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As far as Western missionaries in particular and Arab conquerors in general were concerned, before their arrival in Continental Afrika with their Christian and Moslem Religions, Continental Afrikans had no religion worth preserving or practicing or benefitting from .

All because to them, Continental Afrikans were savages, uncivilized, lost, worshippers of stones, woods, snakes etc. Hence they need to be saved by them.

Okot P. Bitek , in his book Afrikan Religions in Foreign Scholarship made the same point when he says:

The missionaries came with the same arrogant assumptions that they represented a "higher" civilization, indeed, perhaps that no civilization existed in Continental Afrika.

Foreign values and customs were, to them, identical with Christian morality.

In other words, today's Christianity is a Western tool in the hands of Western Powers to Westernize or de-Afrikanize or "civilize" Continental Afrikans they looked down upon as pagan or lost souls that must be saved by them .

As far as they are concerned, Continental Afrikans need to be Christianized/Westernized because their religion is nothing but paganism, fetishism, witchcraft, idolatry and sinful.

Afrikan Religion and its Priests, Doctors , Practices and Beliefs were dismissed as obsolete, archaic , irrelevant and not fit to be called a Religion worth respecting and practicing by Afrikans .

Most if not all the white missionaries and their today's faithful Yes-master followers in our today's Continental Afrika, still believe in the White man's Christian lie that Afrikans need Christianity to be saved or they will all go to hell if they refuse to do accept and prefer Christianity to their Afrikan Religion .

As far as they are concerned, the still 50% of Traditional Continental Afrikans who refuse to accept the White man religion of Christianity or the Arab Religion of Islam, are dismissed as Non-believers, Infidels, pagans, heathen and lost unless they abandon their Traditional Continental Afrikan Religion: Afrikanity for Western or Arab religions which is nothing but a big lie that only our Westernized and Arabanized Afrikans could swallow in toto and in their present invisible hell of self-ignorance and religious colonialism and spiritual uprootment or disconnection .

In other words, Christianity and Islam were imposed on today's Afrikans not because they will “ save “ them from hell and lead them into the heaven of their Christian God or the Arab God called Allah but it is because they will enable the White Man and the Arab to de-Afrikanize the Africans they call Christians or Moslems .

Just as the White man uses his Western Religion of Christianity to Westernize their African Christians , in the same way, the Arab use their Arab Religion of Islam to Arabanized their African Moslems .

That is why, for example, more and more Afrikacentric Forces all over the Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld , consider Christianity not as a Religion let alone African religion but nothing but "a vehicle of Foreign religious colonialism, domination, control and exploitation of the Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality and Personality.

For example, in the name of this "white" Christianity, Pope Alexander VI on May 3,1493 and June 7, 1494, in his Bull Inter Caetera and Treaty of Tordesillas authorized his captains and envoys to go and subject the entire world including Continental Afrika to Western/Christian domination, rule, influence, control and exploitation.

This was possible because, according to Jordan K. Ngubane in his book Conflict of the Minds:

Theodosius and his predecessors had given the popes and their Agents in their Service , the LICENSE to MURDER, STEAL, COMMIT LARCENY and every CRIME in the name of Jesus Christ.

This explains why Pope Clement VI in his Intra Arcana told Charles V that:

We trust that, as long as you are on earth, you will compel and with all zeal cause the BARBARIAN NATIONS to come to the knowledge of God, the Maker and Founder of all things, not only by edicts and admonitions, but also by force and arms, if needed, in order that their souls may partake of the heavenly kingdom. (Jordan K. Ngubane, p. 15.)

In the same vein, Pope Nicholas V (1447-55) supported in the name of Christianity the use of force, crimes, colonialism, slavery, racism etc. on the non-Western World when he declared:

We, after scrupulous reflection are granting our Bull full and entire freedom

to King Alphonso to CONQUER, TO BESIEGE, TO FIGHT, and SUBMIT all the Saracens, Pagans and other enemies of Christ, wherever they may be; and to SEIZE the Kingdoms, the dukedoms, the princedoms, the lordships, personal properties, landed properties, and all the wealth they withhold and possess; and to submit these persons to perpetual SLAVERY and to appropriate these kingdoms, duchies, principalities, countries, lordships, properties and wealth; to transmit them to their successors; to take advantage and make use of them personally and with their offsprings.

