Keep a healthy life for improved productivity – Midwife

  Sat, 15 Apr 2023
Health Keep a healthy life for improved productivity  Midwife

Madam Marie Teikor Hunoo, a Midwife, B-Star Medical Centre has stated that the hospital chose to organise the free health screening in order to raise awareness of how well one can maintain or keep a healthy life for improved productivity.

The Midwife emphasised the need of taking baseline vitals such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation, and sugar level.

"Even though it was a public holiday, patronage was high, and I was impressed that many people participated despite their chilling moments," she remarked.

Madam Hunoo stated during a free medical screening organized by the hospital at the Ocean Green Beach Villas in the Ningo-Prampram District, which benefited approximately 100 people.

According to Dr. Larry Joshua, General Medical Officer at B-Star Medical Centre, medical screening should be a regular habit because it helps discover sickness early and treat it.

He stated once more that many people are focused on their work and forget about maintaining their bodies healthy by not making plans to visit the hospital for screening exercises.

He stated that the main reason they chose the beachside was to screen friends and family for free as a way of giving back to society while also promoting the facility.

Dr. Joshua went on to say that research has revealed that high blood pressure is a silent killer and that excessive salt consumption, as well as regular exercise, should be avoided.

He recommended people maintain excellent health by eating a well-balanced diet or healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, among other things, and obtain medical screenings as often as feasible.

-CDA Consult || Contributor