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The Lies Of Caribbean/west Indies Identity

The Lies Of Caribbeanwest Indies Identity
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THE LIES OF CARIBBEAN/WEST INDIES IDENTITY or WHY CARIBBEAN/WEST INDIES IS A SLAVE IDENTITY FOR ALL TO BE FREE FROM, By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected],

My Diaspora Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in the Caribbean, Why do you continue to allow the white man to program you into believing and accepting his slave lie that you are a Caribbean or a Carib or West Indian which you are not and can never be?

Why on Earth, do you continue destroying yourself with the genocide bomb of slave identities that exist to keep you ignorant of and uprooted from the Power, Benefit, Pride and Dignity of your Continental AfrikaIdentity ?

Why do you still continue to proclaim yourself on top of the mountain of self-ignorance that you are a West Indian?

Do you know the meaning of the word Carib that you proudly say you are?

Do you know where your Afrikan Ancestors from whom you originate came from?

They were not from or brought to the Caribbean's area as “Caribbean” or as “Caribs.”

They came to the Caribbean area or region as proud, independent and sovereign Continental Afrikans even it the White man's chains.

Your Afrikan ancestors from who you descend, especially the early ones, were very, very conscious of their Continental Afrikan Identity, Root, Heritage, Culture, and Values which they lived in tune to for their daily Inner, Spirit, Mental, Divine Empowerment and Protection against all the physical atrocities that were heaped upon.

That is why even in the White man's chains, they considered themselves freer than their enslavers and overseers.

That is why even when the white man called them all kinds of negative names like “slaves, niggers, negroes, properties “ etc they never accepted, believed, thought of and treated themselves as slaves but as proud Continental Afrikans fighting for their freedom from the hell of the White man's chains.

That is why they never referred to themselves as Carib,. Caribbean or West Indian but simply as Afrikan .

But today, in the name of false civilization, false progress, false change, you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters of the Caribbean world, think you cannot exist and do without your White man's identity which can only be a slave identity imposed on you to rob you of your power, knowledge, and benefit of your Continental AfrikaIdentity which the White man does not want you to know let alone claim back as your guaranteed freedom from the tyranny of the White man's domination, control, influence, exploitation and abuses of all kind for his guaranteed profit and your guaranteed loss, confusion and death as a full-fledged Afrikan in the Caribbean.

In other words, the more you are programmed to call and refer to yourself as a Caribbean, the more you forget, hate, reject, and prefer who and what you truly are in the Caribbean.

The more you accept and live by their slave lie that you are a Caribbean or Carib or West Indian or the more you pretend it does not matter, the more and more FOREIGNIZED OR WESTERNIZED OR ARABANIZED OR JEWICIZED AFRICAN WITH A C YOU BECOME AND THE LESS AND LESS AFRIKAN OR NON-AFRIKAN OR DE-AFRINANIZED AFRIKAN YOU ARE BUSY TURNING YOURSELF INTO .

That is why you are encouraged, applauded, and rewarded for defining yourself by the White man's identity not because it will make you more and more Afrikan in the Caribbean but because it will make you less and less Afrikan.

That is why today, ninety-nine percent of you care not that you are full-fledged Afrikan in the Caribbean.

All they know and care about is their slave identity which they die to love, adore, cherish and will do anything to have, keep and preserve it for life.

So, when you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in the Caribbean says you are a Carib or a Caribbean or West Indian , all you are doing is lying to yourself by telling yourself and the world that you are an “Indian” which you are not.

Also, do you know that the word “Carib ” in Spanish means “savage” or a “barbarian” which the Spanish foolishly called the native Indians they met in the Caribbean area?

This means, when you call, refer to, treat, see and think of yourself as a “Caribbean” or a “Carib,” you are telling yourself and your Spanish masters that you are still their “savage” or a “barbarian” which you are not either .

And as if that is not enough, you also call or refer to yourself as a West Indian who you are not and can never be no matter how much of “West Indian” blood you have in your African blood.

The White man killed all the West Indians, he came across for their god-given land and resources that you are programmed today to call your home.

That is why, all the various identities you now have and for which you are so proud, have nothing to do with your AfrikaRoot, Origin, Heritage and Culture.

While the Spanish identity is Spanish-Heritage-based and oriented to promote, defend and satisfy Spanish cause, needs and interests in Spain and the world, your present slave identities are not Afrikan but Western/White man's world-based, oriented and controlled.

In this way, your White/Western creators make sure you know little or nothing about your proud and glorious Afrikan heritage in the Caribbean.

While French identity, British identity, White American identity, Italian identity, German identity, Jewish identity, and so on are based on their respective ancestral roots, heritage, cultures, and values and languages, your West Indian or Caribbean identity, nationality, citizenship, culture, values, languages, and so on are deliberately devoid of your AfrikaIdentity, Root, Heritage Culture and Values which make you prefer the chaff of your slave identities to the Grain of your Continental AfrikaIdentity which you are conditioned to be ignorant of, hate, reject and dismiss as irrelevant, barbaric, archaic, obsolete, anti-civilization, anti-change, anti-development, and anti-progress etc.

This explains why all of your today's identities, nationalities and citizenships in the Caribbean and all other islands around you , are not Afrikan but slave/White man identities/nationalities/citizenship-created, based, oriented, controlled , directed and imposed on you as Bermuda, Bahamas, Turks, and Caicos, Cuba, Cayman, Jamaica, Dominic Republic, Haiti, Montserrat, Sr. Virgin Island, U.S. Virgin Island, Antigua, Anguilla , St. Kitts/Nevis, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana, Aruba, Bonaire, Dutch St. Martin, French St. Martin, Surinam, French Guyana , Belize, Solomon Islands, Cook Island or Pacific Islands wrongly named Polynesia, Samoa, Maori, Melanesia, Micronesia and others .

This is not accident that all the countries in the Caribbean and the Pacific islands bear the white man's names which 99% of them have been programmed to die for as their own but which can never be their own in the same way a lion cannot be an elephant or a bird or a tree and vice-versa.

In the same way, it is not accident also that 99% still bear proudly in self-ignorance, their Ancestral Afrikan Names even where the majority of their inhabitants are Afrikan, look Afrikan and act Afrikan like their Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters , most of them have no clue about .

All because, to your Foreign Creators and controllers, Afrika and Afrikan do not matter, what matters to them is turning you into their photocopies they can dominate, control, exploit, use and abuse for their guaranteed benefit and profit and for your guaranteed loss in their French, British, White American, Spanish, Portuguese SPHERES OF INFLUENCES OR PERIPHERIES you now brag about and die for as your “ independent, free, sovereign countries, states, nations, govts “ .

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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