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The Truth Behind NPP’s Rise to Power: Leaked Documents Revealed

The Truth Behind NPP’s Rise to Power: Leaked Documents Revealed

As I delve into the leaked documents, I’m struck by the revelations about the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) strategic plan for consolidating power. The confidential document outlines a three-part strategy, focusing on gaining grounds in government, checking the rise of Ashanti, and protecting Okyeman.

The first part emphasizes enriching party loyalists, cutting down financial strength of perceived opponents, and checking financial growth of certain individuals. The second part aims to create unity among Ashanti people and their king, and promote harmony among Ashanti chiefs. The third part seeks to project and protect Okyeman, making the Okyehene a respected king in Ghana.

Furthermore, leaked documents related to the controversial Agyapa Deal have revealed questionable transactions and potential conflicts of interest. The deal, which involves the sale of Ghana’s gold royalties to a Jersey-registered company, Agyapa Royalties Limited, has raised concerns about transparency and accountability.

I believe it’s essential to share these documents with the public, as they remain relevant in today’s political landscape. Although they are leaked documents without any proof, the similarities between their contents and current events in Ghanaian politics are striking. In every hearsay, there is an iota of truth, and in Ghanaian politics, it’s essential to scrutinize every detail.

By sharing these documents, I am providing:

  • Transparency: By making these documents public, I am shedding light on potential secrets and dealings that might have otherwise remained hidden.
  • Information: I am giving voters the information they need to make informed decisions at the polls.
  • Evidence: I am providing evidence of potential wrongdoing, which can lead to further investigation and action.
  • A voice: I am giving a voice to those who might have otherwise been silenced, allowing their concerns and stories to be heard.
  • Empowerment: I am empowering citizens with the knowledge and evidence they need to demand accountability and transparency from their leaders.

Read the full documents here:
Leaked Document


It Is important to realize that our very political survival depends on how we handle power and ensure that the name Nana Akufo Addo, in Ghana political history and in that of NPP and our tradition, becomes a second pillar to Dankwa, much bigger than Busia, Dombo and Agyekum Kufour. This must be done on two fronts; first, Akufo Addo government must perform very well in all sectors, but must do way more than Mahama in terms of infrastructural development. If we must take a sincere look at building of infrastructure under Mahama we would realize that the President has lifted up the challenge bar extremely high. So infrastructural development is one thing we must influence future Akufo Addo cabinet to be mindful of. The second way to achieve this is the most important of all; enriching our own as both Kufour and Mahama have done in the case of Chief Kufour and Ibrahim Mahama respectively.

At all cost, Ken Ofori Atta, Nana Asante Bediatuo and Gabby Otchere Darko shall build financial empire by giving them absolute control over all significant government contracts. They will again be responsible for investigating and re-awarding of all existing contracts. Nana Addo’s control of NPP has been possible and sustained by the works of the three, especially, Gabby. Nana Addo himself has asked that we include Kennedy Agyapong, but he is an Assin man and he will forever remain Assin , not Akyem. Since we cannot also ignore Nana Addo’s request we must measure and control Ken Agyapong’s financial rise, because we can never tell when he may look the other way and turn against us even though he has been with us for long. It is not enough to enrich our own three and end it there; we must also check and, as far as it cannot be seen as witch haunting, cut down the financial strength of Chief Kufour, Ibrahim Mahama, Kwadwo Mpiani, Richard Anane and Paul Afoko.

It is of extreme importance that we put Papa Kwesi Ndum and Kwabena Duffour in continuous check and control their financial growth. The records and evidence show that Ndum and Duffour would rather side with others and not Nana Akufo Addo, hence, the need to cut their business down to size while we prepare our own to overtake them in financial growth.

