By (c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, [email protected]

THROUGH THE BIRTH OF THE WORLD'S FIRST CONTINENTAL AFRIKARELIGION WE NOW CALL AFRIKANITY, Half of One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans who HAVE NOT BEEN PUT ASLEEP OR KEPT DRUNK by the Religious Whiskey of the White Man's Religion we are programmed to call Christianity or by the Arab Religion we have been conditioned to hail as Islam and those Christianized and Islamized Continental/Diaspora Afrikans who are in dire need of an urgent Freedom from the Colonialism of Imported Foreign religions of all Faiths and Doctrines, now have the world's first AFRIKAMAWU-Inspired, Revealed, Based, Oriented Holy and Sacred and Divine Continental AfrikaBible as AfrikaDivine Dictation for our Total Physical, Religious, Spiritual, Mental, Ancestral and Divine Rebirth, Awakening, Empowerment, Liberation, Development, Prosperity, Security, Protection, Happiness and Fulfillment in life as the Divine Manifestation of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU whose Holy and Perfect Image we are all Made on Earth.

As a Divine Dictation from our Creator AFRIKAMAWU to us, AFRIKAMAWUNYA or the AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE was Divinely Received by and Recorded by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, for the Daily Divine and Spiritual Nourishment of All Continental Afrikans at Home and Abroad.

Its 381 Holy and Sacred Pages of 73 Sacred and Holy Chapters are your 73 Divine and Spiritual Ladders or Degrees you Need to be Divinely/ Spiritually INITIATED into and to climb one after another until you are Divinely/Spiritually Reborn, Awakened, Led, Illumined, Guided, Guarded and Fortified Daily to Divinely/Spiritually UNEARTH for yourself and others the Priceless Inner Treasures of our Limitless Power and Truth Manifesto to us as the following Sacred Divine Keys to for us all to Recover, Master and Apply Daily as :

:1) The Continental Afrikan Gospel of AFRIKAMAWU,
2)AFRIKAMAWU is Everywhere and in Everything,
3) The Ancient Continental Afrikan Story of Creation,

4) The Continental Afrikan Gospel of Mother Continental Afrika,

5) The World's first Virgin Birth of the world's first Holy Human Beings as Sacred Children of Mother Continental Afrika; Continental Afrikans as:

6)the world's first Divine Beings,
7) the world's first Spirit Beings,
8) Continental Afrikan Land as the world's first Mother Continent of all world Continents as well as the world's first

9) Holy Continent on Earth, Continental Afrikans as the world's first

10) Super Power Beings,
11) the world's first Earth Dwellers,
12) the world's first Human Beings,
13) the world's first Walking Beings,
14) the world's first Food Gatherers,
15) the world's first Tool Makers,
16) the world's first Hunters,
17) the world's first Farmers,
18) the world's first Fishing Experts,
19) the world's first Fire Inventors,
20) the world's first Language Inventors and Users,

21) the world's first Cloth Makers and Users,
22) the world's first Family Inventors,
23) the world's first Home Builders and Users,
24) the world's first Nation Builders,
25) the world's first Government and Democracy Inventors,

26) the world's first Leaders,
27) the world's first Developed Beings,
28) the world's first Modernized Beings,
29) the world's first Religion Inventors,
30) the world's first Spirit-centered Human Beings,

31) the world's first Education Inventors,
32) the world's first Ideology Inventors,
33) the world's first Philosophy Inventors,
34) the world's first Heaven on Earth Creators,
35) the world's first Perfect Human Beings,
36) the world First Sin-free People,
37) the world's first Crime-free People,
38) the world's first Sickness-free People,
39) the world's first Ageless People,
40) the world's first Stress-free People and Society,

41) the world's first Death-free and Immortal People,

42) the world's first Happiest Human Beings,
43) The APOGEE of Continental Afrika's Eternal Glory,

44) the world's first Rebellion in the Heaven of Continental Afrikan Paradise,

45) the world's first Oracle in the Heaven of Continental Afrika,

46) the world's first FALL from the Heaven of Continental Afrika,

47) the world's first EXODUS from the Heaven of Continental Afrika to the HELL of Outside Continental Afrika,

