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30.11.2011 Opinion

Koku Anyidoho: An Arrogant Spoilt Brat

By Daily Guide
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'This time around, the party will not allow Prof. Mills to concede defeat. All party supporters should be fearless on the day of elections and be bold enough to resist intimidation from any quarter.  Victory is staring at us and nothing can make it elude us so stand up and fight for the NDC' - Nana Ohene Agyekum, former Ashanti Regional NDC chairman. 

Someone out there should do me a favour by telling this man who represents the face of our president to seek decency, protocol and decorum when addressing a crowd because we are fed up with his show of abundant buffoonery and absurdity.  If the president admires what Koku Anyidoho, his spokesman is doing, we the good people of Ghana are ashamed of his stupidity.  And if Koku Anyidoho doesn't know that as a spokesman of the president, whatever he says is suppose to be directed by the president, someone should tell him.  That is why anytime he descends into the gutter, people push the president to join him in the gutter for them to dirty themselves.  

 This man who was dismissed from a certain financial institution thinks being uncouth in manners and uncultured in speech make him a good presidential spokesperson.  Anytime he travels with the president, the taxpayers' money is used to pay his per diem and other expenses so he should spare us the insults. Did Koku follow the exploits of Andrews Awuni, the former spokesman of ex-president Kufuor?  This particular man from the north was so courteous in his delivery that he endeared the hearts of all Ghanaians.  In fact, he was the darling boy of everybody, irrespective of one's political affiliation.  Not so with Koku Anyidoho, the irresponsible spokesman of president Mills. 

Undoubtedly, there are very fine ladies and gentlemen in the NDC but sadly, they have kept quiet while this upstart drags the name of the country into the mud through his unguarded utterances. The time has come for people like Kofi Totobi Quakyi, Dr. Mary Grant, Kwamena Ahwoi, Owusu Acheampong Alhaji Iddrisu, Cecilia Johnson, Kwasi Ahwoi and the other fine ladies and gentlemen in the party to call this brat to order.  Since the PNDC days to date, we have never heard any of these people insult anybody in this country and we on our part have never treated them with contempt. Some of us are beginning to believe that this Koku Anyidoho man did not get the right upbringing and as such he has become a total disgrace to his parents. 

You follow the president to London and when you had the opportunity to speak on radio over there, all that you did was to take the flag-bearer of the largest opposition party in your country to the cleaners.  Habba Koku!!!  If I had that opportunity, I would have taken time to tell the listeners the good things that my president has done and woo Ghanaians in the Diaspora to invest in Ghana.  When Koku Anyidoho messed up in London, a good friend of mine who has stayed in London for 25 years called to ask me whether Koku Anyidoho sniffed cocaine or any other hard drugs.  I told him I did not know since I did not live with him.  I  told him to treat Koku's comments with absolute contempt because back home he even fought with women and had no respect whatsoever for anybody, and  neither was he respected by anyone. 

I also told him it was the same Koku Anyidoho who told the world that he hated ex-president Kufuor and that he did not want to see his face.  My good friend giggled and said he now understood why the man played the fool in London. 

Where power lies?  Koku, power lies at the door steps of Ghanaian voters.  In 2012, we will go to the polls to prove to you that power lies with the people. 

We are going to vote against arrogant spoilt brats like you and deliver the country from the hands of thieves who are milking the country dry.  Nana Addo Dankwa is indeed a man and a true man from Akyem, but the gospel truth is that the Akyem people are not known for violence.  From J.B Danquah to President Edward Akufo-Addo, and even the Okyehene himself, the Akyem people have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they love peace 

If Koku thinks power lies in his protruding belly, he can decide how to use it but surely nobody is afraid of any power in the hands of an idiot.  We know how to take a sharp implement from the hand of a child without harming him.  Ghanaians are wise enough, you know.  If Koku thinks the NDC could use the military and police to intimidate Ghanaians, he should quickly shelve that stupid idea because our security agencies are not as docile as he is.  Ex-president Rawlings used the 64 Battalion (Commandos) to subdue Ghanaians for nearly two decades, but when the time came for him to go, he went. 

But come to think of this, why is Koku Anyidoho always on the neck of Nana Akufo-Addo? Is it out of jealousy or sheer hatred?  If other political parties choose their flag-bearers, is Koku Anyidoho going to insult them like he is doing Nana?  This man is aware that Nana was at the same university with his boss, and politically matured than his boss, but he makes it look as if Nana is his (Koku) classmate.  This 'all die be die' thing which is frightening the NDC is very simple.  Nana is saying that the NDC has that funny belief that the NPP supporters are cowards because anytime they strike and wound one or two members of the NPP, the rest take to their heels.  He therefore charged supporters of the NPP to stand up and fight back whenever they are attacked, rather than allow themselves to be killed because whether they fight and die or sit down to be killed, 'all die be die'.  What it implies is that come 2012, NPP supporters will not allow themselves to be cowed down by any Jupiter. What is wrong with that? Anytime any of my children come home with tears in their eyes and complain that they were beaten by their classmates, I send them to go back and fight.  Yes, that is how Zongo boys act. This simple instruction to supporters of the NPP to stand up for their right forced a whole Executive President to declare a Red Alert in the army.  Is Koku Anyidoho aware that in the run-up to the 2008 general elections, then candidate Mills stood before the Omanhene of New Juaben Traditional Area, Daasebre Professor Emeritus Oti Boateng and told the world that if the NPP tried to rig the elections, Ghana would be like Kenya? Who raised an eyebrow when he made those unfortunate utterances?  

'We will deal with Nana'. You and who, Mr. Braggart?  What Koku Anyidoho should know is that Ghanaians would rather deal with the NDC and Mills, come 2012, for failing to set up a 'truly competent, independent Presidential Commission' to find the killers of Ya Naa, their inability to keep the promise of a one-term premium payment for the NHIS, for not reducing the prices of petroleum products drastically, and many more.  We will show them the exit to serve as a deterrent to other politicians who seek power to enrich themselves and their cronies.  It is very unfortunate that Koku Anyidoho and the president are lost in the lake of reason.  They are being misled into thinking that Ghanaians are not aware of their tricks.  Once a while, the president will offer himself to be searched at the Kotoka International Airport and score a very cheap political mark, but his spokesman and others in his entourage are not searched. His Veep has never offered himself to be searched like the president used to do.  What does that imply?  Do they carry drugs whenever they travel outside the country? 

For nearly three years, Mills and his people have been playing politics of distraction.  Anytime there is a pressing issue which Ghanaians would like to comment on, they churn out something funny which will draw away our attention from the real issue. This NDC party in government is acting like an endangered species.  They are aware that from all indications, the party will lose power and so they are acting like a wounded lion.  Their serial callers have been trained to keep on telling Ghanaians that since Rawlings had eight years and Kufuor too had his turn, we should allow Mills to also go for eight years. This won't wash because Rawlings and Kufuor's performances are in sharp variance with what the law professor and his 'Greedy Bastards' are doing.

Let me serve notice one more time that if this contemporary Don Quixote called Koku Anyidoho is not checked by the president and advised to stop the contemptuous manner in which he treats the flag-bearer of the NPP, some of us will never hesitate to administer the most appropriate verbal punishment to him, and trust me, I have more than enough in my arsenal.  What you just read is just a tip of the iceberg.  Our elders say every human being has red saliva in his or her tongue but we deliberately spit the white one for the sake of peace. When the pendulum starts to swing left………Hmm, Yoo!!

By Eric Bawah

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