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30.11.2007 General News

VRA customers in Tamale can't get good service

By Public Agenda

Poor Ghanaians have been made abundantly aware by VRA that it is unable to meet its cost because of the low tariffs that it charges for its services.

Consequently, Ghanaians were recently made to bear the brunt of an increase in tariffs in order to make VRA meet its costs.

What Ghanaians have not been told however, is the fact that VRA is unable to meet its cost because of inefficiencies within its delivery system and the seeming unperturbed nature of their senior management to resolve these inefficiencies within the channel of delivery.

A case in point is the VRA/NED in Tamale. One very disturbing point is the fact that, despite VRA's move towards encouraging the use of prepaid metres, it has not made any commensurate plan towards meeting the needs of its customers who use that service.

It is surprising to note that whoever runs short of electricity units in Tamale has to drive to VRA premises just to buy units. What is most annoying to the Ghanaian worker is the fact that when one gets there, you would find only one machine in operation.

The resultant effect is workers end up spending the whole day at the place to the detriment of their office work. There are long queues in the place which easily becomes overcrowded culminating in a heavy stench in the hall and this poses a health hazard to the customers.

One would have expected this to be resolved by any right thinking management, but nothing seems to be pushing them into meeting the demands of their customers.

The situation is no encouragement to any body to remain in the VRA hall just to buy units.

Who knows how many disgruntled customers must have walked off to their houses just to get themselves reconnected illegally? After all, VRA itself is not showing any desire to help its customers in Tamale to have access to units without any hustle and bustle, so why bother buying units from them.