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11.07.2009 Nigeria

Re: Exposed- Gov.Ikedi Ohakim`s Notorious Libido.

By kenneth uwadi
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Huhuonline, an online news media whose owners we gathered hide themselves in the United States of America have been writing so many untrue stories against the Executive Governor of Imo State, Nigeria. Trust Huhuonline for cook up stories, some time ago Huhuonline, told us that Prof Iwu is set to challenge Ohakim come year 20011 which we later discovered to be false and Iwu has mentioned in several quarters that he has no such intension. Currently, Huhuonline is at it again. This time they said our respected Governor is a lover of women with the bold caption, exposed: Gov.Ikedi Ohakim`s notorious libido,blah,blah,blah.

Journalism, we all knows is the craft of conveying news, descriptive materials and comments via a wide spectrum of the media. These include newspapers, magazines, television, radio as well as the internet. Journalists, be they writers, editors, reporters, photographers, broadcast presenters or producers serve as the chief purveyor of information and opinion in contemporary mass society. One thing a professional Journalist ought to have at the back of his mind is that journalism's first obligation is the truth. Journalists should tell the masses only the truth. But some media men have lost the ability to play the role of watchdog of the society because they lack the morals to do so. Junk journalism is what some journalists choose to abide.Ihia na ewe m iwe. Why do some journalists use their access to media to exhibit total irresponsibility in journalism by feeding the masses with cooked-up stories? O bu maka ego?

Huhuonline has shown itself to be a political tool used by enemies of Imo state to fight Imo people, for whoever that is fighting against Ohakim is fighting against Imo people. Unfortunately, their game is the politics of cowards, hiding in America and be commenting on issues in Nigeria. This game against Ohakim is well cooked, naming some women as sex mates of our respected Governor so as to ridicule him in the sight of his people(Ndi-Imo) that love him so much. This story is widely reported in some quarters. What is clearly in play is the politics of personal destruction, obviously advised by top enemies of the present Imo state government (ndi- ojo no na Imo)in fear that Ohakim is becoming too popular in Imo state and could give them a run for their money come year 2011.

Painting Governor Ikedi Ohakim as a “sex-maniac” is character assassination. Character assassination is an attempt to tarnish a person's reputation so as to bring him down. It involves exaggeration or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation. For living individuals targeted by character assassination, this is so as to result in the individual being rejected by his community, family, or members of his or her living or work environment. In practice, character assassination involve double speak, spreading of rumors, innuendo or deliberate misinformation on topics relating to the subject's morals, integrity, and reputation.

In politics, one weapon of war that failed politicians (Dika ndi –ojoa no na imo)uses all the time is character assassination, which is the spread of false allegations against a candidate just as Huhuonline is doing against Ohakim .Most common themes may include allegations that the candidate is a bad or unpopular member of his family, has a bad relationship with his spouse or children, is disrespected by his former co-workers, or routinely engages in disturbing, socially unacceptable behavior, such as sexual deviancy. This can also be known more colloquially as ""mudslinging. That is trying to win an advantage by falsely painting negative pictures about an opponent.

It is ironical that because Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo state is performing excellently well in his vision of total reinvention, renovation and reconstruction in Imo state, it is incurring the wrath of disgruntled elements(Ndi aru ru ala) who know they can not match Ohakims's Governorship competence and who have no answer to his achievements .These fraudsters have been hiring journalists to use media dishonesty to paint Ohakim's administration black in other to distract the Governor as he delivers democracy dividends to the people of Imo state. We can not just adopt sidon look posture and watch the obviously too many sponsored media campaign of calumny and false allegations by Eyan-buruku, Sei kumo, Mugu, Idiok-owo, poro nen,Ndi-aru, to sway Ohakim from continuing with the noble goal of achieving leadership excellence in Nigeria.

Huhuonline should respect the people of Imo State. Huhuonline has never seen anything good in Gov Ikedi Ohakim of Imo state .Regularly we hear and read cooked-up stories about Ohakim from Huhuonline. Leaders doing well like Ohakim should be commended for this will give them more strength to do more. Let us call a spade a spade. One is appalled by the level of intellectual dishonesty displayed by the people in Huhuonline as they daily try to paint Ohakim black in the sight of the populace.

Mud-slinging on the Governor of Imo State is painful to the people of Imo State. It also demeans their intelligence and shows that the party who is promoting these partisan attacks clearly has no respect for Imo masses on the issues at stake in Imo State. Politics should not be about false personal attacks on people performing well in office. They should be about the issues at hand that the people of any given state or nation feel are important or needed. Too often the problems of the masses and how to solve them and who and who are performing well in office are ignored and focus placed on attacking political opponents and cooked-up allegations.

Those who think that the seat of “Imo Governor” is their birth right should stop hiring journalists to slander Chief Dr Ikedi Ohakim. They have been persistent in the spread of lies about the present Imo State Governor and insistent on this even when their stories are false, baseless, destructive and or mischievous. They don't only tell lies, they take, promote, sponsor and support actions that clearly undermine the Imo State Government and injure the collective aspiration of the people of Imo state. Apparently determine to make the state ungovernable for Ohakim and to bring his government to a stand still, they have left no one in doubt that they are at war with the government and people of Imo state.

For God's sake Ikedi Ohakim is the symbol of collective authority of the Imo people.He is the Executive Governor of our State,Imo and deserve respect. It is a good human culture that leaders that are doing well in office should be respected and honoured. Ikedi is doing well for Imo People and we will support him. We will stop supporting Ohakim whenever he stops doing well for Imo People. What we want in Imo state is a leader that knows where the shoe pinches the people of Imo state. A leader that is out to reconstruct and renovate Imo State and we have find that man in Ikedi Ohakim.Imo people now witness equitable distribution of resources in contrast to twosome hijack of the people's patrimony

These same politicians that are hiring journalists to slander our Governor first went to court to see how to stop him. They pop champagne bottles. They shouted in boyish delight and danced and carped in meeting rooms.In hoarse macho voices,they sang up party slogans. Their eyes popped contempt about Ohakim and in their illusion they thought they will win the electoral court dispute in Imo State and unseat the Governor. Ohakim has won them in court and will continue to win them. Their jubilant faces have all melted and their current mission is character assassination.

During the heat of the electoral court disputes, I kept on telling whoever cared to hear that Ohakim will defeat them all. This has come to pass and today I am making another utterance: all the political torn coats, political zombies that are gathering against Ohakim will disappear from Imo state political space willingly or be forced out at the voting booths come year 2011.For 2011 is another date where those who are causing Imo agonizing pains will meet their political waterloo and inglorious political termination as they will all commit political suicide. Call me a prophet if you wish.

I have never been opportune to meet with Gov Ohakim but I admire his leadership styles. He is my Hero. He has renewed public trust in Imo Government. He has embarked on successful implementation of developmental programmes that is transforming the lives of the ordinary people in Imo state. All those who have been spreading lies about our Governor should repent now, for we will not allow anything to distract him as he continue to give Imo people the tools, skills and training to succeed. It is God that saw the need for good governance in Imo state that choose to crown Ohakim as Governor.God wants Imo to have a leader who is committed to working tirelessly to better Imo State and who knows how to create jobs and grow our economy. No matter how the enemies of our state plan against our Governor, they will all fail ,for God is on his side. Ohakim is a peoples welfare conscious Governor. Onye were nti ya nuru.

-kenneth Uwadi is from Mmahu-Egbema in Imo State ,Nigeria.

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