As for Alan Kyerematen, his popularity, once more, has surged up both within the party and the country. In all honesty, he has made so much gains for Nana Akufo Addo and our 2016 campaign so we must be careful dealing with him. In spite of the good works by Alan, he remains the number one threat with the potential to stand in the way of Ken Offori Atta becoming President after Nana Addo. Since “one district one factory” is Alan’s own idea and in fact, he is the one going to lead that project, we may cause trouble for Akufo Addo’s government if we discredit Alan in the early days of the administration. We shall therefore not touch Alan in the first 2 years into Nana Addo’s first term, but plans must be made to force corruption allegations on Alan’s neck after the first 2 years and destroy him for good. This can be done neatly without traces, we only must buy agents from NPP to start this and pay our NDC friends to give it life.


Our number one pursuit to cut the forever growing wings of the so-called Asantehene, Osei Tutu 11, has been a very long struggle. We cannot be satisfied with the little done against him and we cannot end here, we thus must resource our agents in Kumasi, especially, those at the central market to keep up their work of creating hatred between the people of Ashanti region and their so-called King.

Since we have been able to render Kufour and his Ashanti boys toothless and useless even in NPP, there is no point wasting time on them when we win this election. Instead, we shall focus on the Ashanti Chiefs particularly the Offinso-manhene. This can be achieved by the old same strategy; recruit and pay agents to label Ashanti chiefs as NDC, let the ordinary Ashanti man understand that their chiefs are against their own party NPP and they will hate the chiefs forever.

Again, we must sow seed of disunity among the chiefs of Ashanti. Osei Tutu has been emboldened and made powerful because Ashanti chiefs are united behind him. Most of the chiefs are poor and we can elevate them financially and influence them at all cost. It will be disastrous to touch the individual Ashanti businessmen who stay in the region and conduct their business over there. Rather, we shall prepare a comprehensive programme that will check their spare parts business, those owners of big schools and hotels in the region and make sure we are not so much threatened.


The first and most important objective of Akufo Addo government, as agreed upon, is to project and protect Okyeman; make our prestigious and present Okyehene the most powerful and mighty King of the nation Ghana. This is exactly what we were made for as people of the Great Akyem land, to lead as we showed during the birth of our nation Ghana so we cannot and must not trail behind slaves and servants. To achieve this we have to first influence and bring Kotoku and Bosome under the firm control of Abuakwa Kingdom. Plans to enrich Abuakwa Kingdom have been thought out And discussed into details.

For Abuakwa Kingdom to have a place at the seat of government and feel safe, Okyehene must win the hearts and friendship of the Ga Chiefs. Akufo Addo government cannot directly achieve this, so as possible, Okyehene must be well resourced to fill up the stomach of Ga chiefs to bring them under cordial control. Not only that, efforts must be made to incite Ga chiefs and their people against Ashantis and the people of Kwahu who are busily grabbing their lands.

All the powerful Chiefs in the Eastern region of various tribal backgrounds will be presented with extraordinary financial package to come on board. They will have to stand with Abuakwa Kingdom in all national and local matters. If they reject our package of prosperity, we will have to isolate them and cut them down to their size.

We can always have our way in the three northern regions, Brong Ahafo, Western and Central regions. The ones we can hardly trust are the Volta chiefs. Togbe Afede and individuals like the Ahois, the Tsikatas, and the Okudzetos must always be checked. We cannot deal with the Ewe and Anlo people without touching probably the biggest and the most powerful Nyaho Tamakloe family. This must be achieved within our first term as we are not sure of what happens after Nana Akufo Addo’s first term.

If any of us thinks this is difficult and dangerous path, I agree, but we should reflect on our history and know that our fore bearers took much more difficult and dangerous decisions in the Gold Coast struggles before the descendants of Akyem Abuakwa were considered first class citizens of Ghana. Our plan is to take over NPP and remain prominent and makers in Ghanaian politics for the next 30years, failure to accomplish this may render Akyem Abuakwa left-behind or lost-out. Our Ancestors were served as kings and queens, our forefathers were served, we have been served, and so our children and great grandchildren must be served by others through our efforts today.


I hope this information will spark a national conversation and encourage citizens to demand accountability from their leaders.

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