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Feature Article Still Slaves Of Foreign Names
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By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected];

For Heaven's sake, Why you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA/Europe/America/Islands still name yourself and children after the White man who does not and will never under any circumstance name himself and children after you?

Why do you continue to take so much pride in destroying and contaminating your sacred Continental Afrikan names with the poison of Slave/Colonial/Neocolonial/ Foreign/Alien Western/Arab/Jewish names imposed on you to keep you ignorant of, dead to, uprooted from and forget the knowledge, power and benefit of naming yourselves and children after your Continental Afrikan Ancestors without whom you will not be born here today.

And yet, even in the White man's chains in White America/Europe/Arab world , your early Afrikan Ancestors here never accepted the slave/colonial/neocolonial names given to them but instead they secretly referred to themselves by their Afrikan Names they knew to lose them is lose their Afrikan Identity and power that kept them alive in the face of the genocide of slave trade, colonialism and neocolonialism which are all one and the same .

As far as they were concerned, they know, they are Continental Afrikans no matter where they are.

Hence, for them, to lose their Continental Afrikan names is to become vulnerable to the domination, control, influence and contamination and destruction of the White man's names.

That is why, all over the world, Chinese bear Chinese and not French names.

Japanese bear Japanese names and not Russian names.

Italians whether they are in Italy or in USA, bear Italian names and not French Names .

Germans bear German names not Russian Names.
Spanish bear Spanish names and never French Names .

The French will never replace their French names with Chinese or Russian or English names .

Portuguese bear Portuguese and not English names .

And over here in USA, names for Jewish Americans can only be nothing but Jewish names.

The Anglo-Saxon American in USA and Europe can never imagine himself/herself and children bearing or naming himself/herself and children after Chinese or Japanese or Afrikan Ancestors.

The same thing applies to the Japanese American, the Arab American, the Irish American, the Italian American and the Latino/Hispanic American.

Why? Because, they all know their Ancestral names are the spiritual, divine, psychological , emotional and mental gateway, link, bridge or telephone line which connects them directly to their various heritages , roots, history , pride, dignity, security and power of their Ancestors whose names they bear and are proud of and will never exchange with any other Foreign names, no matter what .

But when it comes to you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, everything was done and is still being done for the past 400 years to uproot you from the limitless power and benefit of your glorious and authentic Continental Afrikan Names.

In this way, it becomes easier for others to program you to accept, adore and become enslaved to, dependent on and addicted to the curse, insult and genocide of all kinds of meaningless and hollow foreign names imposed on you to disconnect you from the dignity , security and pride of your Continental Afrikan Names.

In your blindness, you gladly, proudly and zealously allow yourself to honor the memories of slave/colonial/neocolonial Masters who do not deserve to be honored and remembered by you at the expense of your own Afrikan Ancestors from whom you descend and without who you will not be alive today preferring foreign names to your own Afrikan Ancestral Names.

How will you feel if your children name themselves and their children not after you their parents, grandparents or Ancestors but after foreign/alien slave/colonial/neocolonial Ancestors?

What will you tell your children you gave birth to and have kept them alive against all odds when they tell you in their ignorance that your Ancestral Afrikan Name does not matter or inferior or savage or archaic or that foreign names they now bear are superior to and better than the sacred names of their Afrikan Ancestors .

That is why you have become orphans in the White man's world because your Continental Afrikan Names which once connected your early Afrikan Ancestors here for daily and guaranteed spiritual, Ancestral and divine empowerment, guidance, protection, and blessings, are no more there in your lives to protect and defend you against the Colonialism and the genocide of the colonialism of alien/foreign slave/Colonial names over you .

In other words, your today's Western names of which you are so proud are not and can never be your names but slave /colonial/neocolonial names because they turn you into nothing but property of the owners of the Western/slave/Colonial/neocolonial names you bear.

Likewise, your present Arab names you now bear as your freedom from the tyranny and genocide of your Western Slave Masters can never be your Name but Arab/Moslem/Islam names also imposed on you to make you slaves of the Arab Religion you call Islam or Moslem to which you have sold your Continental Afrikan Names.

In the same manner, your Jewish/Hebrew/Israelite names you brag about are not also your names but slave names which can only turn you into a fool for honoring Jewish/Christian names of Jewish religious/biblical names rather than your Continental Afrikan Saints and your creator AFRIKAMAWU who watch over you, protect you, and keep you alive and without whom you, my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe cannot be born here today.

In the same way, your today Hindu, Buddha, Eckankar and Bahai names are also not your names but alien names for paying homage to people who are not your Ancestors or related to you while your blood Ancestors who never cease to keep you alive, protect and keep you safe in life are forgotten and abandoned by and disconnected from you.

