OSP investigates Nana Oye Over South Africa mansion

  Tue, 14 May 2024
Headlines OSP investigates Nana Oye Over South Africa mansion

Amidst a contentious legal battle between former Minister Nana Oye Bampoe Addo, formerly known as Nana Oye Lithur, and her ex-husband Tony Lithur, the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has launched an investigation into corruption-related allegations regarding a property acquisition in South Africa.

The dispute between the estranged couple stems from the divorce petition filed by Mr. Lithur in 2018, which contained damaging claims about Nana Oye’s character and actions.

In response, Nana Oye has taken legal action against her ex-husband, demanding US$500,000.00 in general damages and US$1 million in exemplary damages for reputational harm.

One of the contentious issues highlighted in the divorce petition was Mr. Lithur’s allegation that Nana Oye intended to purchase an investment property in South Africa worth between US$350,000 and US$500,000 immediately after leaving political office in 2017.

This claim prompted the OSP to initiate an investigation into corruption, money laundering, and illegal property acquisition against Nana Oye, leading to her being placed on bail and engaging legal representation.

Nana Oye’s lawsuit asserts that the false allegations made by Mr. Lithur have tarnished her reputation and subjected her to public scrutiny and humiliation.

She contends that the intentional dissemination of defamatory statements by Mr. Lithur was aimed at causing irreparable damage to her personal and professional life.

The legal battle has escalated further with Nana Oye seeking four reliefs, including substantial financial compensation for the libelous claims made by Mr. Lithur.

Additionally, she is requesting a perpetual injunction to prevent further dissemination of defamatory content and a public apology to be published on various social media platforms and news websites.

The ongoing legal proceedings coupled with the OSP’s investigation into the South African property acquisition have added a new dimension to the conflict between Nana Oye and Tony Lithur. As the case unfolds, both parties are expected to present their arguments before the court in what promises to be a protracted legal battle.

-DGN online