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Iran Regime Change, Invasion, Occupation & Recolonization Is Imminent

Iran Regime Change, Invasion, Occupation  Recolonization Is Imminent
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War drums are beating louder and louder in America against Iran. The din and decibel are rising and getting louder.

Preparatory steps are being taken irreversibly as the onset of invasion and occupation of Iran is becoming more and more apparent and its imminence glaringly clear. It is rather unmistakable.

Public pronouncements by political and military leaders in the United States have been elevated to a-no-going-back sorts of, no retreat, no surrender. A blockade in the name of continuing sanctions against Iran, is about to occur, and Iranian political and military leaders are declaring any such contemplated action, as an act of war, and, such a blockade by America against Iran, Is Act of War, under International Law

The current high tempo and stridency on all sides, is just like history repeating itself, if past is prologue, I beseech everyone to harken back to the days of yore, with particular reference to the back and forth verbal altercations between America and Saddam Hussein in the lead-up to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

It will be recalled that in the lead up and before the onset of the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, the sorts of words and body language, which we are witnessing today, were similarly employed and it escalated to a crescendo or point of no-return... the shock and awe invasion and occupation of Iraq, based on sexed-up, embellished and flowered tall tales about Saddam and Weapons of Mass Destruction which Saddam Hussein supposedly possessed with which he would create mushroom clouds.

There were airs of immediacy, portentous ominous nuclear catastrophes, holocaust and Armageddon, but, the world has since learned that the only WMD weapon, was Weapons for Mass Deceptions by those who wanted to effect Regime-Change in Iraq, and the Weapons for Mass Deception was possessed by the invaders and occupation force of the United States and few North Atlantic Treaty Organization members who participated in Regime-Change and usurpation of political power in Iraq.

In recent times, the frequency and spate of public spat between America, Britain on the one hand, and Iran on the other have been increasing in their occurrences and intransigence. There has been recalcitrance. There have been bitingly pointed offensive pronouncements and bullying arrogance in high resolution displays.

Here is a sample of the current public pronouncements. First, America proposes more sanctions, including a naval blockade to enforce the increased global sanctions against Iran

Secondly and in response, Iran declares that any such action by America its allies or by western nations, would be considered a declaration of war or hostilities against Iran

Thirdly, and importantly, all these are coming up, during America's high octane political season. It is the case that 2012 is America's general election and a contest for the American presidency. In contention, is the occupation of the White House post general elections in November, 2012.

The Republican Party have vowed, and they are singularly dedicated to dislodging the Democrats and President Obama from the presidency in the 2012 presidential and general elections. And currently, it is elimination series in the Republican Party Presidential Primaries. Republican posturers for the presidency have been jostling for superior position, as the hustle for suzerainty and pride of place above the Republican presidential hopeful, all of whom are bustling boisterously to clinch the nomination, and the chance to facedown President Obama, in contest for the American presidency.

It is against this background of cut-throat competition for Republican Presidential Primary or Nominating process, which has thrown the Iran issue front and center, as a key foreign policy issue.

Republican Party candidates across the board, but for Ron Paul, are unanimous on how they would militarily invade and occupy Iran, as a demonstration of Republican Party zero tolerance for nuclear capable Iran.

Some presidential contenders or hopeful in the Republican Party, are even full of more outrageous and quite outlandish blusters and rhetoric of escalations ... It is as if there are deliberate attempts to distract the American populace for the dire economic circumstance at home in America, by engaging in yet, another foreign war, this time, against Iran. And this, naturally, bring the film or movie, "Wag-The-Dog" to mind. All these, wrapped in "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran" song by Republican Senator John McCain during the last election season. An intended coy reference by Senator McCain to a-would-be Republican Party policy war policy against Iran, albeit, a gaffe, no doubt, for which Senator McCain became subsequently contrite.

There seems to be pandering to Jewish voters and supporters of Israel, who in fact propelling presidential contenders to be effusive in their demonstration of support for Israel, a core American foreign policy position in the Middle East.

