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21.02.2009 Feature Article

Letter to Ato Kwamena Dadzie

Letter to Ato Kwamena Dadzie
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Goodey Ato,
Do you know that some people are too full of themselves? Some get extremely boring that, I find it difficult to fathom from where they derive their arrogance and “too know”.

One of such individual, unfortunately, is you, Ato Kwamena Dadzie.

I am referring to the article you wrote about the most eclectic, sensual and elegant lady among all the Ministerial nominees in the recent Vetting process. I mean Mrs. Zita Okaikoi.

Ato, do you know the meaning of Zita? I know you have little brain, let me help you. It means “Little girl” in Tuscan Italian.

Now that I have educated you, do you understand why I have indigestion over your harshly worded article about the little girl?

Listen, she is a little girl so she is expected to perform even worst than she did. Let me give you some characteristics of a little girl:
Naivety/Immaturity (Require guidance)
You could deduce from the vetting clearly that, she was clueless about basic issues pertaining to her own academic records.

Since little girls are led to school, Ato how on earth would she know when she attended those schools she was being asked about? Infact, how would she recollect the subjects she studied? For God sake this is unfair. Infact, why was the little girl sent to meet such a cartel of intellectuals such as the Minority leader whose facial looks alone could send shivers down the spines of even the June 4th, 1979 coup makers.

I see it as the presidents' show of inhumanity to Zita magnanimously used in nominating her for the position of the Minister designate for The Ministry of Information.

Ato, if you don't know, history is about to be made. We may be having the first Minster for misinformation, disinformation and infact Ghana stands a chance of having the first Government blackout in history.

It is characteristic of little girls to be unnecessarily loud and empty. You could deduce from her vetting that, she gave answers which were a complete departure from correctitude.

Ato, did you see her referring to the chairman of the committee as “Honorable Chair” (with the “H” loud instead of silent) not “Honorable chairman” as was done by all the other nominees? That was “Flex”. It made her answers sweet but vague.

Gnash their teeth over very simple things
Ato, you should understand that, little girls unlike little boys would find it a herculean task, putting together their C.V. but God is always at the point of their needs just as the learned Professor Ameyaw Ekumfi came to her rescue advising her NEVER to try preparing her CV alone again. That was charitable.

Ato, ignorance and arrogance are the hallmarks of little girls so I “don't get your beef”. I hope, you are getting the picture clearer now.

Please Ato, the little girl deserves compassion not humiliation after her “Apio joint” got burnt down. She lost her “quarter” “quarter” customers too to the bar close by. Ato, your article serves as a double agony for her.

I am calling on you to cease from writing those harshly worded articles about the “Little girl” before you are dragged before the courts.

Ato, I presume you know she “has the courts in her pocket” Have a goodey and don't be “too know” next time. LOL!!!!

Author: Nunya
Email: [email protected]
Student of London School of Journalism

Nunya Akumey-Affizie
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