As they have received the so-called powers, King Alphonso and the Infanta have

acquired, possess, and will possess rightly and indefinitely, these islands, seas and this wealth. (Ngubane, p. 15)

The above evidence explains why some of us think today's Christianity is nothing but a colonial tool in the hands of Foreign powers to Westernize, dominate, control, exploit, confuse and uproot Continental Afrikans from their religions/spiritual Source, Root, Identity, Heritage, Values and Power.

To confuse it with Traditional Continental Afrikan Religion or Afrikanity let alone the original Continental Afrikan Christianity is to take the shadow for the substance, the picture for the person, the version for the original or the part for the whole.

And the trillion dollar question why few or nobody has the power, courage or audacity to ask is why do one-third Continental Afrikans prefer to leave their Afrikanity (the substance) for the shadow (Caucasian/White/ Foreign version of their religion)?

As we have pointed out earlier, Continental Afrikans who think, believe and call themselves "Christians" suffered and still suffer from religious colonialism.

The religion they thought, think and now call " African" Christianity, or the universal, new, unique religion in the world is nothing but a Foreign manufactured, Western-imposed and Western-controlled political religion meant to deprive Continental Afrikans of the true knowledge, power and benefits of their own Continental Afrikan created, Continental Afrikan-directed and Continental Afrikan-centered Continental AfrikaReligion or Afrikanity as the world's First and Oldest Religion on earth .

First because, the above evidence clearly establishes the fact that Continental Afrikan Religion, past, present and future was, is and cannot be Caucasian/Western/White created, centered and controlled,

2) Continental Afrikans who now call themselves "Christians" do so out of ignorance or treason.

For example, white missionaries brought their "white" version of Christianity to Continental Afrikan because they thought we did not have a religion worth the name.

Some of our Continental Afrikan brothers and sisters took to their Alien religion because they also thought and still think Continental Afrikan religion is nothing but paganism, fetishism, superstition.

But now every Continental Afrikan worth the name knows or should know it is a lie that Continental Afrika did not have a religion of their own before the arrival of these "white" Missionaries in Continental Afrika.

If so, why still prefer the lie to the truth?
Most Continental Afrikans who still prefer the "white" Man religion to their own-created Continental Afrikan religion do so because they suffer from inferiority complex.

As far as they are concerned, the "white" Man especially the "white" missionaries know everything, they are men of God, they can never lie.

So whatever they tell, teach or reveal to them about religion must be the sole truth worth sticking to no matter what.

That is why they do not read or believe anything outside what the "white" Man has told them is the truth.

Anything outside the "white" Man version of the Bible is a sin, or anti-truth.

Those of them who read anything at all outside their King James Version of the Bible do so with the sole purpose of vainly trying to " Afrikanize" or "indigenize" their Caucasian/Western version of Christianity they now call Continental Afrikan religion.

In this way, they spend all their time, energy and expertise to prove as the truth the "white" man's lie that Continental Afrikans have no religion of their own and that without the "white" Man Christianity, Continental Afrikans will be lost and doomed for hell.

They even go to the extent of proving that the "white" Man religion - the Christianity they now practise is truly Afrikan, authentic, original and universal.

Some will even tell you Christianity has nothing to do with "white" or "black" or "Continental Afrikan."

It is just the new, unique and original religion of the world. Without it there will be no salvation for mankind.

Hence, in the face of glaring evidence to the contrary, the one-third of Continental Afrikans still erroneously call themselves "Christians" still stick to their "white" created and "white" controlled Christianity.

As far as they are concerned, the "white" man's truth is the only revelation there is. To them, to talk of Continental Afrikan truth, Continental Afrikan religion or salvation is a waste of time or absurd or impossible.

This is so because 98 percent of "African" Christians think, believe and accept the lie of their "white" missionaries and "white" Christian leaders that Continental Afrikans are not capable of thinking, creating or inventing their own religion in the same way as the "white".

They believe their "white" masters' lie that only the "white" Man is endowed with a thinking faculty capable of creating for the Continental Afrikan a "civilized," "modern" and "universal" religion that can save him/her from hell.

If not so, how do we explain the clinging on to the very religion that exists to deprive us of our own Continental Afrikan religion?

Why continue to accept a religion that is foreign to us as Continental Afrikans, foreign-created, lie-based and lie-centered?

In the face of all the above overwhelming evidence of the existence of Continental Afrikan religion, why do some Continental Afrikans still believe like their "white" masters that unless they practice the "white" man's version of their Continental Afrikan religion, they will not go to heaven?

