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Wisdom Words on Independence Day

Wisdom Words on Independence Day
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“Let us show to the whole world that, the black man is capable of managing his own affairs”.

After this historic declaration, little did Dr.Kwame Nkrumah know that his vision for this country and Africa at large would be thrown to the dogs.

On this occasion of the 52nd independent anniversary, I am compelled to challenge your mind with the most obvious question; Are we really independent as a country?

I can confidently tell you that, we are more of a modern colonized state than an independent country as has been sermonized greatly.

A country whose annual national budget is heavily funded by donor support cannot boast of being independent.

It is unarguably true that a country which could not even run its Presidential and Parliamentary election without external financial support could not be an independent state.

Would you call Ghana an independent state when we had to borrow money to even celebrate the very same 50th independent anniversary?

How on earth could a country be independent when it goes cup-in-hand to undertake basic projects such as building schools, hospitals and even toilets (Atonko) for its people?

We are virtually being ruled by the same colonial masters we “pushed out” claiming they were evil and that we could manage our own affairs.

For Ghana to be truly independent, I believe that we must wake up to the challenges and realities of the moment. We must at least be able to feed ourselves. That is basic.

Countries like Malaysia and others have done it, why can't we do same?

Dear reader how would you call 52-year-old man who cannot feed his family but boast of himself? “Useless man” I think.

I was under the tutelage of a trail blazer called Dr. David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, and he made a very critical statement which I would like to share with you.

“The greatest irony in Africa is that, there are so many resources in the belly of the earth and yet there is so much hunger in the bellies of men”. Dr Oyedepo said.

This statement left me thinking till date.

Below are some very crucial statements also made by Dr. Oyedepo which I think are paramount in our drive towards a glorious, prosperous and truly independent country?

If your heart desires a thing and your hands cannot perform it, you are poor- This is very typical of Ghanaians. We talk and yearn for so much but do very little in order to achieve it.
A spoon of pain gives rise to a plate full of fame. - We must endure a little more so we can be great.
When you think you have arrived, you would go nowhere again. - We must always soldier on.
Average is the enemy of Excellence- Eschew mediocrity. We must aim to be the first always.
As a Ghanaian you must be celebrated like Dr. Nkrumah not accommodated like Charles Taylor. (Lol)
The world is big enough to contain you and small enough to know you- Don't limit yourself.
Human resources give value to Natural resources. - Educate yourself further.
Success without a successor is total failure- Eschew greed
We must be a National ASSET not a National EYESORE.
Notoriety is not a criterion for Popularity. - Righteousness pays
Life without a bearing is a burden-Lets have the right bearing so we would stop been a burden on foreign countries.
The stone Satan throws at you, use it to build-Take advantage of every situation and maximize the potential therein.

With these words of wisdom, I want to reiterate the point that, until we collectively rise up to the global challenges of our time, we may forever remain in the woods.

God bless Ghana.

Written by Nunya Akumey-Affizie [[email protected]]
Student of London School of Journalism.

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