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30.11.2007 General News

Blame fake men of God for Ghana's problems - Apostle Adotey

By Public Agenda

The President of the Apostolic Church Ghana, Apostle John A. Adotey has observed that the rise in the number of fake pastors and so called men of God is to blame for the serious afflictions and misfortunes bedeviling the country.

He said those fake pastors who are exploiting the word of God at the expense of some vulnerable Christians must be very careful for they cannot stand the wrath of God on the judgment day.

Apostle Adotey made this remark at the ordination and induction service of Apostle Dr. Sylvester J. Mensah as the Apostle and President of the Fruitful Gospel International Chapel (FGCI) at the church headquarters in Nungua Accra.

The service, which was in honour of Apostle Dr. S. J. Mensah, was to commemorate his successfu120th anniversary in the Pastoral Ministry and to mark the Founder's day celebration of the church.

The President said that real men of God are called by God and by their fruits they are known because Christianity is practical and children of God lead exemplary lives.

However, he advised that every person who has been called by God should endeavour to go through the right process to be ordained and not to just get up and parade him or herself as a man of God without going through the appropriate process.

He quoted scripture saying that the weed and the fruits should be left to grow together until the harvest time when the weeds would be uprooted and burnt living the fruits.

He therefore explained that these fake men of God do not need to be curbed out of the system now but must be left because they will receive the reward of destruction at God's own appointed time if they do not change their ways before the harvest (rapture).

Nevertheless, he cautioned Christians to shun the act of following prophecies and miracles performed by such Pastors and learn the word of God on their own in order to identify the fake men of God who take them for granted.

In his ministration, the General Superintendent of the Apostolic Revival Ministry, Rev. Ben Paul Gbedze pleaded with Pastors who have deviated from the call of God to revisit their calling in order to keep pace with God and avoid total destruction.

He described the church as the only instrument God can use to transform the whole world and that the church cannot afford to fail God because Angels will not descend to do the work that mortals can do.

He said many Pastors and churches have failed God and the whole world and this therefore calls for the need for more Ministers of God to be ordained into the ministry for the expansion of God's work.

According to him, the agenda of God is so important that it cannot be left halfway, hence, the raising of visionaries who would work to accomplish the mission and vision of God becomes a necessity.

Rev. Gbedze explained that the church has been given power from above to overcome the troubles of the world and therefore if it fails God it is going to cause a lot of suffering and grief to many souls and the entire world.

He said Christians must not be taken by surprise in times of troubles because God has given them the wisdom and power to utilize in order to overcome such things.

Nonetheless, he advised Christians to be persistent in prayer, support the leadership of the church, and ensure that the leaders are in tune with God.

He also cautioned leaders and church authorities to beware of individuals who use their personal wisdom and riches to manipulate the work of God and urged church members to play their vital roles in the church to guarantee a successful growth.

In his view, democracy is practiced in the nation while theocracy is practiced in the church and therefore Pastors should be very careful the way they go about things.

The General Superintendent also urged the new President of the Fruitful Gospel International Chapel to nurture and train the members in the fear of the Lord in order to build a lasting unity and love in the church.

Apostle Dr. S.J. Mensah expressed profound gratitude to God for his abundant grace, love and support and for placing him on higher grounds and extended his appreciation to his wife, families and the entire church.

He pledged his allegiance to God and the church and assured the church of his commitment and support to them in everything that will uplift the church to its expected end.