Ghana is fertile destination for tech companies in the world

By Franck Obimpeh || Contributor
Article Ghana is fertile destination for tech companies in the world

The country Ghana is a fertile ground for most of the world's biggest Tech companies such as MTN. As a nation, we need to be proud to have the presence of MTN and other Tech companies in the country as MTN is topping the world as the biggest market; Airtel, the second largest market.

The presence of several digital initiatives and programmes that are structured in line with the aim of providing the critical mass of the young populace with the necessary technical talents and skills that will enable Ghanaians generate wealth and tackle the challenge of crimes and criminalities, and also to cushion the effect of poverty.

Furthermore the nation is hugely blessed with both the natural resources and a growing population that should be harnessed for the betterment of the Ghanaian people. We must therefore charge all the stakeholders to ensure they connect the people with digital technology for them to derive varied opportunities.

Equally important, Ghana as a country should invest significantly in fibre optic networks because of its attendant benefits of giving the citizens access to the best internet network and also giving Ghanaians the opportunity to be connected to the global space with the view to changing lives positively.