Only religiously colonized and uprooted mind conditioning could cause Continental Afrikans to continue calling themselves "Christian."

And yet they all know no true Continental Afrikan worth the name can be a "Christian."

All because today's Christianity exists to Westernize Continental Afrikans.

We see the evidence of that in the close association between colonialism and Christianity, slavery and Christianity, racism and Christianity and apartheid and Christianity.

All of them are based on the lie of white supremacy and Continental Afrikan inferiority.

All of them preach and promote "white" power and Continental Afrikan powerlessness, division, dependency and alienation.

There will be no colonialism without Christianity proceeding it.

There will be no slavery of Continental Afrikans without the "white" Man Bible to teach the slaves total submission, obedience, and non-violence vis-a-vis our oppressors, exploiters and killers.

There will be no apartheid or racism to dehumanize Continental Afrikans wherever they find themselves without the "white" Man Christianity brainwashing Continental Afrikan into fear, resignation, humility based on the philosophy of turning the other cheeks, blessed are the meek, blessed are the poor etc.

That is why up till now to be a Christian in Continental Afrika, past and present is to drop one's Continental Afrikan name still considered pagan, barbaric, anti-modern for Foreign names called "Christian." Christians in Continental Afrika still consider themselves different, saved, special, unique from the rest of Continental Afrikans.

They are expected to dress "white", eat "white", live in separate "Christian quarters" far from "sinners."

They are not expected to attend any Continental Afrikan ceremonies and festivals still considered by some Continental Afrikan "Christians" as sinful.

They are not expected to have anything to do with Traditional Continental Afrikan religion, its rites, sacrifices, and doctrines.

Hence, deep down in the hearts, they look down on Continental Afrikan religion, consider its priests and doctors and practitioners as barbaric, uncivilized, lost, unsaved, worshippers of the devil, Satan, animists or heathens.

And yet when the "white" Man religion and medicine fail them they all rush back to Traditional Continental Afrikan Religion and its healing power in the last

But secretly of course. This makes some experts to conclude that there are no African "Christians" in Continental Afrika.

Especially if we accept the fact that Western Christianity came to Continental Afrika not to save Continental Afrikans but to Westernize them and transform them into religiously colonized, uprooted, confused, alienated and powerless Minds and Personalities.

In this way, the more some Afrikans think, act, speak and refer to themselves as "Christians" the more they prove to themselves and their "white" teachers and saviors that they were right in thinking that Continental Afrikans had no religion of their own because they are not capable of doing so.

Being Continental Afrikan "Christian" therefore means accepting and believing the "white" man's lie about us and rejecting the truth about us.

It also means a belief in "white" superiority/supremacy and Continental Afrikan inferiority and nothingness.

Being “African Christian" today is a proof of our inability to know, recognize, accept, claim, use and benefit from the truth and the substance of our Traditional Continental Afrikan Religion.

Besides, being an” African Christian" means seeing the Creator from the "white" Man perspective rather than from an Continental Afrikan perspective.

It means Continental Afrikans are not intelligent and civilized enough to see, define and enjoy their own Creator AFRIKAMAWU with Continental Afrikan eyes and based on Continental Afrikan culture and values.

This explains why the Biblical Deity , Christians in Continental Afrika worship is still the “God of Abraham, God of Jacob, God of Israel” and YET THE SAME PEOPLE WILL LAUGH AND CONSIDER IT CRAZY OR BLASPHEMY TO TALK OF THE “ GOD OF AFRIKA,. THE GOD OF ( EZI) ISIS OR THE GOD OF HODU ( Horus ), the God of Garvey or the God of Nkrumah etc

. The Christian God , Christians in Continental Afrika is also said to be "white", his angels are said to be "white".

Heaven is said to be "white" while everything negative, the devil, Satan, sin, evil is said to be "black."

In this way the "white" missionaries and their leaders make sure African "Christians" are deprived of their Continental Afrikan Creator and all the self-esteem, pride, confidence and fulfillment it can bring them.

Instead, they worship alien conceived Creator with alien name, in an alien language, through alien doctrines, rites, and books.

With the result that African "Christians" have become the poorest, the most uprooted, the most divided, weakened, powerless, confused and fanatical of all Christians in the world.

The more they worship their alien foreign Christian, the more cut away they are from their divine Continental Afrikan Source, Being, Pride and Fulfillment in life.

In summary, here is one of my Poems that confirms the above points why no true Continental/Diaspora Afrikan worth the name can be a Christian .

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