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16.05.2007 Feature Article


It is very pathetic when you pass through our major streets throughout the country to see young boys and girls of school going age and sometimes men and women selling all sorts of items including dog chains.

On Peace Fm's morning show “Kokrokoo” on Thursday 12th of April 2007, the Deputy General Secretary of NDC, Baba Jamal, made an open confession and acceptance as to the reason why the people of Ghana should not vote for the NDC again because of its bad management of the economy and lack of policy direction.

The Deputy General Secretary of NDC was full of praise for President Kufuor and the NPP government for good policy direction and foresight, especially for reforming the educational system. “I never agreed with the P(NDC) when they reduced the educational system from 7 years to 3 years.” He said.

The Deputy General Secretary reiterated that the P(NDC) defied the advice of technocrats such as Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) when they spoke against the 3 year system. According to the Deputy General Secretary of NDC, Baba Jamal, “the JSS – SSS system is the cause of all the street children and dog chain sellers that we see on our streets today.”

For most Ghanaians, not only did the NDC caused unemployment and destroyed the future of the country by the introduction of the killer JSS – SSS system but also through the atrocities that happened under the watch of Mr Rawlings' AFRC and P(NDC) era. Those whose fathers, relatives and breadwinners were killed or got missing had no choice but to take to the streets to sell dog chains for survival. Mr Rawlings pulled down properties of some Ghanaians, openly campaigned against the purchase of products of particular individuals, placed embargo and seized monies rendering most Ghanaians bankrupt and jobless.
Workers were declared redundant because of Mr Rawlings' outcry. Most parents and guardians under P(NDC) regime were caused to be incapacitated and unemployed. Children and beneficiaries of Mr Rawlings victims went to the streets or took to guns for survival.

These coup makers – turned democrats were lean 'parasites' that came to power with nothing and started displacing, crippling and killing Ghanaians who were fat and wealthy. According to them all those who were fat were corrupt and after feeding on Ghanaians to broaden their statures, they now realised that fatness does not amount to corruption. These socialist want to be democrats with no political tradition in Ghana, are nation wreckers who after reducing the educational system to nothing took their children to school abroad. If they had good intentions of instituting better educational system, why didn't they allow their children to school in Ghana?

The ages of almost if not all the street children, dog chain sellers and armed robbers like Atta Ayi & Co, dated back to the days of Mr Rawlings and the P(NDC). Almost all of them were born and schooled when P(NDC) was in power. Ghanaians cannot be in better agreement with the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC than what he said. Indeed, if the NDC had any sound policies and employment opportunities in place, the people of Ghana and especially the youth would not have taken to the streets to sell dog chains or resort to the gun for survival.

As the P(NDC) sent Ghanaians out of job and the youth to the streets, President Kufuor led NPP government is putting food on the table of Ghanaians, monies into their pocket by instituting policies like National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Capitation Grant, School Feeding etc. President Kufuor's NPP government is also taking the youth out of the streets by putting them on employment. The National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) alone has employed over 90, 000 youths not to talk of Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), Metro Mass Transport (MMT), massive construction works going on throughout the country, just to mention but a few.

What Baba Jamal said is an open acceptance of the fact that NDC has nothing good to offer but to create unemployment, send the youth to the streets and drain the national coffers as Spio Gabbrah also confessed sometime ago.
The NDC is a disaster/unemployment creation party as per Baba Jamal's confession. We should therefore reject them massively come 2008.
Kwadjo Oto
Kwadjo Oto, © 2007

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