Kenyans launch week-long protests against controversial Finance Bill

Headlines Kenyans launch week-long protests against controversial Finance Bill

Mass protests have erupted across Kenya as citizens launch a 7-day campaign of civil disobedience to kick against a recently introduced Finance Bill 2024.

In a notice detailing the planned protests from June 21 to 27, organizers called the demonstrations "7 Days of Rage" and labelled the bill a move by the presidency to "sign our lives into slavery."

The notice, which was widely shared on social media, accuses parliament of betraying the 54 million Kenyans by giving President Ruto "the right to do wrong" through the passage of the bill despite widespread public rejection.

It cites the killing of two protesters and injury of others by police as justification to "refuse to be silenced."

Over the week, actions like visiting the City Mortuary in solidarity with victims, disrupting church services by preventing politician speeches, and total shutdowns of roads and economic activity are planned.

The notice reads in part: "Tuesday 25th June: #OccupyParliament and Total Shutdown Kenya. A national strike. Gen Z are granting all hard working Kenyans a day off. Parents keep your children at home in solidarity."

The Finance Bill 2024 which has passed second reading has sparked fury with its proposals to introduce new taxes ranging from digital services to electric vehicles.

Critics argue it will disproportionately impact ordinary citizens and certain sectors of the economy.

While the presidency removed some of the most contentious measures, protesters are demanding the entire bill be rejected, signaling no end is in sight to the growing unrest.

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