48) Surviving in the world's first Hell One Outside Afrika's Heaven

49) Hell Two Outside Afrika's Heaven ,
50) first Hell Two;
51) first Hell Three;
52) first Hell Four;
53) first Hell Five;
54) first Hell Six ;
55) first Hell Seven ;
56) first Sacred Taste,
57) first Warning,
58) first Snow People,
59) first Warning Two;
60) first Warning Three ;
61) first Warning Four ;
62) first Warning Five ;
63) first Warning Six ;
64) first Warning Seven ;
65) first Warning Eight ;
66) first Warning Nine ;
67) first Warning Ten ;
68) first Heaven into Hell,
69) first Hell's Failure One ;
70) first Hell's Failure Two ;
71) first Hell's Failure Three;
72) first Hell's Failure Four and
73) the World first Fall of our Afrika's Paradise and Her Inevitable Glorious Rise Again as the World's First Virgin Mother/Goddess of Humanity.

For Three Million Years in Ancient Terms and Ten Thousand Years in Today's Terms, our Spiritually/Divinely Sacred, Holy and Immortal Continental Afrikan Ancestors performed all the above Miracles because they constantly lived and prospered in tune with our Creator AFRIKAMAWU, through our Continental Afrikan Saints and in Total Peace and Harmony with our own Holy Afrikan Spirit in us and in all Creation/Universe/Life.

We are no more performing today, none of the above Divine Miracles, not because we are less intelligent, less capable, lazy, poor, ignorant but because we have, as the Chosen People of AFRIKAMAWU have allowed others to cut us away from the Limitless Power and Blessings of our AFRIKAN TRINITY, namely, our Creator AFRIKAMAWU, our Continental Afrikan Ancestral Saints and our Holy Afrikan Spirit within us and in All Creation.

Hence, through our Personal and Collective Recovery, Mastery and Daily Application and Sharing of the Power and Blessings of our AFRIKAMAWUNYA or our Divine Afrikan Bible, we shall once again obtain our Inner Divine/Spiritual Key to our Inner Limitless Divine/Spirit Power of our Divine Inner Paradise of AFRIKAMAWU within us and for the Salvation of all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans as The Chosen Continental Afrikan People of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth and Hereafter.

Members of the Continental/Diaspora Afrikan Public of all Walks of Life who are interested in Discovering, Knowing, Accepting, Believing, Trusting and Living In tune to the Limitless Power and Blessing of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU as their Personal Creator, Protector and Source of all their Needs In Life should get in touch with us for their Daily AFRIKAMAWU-Inspired Education and Training for their Attainment of Oneness with AFRIKAMAWU via our Continental Afrikan Ancestral Saints and in Total Harmony with our Holy Afrikan Spirit within us and in all Creation of which we are all Part and Parcel of as the Holy and Perfect Manifestation of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth on in whose Holy and Perfect Image we are all made of as the micro of the Macro, the god of the God, and the Divine Spirit in Human Flesh whose Mission on Earth is learning and mastering our Forgotten inner Science and Technology of Balancing our Material/Outer and Spiritual/Inner Needs in Life.

In the same way, all the Continental/Diaspora Afrikans with Leadership qualities are challenged to contact us to be Trained and Ordained as AFRIKAMAWU 's Continental, Regional, National, District and Community Chief High Priests and Priestesses, Priests and Priestesses, Diviners, Seers, Healers, Protectors, Channels, etc upon whose Shoulders shall fall the Divine Right, Call and Responsibility for all to save the Souls of our One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans lost in the Hell of Alien Concepts and Practices of imported Gods, Saints, Religions, Faiths, Teachings, Doctrines, Beliefs and Services kept alive to keep us fatally ignorant and uprooted from the Power, Pride and Dignity of our Own Ancient Continental Afrikan Concept and Practice of the Creator whom all our today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are challenged to discover and experience as AFRIKAMAWU whom all the French Call Dieu, All Arabs call Allah, all Jews refer to as Adonai or Jehovah, all British call God, and so on

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