Wed, 29 May 2024 Feature Article

2024 Election: The Time For Real Change Is Now

2024 Election: The Time For Real Change Is Now

For 32 long years, our beloved Ghana has been caught in a relentless cycle of stagnation, driven by the duopoly of the NDC and NPP. Both parties have politicized every critical issue, including the recent SML issue, the sale of SSNIT Hotels and the Ato Forson Ambulance saga, treating this nation as their personal playground while our dreams of development slip further away.

We cannot afford to continue this 8-year cycle of state capture, where each regime prioritizes its interests over national progress. It is time for us to be bold, to say no to the status quo, and to vote for real change for the sake of our future and the future of our children.

The youth and women of Ghana, your voices are more powerful than ever before. It is you who bear the brunt of the failures of these two parties – the unemployment, the erratic power supply, the economic decline, the high cost of living, and the high cost of doing business.

Over the last 12 years, both the NDC and NPP have failed to lift us from the quagmire of Dumsor and have led us into the clutches of the IMF, each time without a clear, sustainable plan to secure our economic independence. Their accusations and counteraccusations are merely distractions from their inability to deliver true development.

It is time for a new dawn, one where we, the people of Ghana, refuse to be pawns in the political games of the NDC and NPP. We must rise above the rhetoric and demand leadership that prioritizes our nation’s development over partisan politics.

Let us unite, especially the youth and women, to champion a vision for Ghana that transcends party lines and focuses on tangible transformational progress and inclusive growth.

Sadly, the media, which should act as the 4th Estate of the Realm, has largely been compromised and now partakes in the 8-year cycle of state capture, as evident in their reportage and discussions.

In other words, some media outlets and personalities have played a role in perpetuating this cycle, allowing themselves to be manipulated rather than holding these parties accountable.

Our future depends on our courage to break free from this cycle and to build a nation that truly reflects our collective aspirations.

The time for change is now. Let us seize it with determination and hope to usher in a government of national unity that will prioritize the interests of our nation over partisan parochial interest. Ghana will rise again.

Shalom shalom!