30.04.2009 Feature Article

Cars!! Cars!! Cars!! – “Asem beba Debi”

Cars!! Cars!! Cars!! – Asem beba Debi
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You could call it whatever you please but I prefer to describe it as an unwarranted exchanges between Father (Mr.Kojo Mpianim) and Son (Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa) over a rather trivial and straight forward matter.

Infact my fickle mind came alive after I listened to both men on the most authentic radio network around (Joy Fm).

In my view, this is a very simple issue that can be resolved through basic questionnaire.

Dear reader, please do respond to the questionnaire below as it fits you.

1. Are you a Ghanaian? Yes or No.
If Yes proceed to 2, if No you may just want to read further.

2. Are you a member of NPP? Yes or No.
If Yes proceed to 3, but if No you may just want to be curious, read further.

3. Are you a former government (NPP) official? Yes or No.

If No, God loves you but if Yes brace yourself up and proceed to 4.

4. Do you have a state vehicle in your possession which you bought during Kuffuor's adminstration? Yes or No.

If No you have escaped but if Yes then you are not fortunate, proceed to 5 immediately.

5. Is your vehicle over two years old at the time you purchased it? Yes or No.

If Yes then prepare to pay some more for it because it would soon be revalued by (Mr. Allotey). But if No, hahaha!! disaster!!!! You may just be loosing it very soon.

The latest information emanating from the Presidency indicates that by next week Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa would be visiting you in your homes riding a horse (Since you guys have hijacked all the state cars) with a cane in hand closely followed by Mr. Victor Smith who would be expected to be riding a Yamaha “Okada” and carrying “Mama” Zita who would be using a megaphone to announce to those of you who seem not to hear all the announcements to return the state vehicles.

Did I hear Mr. Yaw Boabeng Asamoah saying he would shoot? Woow!!! So we do have very good gunmen among the elite? Thank God the election was peaceful if not only God knows what would have happened in the event of a war. “Asem beba Debi”.

What about Mr. Maxwell Kofi “Okumkom” Jumah. Holala!!!. “Eba fee gbeye”

Frankly the most dangerous thing Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa and his crew should try is to venture entering into the house of Mr. Isaac “Batista” Edumadze in search of state vehicles.

In case they have forgotten so soon, this is the same man who allegedly overturned a car with his bear hands oohh!!!.

He can easily turn “mama” Zita into a cane and use it to whip the “hell” out of the rest of the crew. Please watch out!!! Lol

Dear readers on a rather serious note have your ears not been bombarded with this car issues enough? It's a pity.

Share your thoughts.
God bless Ghana.
Author: Nunya Akumey-Affizie ([email protected])

London School of Journalism

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