Muslims Begin Fasting: Ramadan Kareem

By Daily Guide
Editorial Muslims Begin Fasting: Ramadan Kareem
MAR 23, 2023 LISTEN

Muslims across the world have today commenced a month-long period of fasting, a spiritual exercise which constitutes one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith.

In Ghana, the Islamic faith is one of the two Abrahamic faiths and so during this month-long spiritual exercise which has somewhat coincided with the Christian Lent, it is important that we wish those fasting Godspeed and blessings.

The spiritual dimension of our being on this ephemeral world is something we should not ignore. Having engaged in various forms of iniquities as fallible beings, this time in the year is when we should reflect on our lives on earth and readjust accordingly in line with the dictates of the Omnipotent and Omniscient God.

Many of the challenges mankind is enduring on earth are because of our departure from the path of righteousness. From our relationship with the environment, flora and fauna and management of the affairs of our compatriots as bestowed upon us as leaders, we have failed to conduct ourselves as God demands of us.

There are many who have engaged in spreading falsehood in the name of politics, as are others who allow themselves to be used by bad politicians for negative activities which have impacted the lives of others negatively.

Today, as we embark on the fasting of the Holy month of Ramadan, let our reflections be on how to resolve to avoid releasing negative energies even at the end of the spiritual exercise and to contribute positively towards the development of our communities regardless of how small.

We litter our surroundings and even dump refuse in gutters without thinking about how such acts are against Islam which stands for cleanliness and respect for constituted authority.

The scriptures, Holy Quran and the Holy Bible both contain everything that we need to know about positive relationship with both the earth and our neighbours. Unfortunately, we have chosen our own ways, leading to fractured relationships, interruption with the patterns of nature and bad governance.

Senseless wars leading to loss of lives of sometimes non-military actors have occasioned some of these engagements. Today, one powerful nation has attacked another all in the name of geopolitics, the repercussions of which are worldwide.

The economic challenges posed by the war as aforementioned has disrupted the order of things in many a country in ways never imagined.

What does mankind want in a world in which he is but a mere actor and will verily depart the stage?

As Muslims fast, let them reflect sincerely upon what things have gone wrong in their various ambiences, the national level and how they have contributed to the negative state of affairs or have remained passive and watched on as things deteriorate.

Let the spirit of piety, giving of support to the needy, spiritual elevation and all the attributes of the Ramadan month be with us throughout the spiritual exercise and beyond. Indeed if we maintain this state even after the Ramadan month, our country would witness a marked improvement.

Returning to the bad old ways is not what the Creator demands of us. Ramadan Kareem.