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2012 - YES WE CAN

2012 - YES WE CAN
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2012 - YES WE CAN
BY: Desmond Edem Fiawoyife

The number twelve (12) represents or defines space and time. There are twelve (12) months in the year. Time is measured in two groups of twelve (12) hours. Asia for instance has twelve (12) year cycle. The European Union flag has twelve (12) stars in it and that has nothing to do with the number of member countries. The number twelve (12) also represent perfection, an ancient meaning. Twelve (12) is the result of four (4) by three (3) [4x3]. There are four (4) elements, four (4) corners of the earth, and four (4) cardinal points. Multiply the number four (4) with the number (3), the number of the trinity symbolic of God will result to twelve (12), which is called the perfect number.

There is the need to understand that 2012 is a year of total perfection in every area of our lives; psychologically, emotionally, spiriturally, mentally, economically, socially and physiological. It is a time for the wholistic development of the individual and nations as well. It is a time of engaging all the tenets of sound self development doctrines and practice to work with no recourse to fear, inferiority complex and intimidation from your environment through activities of your fellow homo sapiens. The beginning of the year is a time for self-assessment and appriasal to ascertain the true position and condition of your whole self. Inasmuch as you try doing these, it behooves on countries and nations too to do the same. It is a time when a wholistic catalogue of achievements, setbacks or drawbacks and failures is done in order to set a benchmark or yarstick to ascertain the never occurrence of those setbacks that served as an albatross around our neck as individuals and a country.

Many of us stayed vigil (a time of purposeful sleeplessness or awakeness) to finally to put the year 2011 to an everlasting sleep on the 31st of December. A lot of us made several resolutions for the coming year full of anticipation, hope and courage. We gallantly ushered in 2012 with melodies and shouting and appreciative of what God has done for us in seeing the year 2012. After all is said and done, come the question we should keep asking ourselves is that: Do we walk the year with the same sense of vigor and vim we used to welcome it. The answer is No. Because as we walk through the year, the pressures, stress and the difficult situations that life throws at us make us forget that it was God that brought us into the new year. We tend to lose focus and sense of purpose and direction hence get distracted from focusing on the Elohim. We depict the saying that obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off your goals and destination. We need to note that if you dont know where you going in life, every road leads you there.

I must be quick to add that Life will throw obstacles, challenges, set hurdles and stiffer oppositions before you but then if you can look onto your creator and acknowledge the operation of Him in your life, you will calm down the storms of life and you will be a conqueror. Failure will come but then all you need to do is to be focused, disciplined, determined and diligent coupled with a high sense of purpose. It is at those moments that you sit up and tell yourself ALL IZZ WELL or YES I CAN and then keep moving regardless. Scars do only remind us of where we have been in life but do not determine where you are going. Even though 2011 is dead and gone, remember 2012 is here to offer you a sense to get to your dreamland and so bury the happenings of 2011 with it and then moved forward.

As you start 2012, It is an important and an election year for Ghana, a time when all eyes will be watching to see if the moral fabric and the body politics of the country will be destroyed or salvaged one more time. I will want ot appeal to all politicians to conduct themselves and their activities devoid of skims that will jeopardize and cause chaos and anarchy. The spirit of brotherliness and tolerance should be held in high esteem. Let us resort to dialogue in addressing the situations at hand. We should conduct ourselves devoid of biases and prejudice. We have only one Ghana hence in all our dealings, let us put our parochial interest aside and respond to the call of mother Ghana and posterity.

To our professors, lecturers scientists, researchers, technologists, technicians and industrialists, I will want to have them informed that the time has come for us to veer away from the mediocrity to excellence and use science and technology to revolutionize Ghana. The time for ground breaking research, innovation and invention is now or never. Let us use the acquired knowledge and experience to better the lives of ordinary Ghanaian. Let us lobby for funds and expend our fecundity in areas of development-centered projects to boost the economy of the nation. Let us challenge the system and render pragmatic, constructive and action-parked leadership by pushing our politicians. the government and public office holders to deliver to their utmost best. Let us be ready to live our comfort zones for the seek of our provenance, Ghana. Let us leave our airconditioned offices and go out into the "gutter" to see to it that the development of science and technology is embraced by all and sundry. The time to effect this change is now or never.

To all cherished indigenes of our Motherland, let us live with each other in peace and tranquility. Let us be one another's keeper knowing that there is one thing binding us to together. It is not that I am an Akan, He is an Ewe or He is a Dagomba or am Southerner and he is a Northerner. We are all one irrespective of our ethnic ties because our placenta or umbilical cord find its root and was buried in the part of the world called Ghana. Let forces of cohesion and adhesion bind us together. Let us watch out for one another. Remember divisive tactics and harsh tones of politics will vehemently sow discord and acrimony amongst us which will destroy the peace and harmony we enjoy. It will take the synergistic effort of all and sundry to make the Ghana and the world a better place to live.

Remember we have one Ghana, irrespective of how divergent our ideas and thought patterns may be. There is only one Ghana because we are all Ghanaians. We dont have Asante Ghana or Akwapim Ghana or Akyem Ghana, or Dagomba Ghana or Ewe Ghana. A Ghanaian is a Ghanaian anywhere so let us see ourselves as one. Ghana is our provenance period.

To my comrades and colleague youth, I will want to say to you that let us stand and defend our motherland from the old folks especially our politicians who will go all length to use some of us to satisfy their selfless and politicial ambitions. Let us be wise because the future belong to us and to us alone. Most of the politicians are in the race just to ruin our lives. We need to stand and be action ready to jettison politicians who will sow division, incite and inflame tribes, factions and passions against each other. Mind you, the peace and security we enjoy now should not be taken for granted, for it is destabilised, those politicians will flee the country with thier respective familes. Let us guard and protect the peace we enjoy like you will protect and guard your mother. Remember unity is in numbers and so I say to mother Ghana, together, YES WE CAN.

I wish everybody well and may all our heart desires come to fruition. Remember in difficulty do not hesitate to say ALL IZZ WELL.

Long Live Ghana
Long Live Africa

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