The dictates of local American political situation, the Jewish factor, and the desire by Republicans versus Democrats to be seen as be more pro-Israel than Jewish in competing for the Jewish votes and support in 2012, has become a major driver and motivation for senseless stampedes in support for the invasion and occupation of Iran, in the name of supporting, protecting and preserving the nation of Israel.

The Republicans as the "national security hawks" and Democrats not willing to be seen as wimps... President Obama recently, angrily rejected being tagged with the "Appeasement" appellation

There are actually some commentators who are of the view that the war against Iran has already begun in earnest. One such commentator, simply known as Obugi stated as much in his comments which follows; “The war is already on. Iranian scientists assassinated, computer viruses [Stuxnet Weapon] inserted into their nuclear plants, isolating the Iranian Central Bank, cutting of refined fuel imports, cutting off many essential public goods, multiple cases of groups of US citizens accidentally crossing into Iran, US drones violating Iranian airspace, the US funding for Jundullah terrorists inside Iran.....”

He further argues, rather adamantly, that “Obama has already started his phase of the war for Iranian oil that was launched in 1953 with the CIA and MI6 overthrow of Iranian democracy. Obama's promise of change didn't apply to foreign policy; he's no different from G W Bush.” Obugi concluded.

Two other commentators reached similar conclusions, one known simply as Superego, wrote that “An … attack Iran and divert attention as is always done. They have no other method to quell dissent and unrest in Europe and the US other than engaging us in a serious war and conscription of the jobless youth. The youth jobless, mad with loans and no jobs” In plain English, the invasion and occupation of Iran would be used by American political leaders as a diversion and distractions from local debacles.

Yet another commentator, DeepThought, concluded that American foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East in Persia and Arabia, are constant and never shifting or changing when he wrote that “What changes are the faces and the names of the individuals; The policy remains the same. The system remains the same. The goals and objectives remain the same.”

Added to all this, may also add the loss of American predator drones or unmanned spy plane to Iran recently. Even though the Americans have assiduously denied any spying activities or reconnaissance flights over Iran's airspace and territorial wars, Iran now have a physical proof of Iran's dated spying charges against her by the United States.

There rapid escalation of war of words and beating of war drums is have not been helped by the oft-repeated, but unconfirmed plans by Israel to bomb to smithereens, Iran's Nuclear facilities through military intervention as Israel had flagrantly done against Iraq and Syria respectively as a matter of recent history. If Israel was to engage in these sorts of outrageously dangerous behavior, the Americans will have to be directly involved or indirectly implicated, either as an actor, or rescuer or buffer for Israel, before or after the fact of any Israeli military action against Iran. America may provide the coordinates or protection in the aftermath of such an Israeli repeat bravado for the third time in my lifetime.

Third World War is starting in slow-motion? I do think that a direct invasion and occupation of Iran will lead to a large conflagration and the inferno will spread beyond the Strait of Hormuz and beyond Persia and Arabia. Many unintended consequences and unforeseen events will ensue

Too many citizens seem to think wars are video-games! And video games war is not. Wars are devastating undertakings, which causes depravity, deprivation, deaths and dislocations.

The time is now for citizens of the world to oppose and speak out against the impending Regime-Change in Iran. The time is now to rally against the imminent invasion and occupation of Iran. I am not so sure about, nor do trust the collective memory or even the attention span of too many citizens, who seems to be more adept at detailing the minutiae of Kim Kardashian's 72 days marriage to Chris Humphreys than the clear and present danger of a Third World War. There is short attention span and voluntarily amnesia

Just when you thought that some lessons in loss, were learnt in Iraq, the over trillion dollars in squandered money, the thousands of lives lost, maimed and displaced, including continuing trauma and post-traumatic stress syndrome etc, a stressed and overextended American military, a million Iraq deaths.

Americans and Iranians are ratcheting up their war language in countervailing public pronouncements in Washington and Teheran respectively.

This is looking as if events are rapidly spinning and spiraling out of control ...

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