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Still Slaves Of The White Man's Identities

Still Slaves Of The White Man's Identities
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My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in Western Europe, why more and more of you continue to flock to the hell of the Western world in search of heaven that you have in limitless abundance in Continental Afrika but which you are not aware of?

Why more and more elite experts, educated and trained with the tears, sweat and blood of the toiling and suffering Continental Afrikan masses prefer to catch hell in Europe to staying at home to improve the lot of their people in dire need of their expertise and education?

My Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in Europe, Why allow the White man to continue fooling you into accepting and believing his slave/colonial/neo-colonial lie to you that without their French style education, culture, identity and so on, you will be zero in life?

Why continue to permit the White man to condition you into believing and accepting his lie that without his British, White American, Spanish, Portuguese, etc style education, training, culture and identity and ways of life and being, that you will or can never make it in life?

Here and there, on the Continent of Afrika and her islands, you have gladly and zealously allowed yourself to be insulted, humiliated, spat on, urinated upon, laughed at and treated like dirt for nothing but the white man's visa, by and in all Western Embassies that have become kings and queens over you on your own Ancestral continental AfrikaHomeLand and Paradise you have no clue about .

Western Europe including White America and Canada have become to your sick and de-Afrikan mind, heaven to go to at all cost and your Continental AfrikaMotherland which is the richest Continent on earth for you to claim and enjoy, you have been programmed to avoid at all cost as you hell to escape from no matter what.

In France, you boast of your French identity, nationality and citizenship as your key to your heaven on Earth.

In Britain, you kiss all boots and wipe with tears all feet of the White man in order to be honored with a British identity, citizenship and nationality.

In spite, of all your white man's money, all your white man's degrees and all your white man's education, you still think you can never feel whole and complete until the White man confers his identity, citizenship, and nationality on you and when you are refused the White man's citizenship, you will go to the White man's court to demand it.

In Germany, you will move heaven and earth to be honored with a German citizenship which you consider your passport to the good life on earth .

In Italy, Italian citizenship is what you are committed to fighting and dying for no matter the mountains of humiliation, suffering and death you have to go through .

In the White man's USA and Canada, the more they push you away, the more you insist on your inalienable right to have and enjoy USA/Canadian citizenship as yours to have, enjoy and die for no matter what .

In Scandinavian countries, getting their citizenship is your dream come true.

And yet, the more you force the white man to grant you his citizenship, the more hell you catch in Europe.

The more white man's money you are hell bound to do anything to accumulate in Europe, the more the White man reminds you that you are nothing but his photocopy if not his caricature to do as he pleases with.

The more of the White man's education, training and degrees you accumulate at the expense of your Afrikacentric Education, Training and Degrees, the more you are scorned, isolated, ridiculed, and rejected by the White man.

The higher and higher you climb the White man's ladder of material success and prosperity, the more alienated, empty, restless, dissatisfied and misunderstood you become in your hell of isolation in loneliness in your White man's Jungle of Material accumulation and never-ending material consumption

The only time you are accepted, praised, rewarded and respected by the White man is when you agree to turn yourself into the White Man's Honorable Gatekeeper, Messenger as his photocopy from head to toe .

Any attempt by the few of you to say No to the White Man's Domination, Control, Influence, Exploitation, Use and Abuses is always met and punished with the invisible hell of boycott, isolation, suffering and death if you cannot be bought, corrupted or silenced with their political, economic and social crumbs, leftovers and surpluses as your reward for accepting, promoting, preserving and overseeing the White man's Status and Roles for you .

So, instead of achieving total parity and equality between you and the White man, you watch helplessly and hopelessly the gap between you and the white man , get wider and wider.

Your French citizenship did not bring the White man closer and closer to you as this equal.

Your British citizenship did not end the hell of racial discrimination against you and your people in the White man's land .

Your USA/Canada nationality can still not open the top jobs of the land to you in spite of your high qualifications.