Hence, you, my Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, you fool nobody except yourselves for preferring the hell of slave/Colonial names to the Heaven of your glorious and sacred Continental Afrikan Names.

All because, any Continental/Diaspora Afrikan, no matter where he/she might be, who bears, in part or in whole, Western, Arab, Jewish oriented names when the people whose names you bear , in part or in whole, his/her Continental Afrikan Names is nothing but a dead or a living dead Afrikan.

To insult the blessed and sacred memory of our Continental Afrikan Ancestors is to bear slaves and Colonial names or contaminate/poison your Afrikan names with them.

It also proclaims to yourselves and others you are still the servants or properties of those whose names you bear as your masters over your life and death.

Also, it can only mean, you are suffering from slave and colonial mentalities and ignorance which make you to still think it does not matter what names you bear or that you cannot do without your present slave/colonial/neocolonial names of your slave/colonial/neocolonial masters .

That is why you still proudly think , act and talk like it is great honor, progress, freedom, success, pride and dignity for you to continue to prefer alien/foreign names to your own Afrikan Name you are programmed to dismiss as anti- progress, anti-civilization, anti-modernity, anti-change , which are all lies you have bought into .

This means, only the recovery of your Continental Afrikan Names can reconnect you to the limitless power, dignity and pride of your glorious Continental Afrikan Past, Heritage and Root.

Only your Afrikan Names, not your slave/Colonial/neocolonial names, are capable of doing a great honor to the great memory of our Ancestors to whom we are linked through the Continental Afrikan Names we bear.

To say Yes to our Afrikan Names is therefore to say No to slave/Colonial names that exist to reign supreme over the carcasses of our Continental Afrikan Names.

All because , for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, no matter where they are, to proudly bear Afrikan Names is to show respect to our Continental Afrikan Ancestors whose Names we bear and are connected or linked to by the power and protection of their Ancestral Names we bear and honor for life in dignity and pride.

Hence, to name ourselves after our Continental Afrikan Ancestors is to show reverence to the eternal presence of our Continental Afrikan Ancestors who have attained Oneness with our Creator AFRIKAMAWU and are ready and committed to watch over us as AFRIKAMAWU'S faithful, loyal and trustworthy Guardian Angels in life and hereafter.

Bearing not Foreign but our own Continental Afrikan Names is also to show how eternally grateful we are to our Holy Ancestors whose Continental Afrikan Names we live in tune to for taking care of us as our able Intermediaries between us and AFRIKAMAWU, always ready to intercede on our behalf.

This means, for our Continental Afrikan Names to confer on us the Spiritual, Ancestral and Divine Power and benefit we expect and are entitled to by right, they must first and foremost be Continental or AFRIKAMAWU or Afrika- based and oriented which will make the Power of our names a Mighty and Powerful Afrikan Names as opposed to limited ethnic Afrikan names and power.

Secondly, they must be meaningful to us as a summary of our Life Mission on Earth, which must be arrived after intensive spiritual communication with our Spirits or the Spirit of the newborn Afrikan Boy or Girl .

For, a meaningless Afrikan Name is as disconnecting and destructive to us as slave/Colonial names are to us .

Thirdly, our Afrikan Names must reinforce and vibrate to the universe and us what we are supposed to become or incarnated through our Afrikan Names.

Also, our Continental Afrikan Names must include the name to commemorate and pay homage to the Spirit of the Day were born, the Name of our Mission in life which will serve as reminder to us anytime our Life names are called or evoked and the Ancestral names as the Inner Ancestral Telephone Line which links us directly to the Ancestor whose name we are honored with.

Likewise, our three Afrikan names must be given to us at an official naming ceremony by the Chief Priest of Priestess of AFRIKAMAWU or the community most elderly person present with all our loved ones present to witness and celebrate our transformation from slave/Colonial personality to Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Personality and Being .

The most spiritualists' attuned person in the community must be able to talk to the Spirit of the newly born Afrikan Child or the Adult Afrikan who is being given a new Afrikan Name to replace his old slave/colonial name to make sure that his/her new Afrikan Name is Continental or AFRIKAMAWU or the Day of his Birth and Life Mission Based and oriented .

If we see nothing wrong in the French having French names, British having British names, Arabs having Arab names, Jews having Jewish names , then, we can no more say it does not matter what names we today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans bears or not bear or that it is their right to bear any names they want or that name is name, whether Afrikan or Foreign and any other lies we use to justify the unjustifiable

That means, Afrikan Names for all today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are as important, critical, indispensable and vital for the Pride, Dignity, Security and General Well-being of the Afrikan as bearing French names does for the French or what British Names do to the British or what Chinese Names do to the Chinese and so on .

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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