lagos state is still alive and booming. If the federal government is sincere with their reason of introducing the new digitalised plate numbers, Nigerians must first of all be properly documented in order to accurately identify who is a Nigerian or when the evil ones are coming to register any vehicle with fake name and fake address. Our experiences in the early eighties and nineties where so many Africans dubiously with the help of our corrupt immigration officers oiled by the lack of database obtained Nigerian international passports and travelled to America and Europe etc. and soiled our name should never be forgotten. In any society, accurate records of the people are crucial towards any meaningful development because they are fundamental to the success of any economic policy and equally the stimulator that stabilizes security which is vital to crime check and other social vices thereby creating conducive atmosphere that boasts investments and social activities. And as long as the Nigerian government deceptively and corruptly continues to ignore the only internationally known gateway to achieve security and peace no serious minded government or investor will take Nigeria serious. But realistically speaking, does the federal government of Nigeria have the political will, the guts and the morality to honestly document Nigerians properly? How frank can they do that without manipulating the numbers taking in cognize the lies of the last Nigerian census where names like “Barry White” were created as family names and people both dead and unborn counted for political and religious dominance? To add salt to injury, many Nigerian dead people are still listed even as you read this now as Nigerian workers collecting monthly salaries from the Federal government of Nigeria. Nigeria is really in trouble!

To Be Continued
Uzoma Ahamefule, a patriotic citizen writes from Vienna, Austria

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