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Kwame Okoampa Ahoofe, Victim Of Amnesia And Slave Of Grammatolatry!

Kwame Okoampa Ahoofe, Victim Of Amnesia And Slave Of Grammatolatry!
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Get ready with your lexicon! Pardon me because this goes to a professor(?) I designed this projectile to inundate the so-called professor(?) of great erudition with chastisement for megalomaniacally and brazenly showing his logorrhoea, grandiloquence and pomposity to the lugubrious countenance of most readers. This phantom professor(?) toils to catapult himself to a wave of profundity of words, in a quantitative measure of whitewashing his diffidence as a handicapped, queried and misplaced journalist of knavish malice.

This preposterous phantasma yonder seas to the best of his nickname, Professor(?), doodles and scrabbles very undecipherable and neologised write-ups abound with mendacities and sacrileges with a demonic intent of producing blackouts of his kindred.

The unconstructive and straight-jacketed monumentality of his thrash many a times is ciliated and interlaced with dogma and ism that will not even be entertained in the fraternity of malignant cerebral melanomas.

This professor(?) remains a conundrum to readers for all of his writings never enwombed common sense; and unarguably, an epitome and a sieved template of putrefaction of journalism to the zenith. As a matter of fact, he is a gargantuan blue-elephant, cataclysm and incubus to contemporary journalism. He is simply unblessed of aptitude to adumbrate or elucidate issues to the apprehension of the sequipedalophobia.

The concatenation of his bombastic and byzantine words cannot bamboozle readers to append credulity to his nickname. He ought to eschew his chicanery, phantasmagoria and pun as it is a calculated attempt to obviate from the actuals and realities on grounds.

Victim of Amnesia
I want readers to help me to diagnose him base on his write-ups. He has never said anything about Ghana's history that consolidates with what my kid brother learns at school. And his recent article on this web captioned “What if Nkrumah was a thief?” warranted the need to diagnosed him for early medical intervention.

Amnesia is loss of memory as a result of shock, injury, psychological disturbance, or medical disorder. It is of two kinds: Anterograde and retrograde amnesia. Its severity differs depending on the aetiology/cause.

Anterograde amnesia is impairment in the ability to lay down new memories. Thus, the victim cannot record and keep in memory, events that occur after the incident. It typically results from damage to the areas of the brain involved in long-term memory, including the hippocampus (area of brain associated memory), the temporal lobes (part of brain for sensation on both sides of the temples of the head), and the frontal lobes (part of brain for sensation on the forehead). Such damage may result from brain infection (encephalitis), alcoholism, stroke, anoxia (severe oxygen deprivation), or head injury. An individual with severe anterograde amnesia might spend an entire day with a person and then, within a brief time, totally fail to recognize that person.

Retrograde amnesia refers to difficulties in recalling or recognizing past events and experiences. It typically, though mutually exclusive, accompanies anterograde amnesia and is especially common following concussive (jarring) head injury. A person with retrograde amnesia has trouble remembering recent events, events from further in the past, or both.

I believe readers of this professor's(?) articles dumped on the net will clearly understand that he suffers from retrograde amnesia which unfortunately is severer than the former. Because with the former the patient cannot record and store new memories but can utilize previous experiences to analyze social dynamism and issues. However, the latter comes to rub and rob all your past memories and your memory (brain) becomes as plain as A-4 sheet (termed as tabula rasa in psychology). And you cannot even remember what happened seconds ago.

I believe readers with this insight will not bother much about his scribbles. This is a professor(?) who finds it hard to believe that Nkrumah led Ghana to independence; someone who thinks Nkrumah was a visionless dictator and pathological opportunist; someone who argues that Nkrumah was Mr. and not Dr.; someone who blasphemously branded Nkrumah as a thief; someone who indecorously nicknamed Nkrumah as African Show Boy; someone who relentlessly accused Nkrumah as a plagiarizer of the goddamn Busia-Danquah's ideas and regrettably, cannot even come to terms with the fact that Nkrumah was first democratic president of Ghana.

What is this man up to? Is he trying to indoctrinate people with the doctored stories of his antecedents the betrayers? Why should he debate and disagree with basic facts that are rhymed everyday by crèche kids.

Indeed, discerning readers will understand that his write-ups have diagnosed him of retrograde amnesia. Please, professor(?) go for a check-up and if you are not diagnosed of retrograde amnesia, then your write-ups must be talking about a different Ghana, and not Dr. Osagyafo's founded and christened Ghana in West Africa formerly Gold Coast. You can also try reading good history books but not the Adu Boahenes, it will madden you more!

If you were a primary schoolteacher in Ghana, you would have been humiliated with quintillions of corrections from your pupils regarding Ghana's history and the Patriarch cum Martyr of Ghana's Democracy and Freedom, Nkrumah. Let me apprise you that most senior school leavers hardly remember names of your so-worship Busia and Whoever tradition, the apostates!

You may try, but the History of Ghana cannot be rewritten or adulterated by your His-story. Keep your his-stories and we will keep our histories. I understand your predicaments, but remember that a decorated monkey is still a monkey. Use your time profitably.

Slave of Grammatolatry
Please, waste your time and read any of his articles (perhaps the latest “The false Ghanaian history of Paa Kwesi Nduom” 16/07/09); you will finish reading being more flabbergasted or bewildered on what he purports to enlighten you on. You might even be tempted to believe that you are reading a piece from A. S. Hornby (renowned editor of the Oxford Dictionaries) or from a space-rocket scientist lexicographer.

He wastes his time and our time as well!

His sentences are embellishing with a cocktail of words locatable only in the realms of brusqueness, vulgarity, and loquacity. And not even the bombast of his sentences aid contextual connotative and denotative meaning. His paragraphs outlaw topic sentences – not the introductory style, not the imbibed style and not the concluding style: Just from nowhere, at nowhere, to nowhere! And regrettably, he supposed himself as a journalist with this unpardonable enormity of good writing.

I am screamingly baffled about a whole journalist who suckles much orgasm in a macrocosm of anachronism – the use of perplexing and discombobulating words that has been consigned to trash can of journalism for far too long, in far many places.

In mathematical terms, his write-ups are Cos 90; 10,000,000 x 0; sesquipedalianism exponent cosmetics multiply by nought.

I think I am wasting my time! Seeing is believing! Just google his name and you will be linked to his garbage cum bunkum dumped everywhere on the net.

Free Couselling
Professor(?), the sun does not struggle to shine. Nkrumah is the African sun, not your infamous “nicodemuses”, that is why Nkrumah illumines everywhere. You can dedicate your career and life as a “Brofessor” of Creative Maligning and Obliteration; you cannot and never create a micro-diametre of dent on Nkrumah's legacy. Nkrumah's ghost alone is prepotent to all remnants of your ideology both alive or “adead”. Nkrumah remains and will forever remain the resilient moving political inertia across Africa and beyond.

How will you describe someone who tries stopping the sun from shinning? Keep your answer!

Abdulai Hanan R. Confidence
Nurses' Training College, Tamale
Tertiary Institutions Network (P.R.O.)
[[email protected]]

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