A Good Leader Expects Attacks At His Weak Points

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The Art of Leadership

Your weak point is where you are vulnerable. Every leader has weak points.

Therefore, your weak points are of interest to your enemy! Every good General attacks what is weak and leaves what is strong. Your enemy will always look for your weak spot and attack you there.

Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way, when ye were come forth out of Egypt; How he met thee by the way, and SMOTE THE HINDMOST OF THEE, even ALL THAT WERE FEEBLE behind thee, WHEN THOU WAST FAINT and weary; and he feared not God.

Therefore it shall be, when the Lord thy God hath given thee rest from all thine enemies round about, in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee for an inheritance to possess it, that thou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; thou shalt not forget it.

Deuteronomy 25:17-19
Amalek was one such enemy who attacked the Israelites from their weaker backside when they were escaping from Egypt. Amalek was simply attacking what was easier.

Germany's Weak Spot
During the Second World War, Germany had an iron grip on the whole of Europe. In order to get to Germany and overthrow Hitler, the allies (British, American, Canadian, French forces) had to cross the sea from Britain and land in France. The allies had to choose an appropriate weak spot on the coast of France where they could land their troops, tanks, trucks and cars. Where would they choose to do this massive invasion? Where would be most appropriate to land all these forces?

Something had happened earlier, which had taught the allies an important lesson. In 1942, the British and Canadians had raided a port city on the French coast. This raid was a disaster because the Germans had very heavy defence at the port. Through this, the allies learnt that the Germans had heavy fortifications in every port city.

Invading a port city was going to be very difficult. The allies therefore decided to choose an area which was not a port and that would be thinly defended. They searched along the cost for a weak spot and they found Normandy. Normandy was not a port city and it was not as heavily defended as real port cities.

The British decided to tow an artificial harbour to Normandy and use it temporarily till the battle was over. Eventually, the day of invasion (D-day) came and the British and their allies were successful in establishing themselves in this relatively thinly defended coastal town called Normandy.

Weak Points Are Your Vulnerable Sides
Every minister has weak areas which can be attacked. Every church also has weak areas that need strengthening. In these areas, you are more vulnerable to attack. The most common weak area in a minister's defences is his family. Your spouse and your children are often weak points through which attacks take place.

Many of the terrible crises that ministers have endured have come through their families. In a family, everyone has a different level of spirituality. Some family members are more spiritual than others. Your great spirituality and convictions cannot cover all members of the family. People have to believe God for themselves especially when they are adults.

If your wife is less spiritual than you are, she becomes a weak point through which an attack can come. If your wife is beautiful, but quarrelsome, it becomes a weak point through which contention and confusion can enter. If your wife is stubborn and unyielding, it becomes a door through which witchcraft can enter your life.

Why Children Can Be a Weak Point?
Having children is also a weak point because your children make you more vulnerable to attack. To have many children is to have your quiver full of arrows and defenders.

But children also open many doors to the enemy. Your children may not be as spiritual as you are. Their lives can be open doors to your enemy. The devil knows that if he attacks your children, he will get your attention. The more children you have, the more weak points you have! Having children opens the door to potential disgrace. Your child can be a disgrace to you spiritually, academically, socially and in almost every other way.

Having children opens the door to potential financial difficulties. Children are the greatest expense that parents sometimes experience. There are many parents who steal money so they can look after their children. The more children you have, the more weak points you have.

Having children opens the door to marital conflict. Many times children are the reason why parents have conflict; here are arguments about children and what should be done for them.

Dear leader, remember that your enemy is looking for a weak spot. Your weak spots are of great interest to the enemy. He will invade you at your weak spot. Therefore, brace yourself for attacks at your weak points.

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By Dag Heward-Mills

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