Your German citizenship can still not prevent the White man from treating you like his doormat.

And the trillion dollar question becomes, Why you my Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in Europe, continue to apply for the White man's Visa in the face of all the humiliations you have to endure in silence and with smile to get it?

In the face of all the hell you catch in Europe, why do you still continue to apply for the White man's citizenship in Europe?

Why do you continue to boast of and brag about the wonders of the White man's citizenship in Europe when you and everybody know, it is not worth your time, sweat and blood?

With one hundred years of Western Colonial and Neo-Colonial brain washing, you my Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in Europe, have ended up as Europe lover and Afrika hater.

That is why you did not hesitate to gladly swallow to death, the White man's baits which continually present their Europe to you as a material Paradise on Earth for you to want to death, lust after, desire, dream of, accept, love, trust, believe in, die for, honor and cherish no matter how much hell you end up in catching in it.

While at the same time, you are constantly bombarded for one hundred years with all kinds of lies, untruths, and negativities about your AfrikaIdentity with the sole of purpose of making you dislike, reject and dismiss Afrika as hell for you to leave at all cost or avoid no matter what .

Hence, your obsession to leave your Continental Afrika at all lost.

By allowing the White man to educate and train you the White man's ways, you end up becoming a de-Afrikan citizen.

That is why, you my today's Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in Europe are in such a fix.

You know your obsession for Europe is death to your total acceptance, love, respect, trust and belief in your Continental AfrikaHomeland.

Because, if you really love and care for Afrika, you will not leave her suffer without your assistance.

And if you really love and care for your Continental AfrikaHome as your true home, you will not go and enjoy yourself in Europe while she wallows in misery.

Your deep love and care for her will have made you to stay with her in her hour of need and find ways and means to end her suffering or if you should go abroad, it is because you want to obtain things that you do not have in Afrika and bring them back home and solve and end once and for all, your suffering and the suffering of your Continental AfrikaPeople FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH and not from a position of a beggar .

But because you allow the White man's to fool you into believing and accepting his lie that Afrika is a hell for you to escape from at all cost, you see nothing wrong in preferring Europe to your Continental AfrikaHomeland which is the richest Continent on earth .

Hence, the more you stay away from Afrika, the more blessed you consider yourself.

In your blind love for Europe, you never hesitate to present to yourself and others your hell in Europe as your heaven and your heaven in Continental Afrika as your hell.

And as far as you are concerned, you prefer the bones Europe offers you to the limitless abundance of Meat your Continent offers you but which you don't know you have to enjoy because you are too blind to notice it.

That's why you do not hesitate to jump from one European capital to another is search of success which only your Continental AfrikaLand, People, Root, Heritage, Culture, Values and World Order can guarantee you.

For the kingdom of prosperity you have been looking for in the white man's world is not and can never be outside but within you.

This means, only your Continental AfrikaIdentity, Nationality and Citizenship can offer you the happiness, pride and dignity you desperately seek abroad.

Only your urgent recovery, knowledge, mastery and daily practice and enjoyment of the limitless power and benefit of your forgotten Continental AfrikaIdentity can save you from the hell of preferring Europe to Afrika.

Your today's addiction to everything “Europe” is killing and destroying everything “Afrikan”, you incarnate.

For the more “Europe” you have, the less Continental Afrikan you become.

And the less Continental Afrikan you have, the more power you give to the white man to dominate, control, influence, exploit and abuse you for his guaranteed profit and your guaranteed loss.

The more you lick the white man's feet for the poison of his Visa, the bomb of his identity, the curse of his nationality and the hell of his citizenship, the more carte blanche you give him to do what he pleases with you.

But through your urgent recovery of and daily practice and enjoyment of the limitless power of your Continental AfrikaIdentity, Nationality, and Citizenship which is your LOAF of life, you will set yourself free, once and for all, from the curse, the humiliation and the insults of running to the white man to save us rather than relying on ourselves to save ourselves form his hell.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

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