Ghanaian politicians have a serious mental problem

Feature Article Ghanaian politicians have a serious mental problem
NOV 26, 2022 LISTEN

"No, this is not true that the people in NPP constituencies want the Finance Minister to step down. Only some want it. How can you expect a Minister under so much pressure to perform well?" said an NPP MP on a local TV station broadcasted on YouTube one day ago. The world had a good laugh with tears in its eyes.

Democracy is a complex political system of loyalty to the party membership, advice behind closed doors to the party leadership, the decided manifesto, the interest of the constituency, and personal convictions and beliefs. In most developing and matured democracies, politicians who want to better the lives of their voters convinced by what they see as right must find their way into local, national, or international politics.

Their expertise and qualification lie in their words, tactics, and actions to convince others to be worth the mandate is given. In return, society provides them with money, privileges, and a platform for future professional expansion. In mature societies increasingly people become MPs right from University without any professional experience. Ministers of Culture are not well-known artists, Ministers of Defense are not highly decorated war heroes, Ministers of Heath are not heroes of Operation Theater or Medical Research, Ministers of Trade and Industry are not Start-up founders, Finance Ministers not of the Finance Industries, etc. but rather born blind people smelling the beauty of a rose and talk with big words of the beautiful red colors of roses.

As a democratic society complex our days, we expect the highest level of expertise and professionalism of plumbers, carpenters, car mechanics, Maisons, doctors, and IT-Specialists yet in politics we allow amateurs to govern over us. Political Scientists that had studied this matter for years end University with a degree can't be found in parliaments or governments in the same proportion as a society would deserve it.

In all German governments ever was no one ever a Political Scientist a Minister. Research one day might demonstrate whether or not Germany could have advanced more than it did.

Observing Ghana's politicians across the board, their manifestos, and words spoken in public it is clear they sit in Parliament as a source of direct and indirect (contracts and bribes) income like preaching in the streets can be the same certain source of a great career. The most serious enemy of senior politicians emerges always from party members close to them. As long as stiff party loyalty and blindly following party leaders are the daily bread of Ghana politicians no fundamental change and progress will be observed. The dispute is a foundation of politics even more so relevant in a democracy.

The one-party dictatorship of China style had made China strong but bears constant danger as the time will come citizens live a comfortable life and will demand broader free political participation (1215 Magna Charter, UK). This will be a tipping point for China to possibly break apart for which reason tougher regulations like CCTV are in place.

As for Ghana, the fake party loyalty maneuvers the country into limbo to constantly be a ball game for the white man. The uneducated citizens are a constant blessing to the politicians that can enjoy their time in the sandbox of the playground they call Parliament with a leaking roof over their heads sitting comfortably in expensive chairs made in China unseen in any German Parliament ever. They shout and occasionally beat each other up in the sandbox while die-hard party followers do not realize how much their politicians play in the sandbox with their future.

Mothers and Fathers standing around the sandbox one light sunny day will take them out and home into the blossom of history.