04.09.2022 Feature Article

There Is A God Who Steers The Affairs Of Men

There Is A God Who Steers The Affairs Of Men
04.09.2022 LISTEN

I have never ceased to be amazed by the happenings that occur in the lives of men - mortal men; most times we are tempted to think and believe, falsely though that we are in absolute control of our own affairs and lives?

That's why most men and women in positions of power, influence and authority do not, most times, see beyond their noses on the false premises as if they are in control of own their lives, their fortunes, trials and tribulations; refusing to see beyond their noses....

The false sense of power, destiny, influence and authority, as if man is in control is really a 'clutching at the wind'....a travesty, a make-believe....

Man has always missed the point of LIFE AND LIVING, otherwise how can a mere mortal say to himself, much more let the people who voted him into office, tickle himself into saying, "A PEOPLE ARE LUCKY (or fortunate was the word he was looking for to use) TO HAVE HIM AS A PRESIDENT OVER THEIR LIVES"?

Worse still is the fallacy of not accepting any responsibility for anything, happening under his watch as a leader and President of the same people?

No cause, no effect?

The simplicities of life usually create a false sense of man ever being in control of anything here on earth to the extent that we miss the real essence of why we are only TRANSITING THIS LIFE, where to and where from is always lost to man....because man has never ever been in control of anything and everything here on earth....much more his own life: given and taken at will by a Supreme Being, his CREATOR, GOD ALMIGHTY, who really is in charge and control of the life of man...

Any position of man as he transits this life here on earth is a PRIVILEGE to be respected and appreciated as a human being, a creation of the Almighty.

This means NO MAN HAS ANY POWER OF HIS OWN but a temporary extension of courtesy to be used and leveraged for the greater good of mankind, his fellow human being, without any false sense of EGO or self above the greater good of the whole.

For any man, for a second or moment, to consider himself as a better human being than the other by virtue of position held in trust for the majority is more than an abomination....for any man to think of himself more highly than the people who give him their trust to become is to miss the very point of life and living...this is like the man in the Holy Bible, who after his abundant harvest, said to himself "EAT AND DRINK" for the abundance, only for same life to be taken away in the night of him....

For any group of people or tribesmen to have same feelings of themselves as a master tribe or people, destined to rule is a real same rules of engagement apply, irrespective?

Is it any wonder, therefore, that a MINISTER of State, who technically is a servant of State, serving us all at the pleasure of the President & Head of the Republic, declares through her actions, deeds and expressions, that she is doing the people - us, Ghanaians a favour by RELUCTANTLY taking note of the concerns, we desire to express for her attention and action?

Is it that they see themselves not as PUBLIC SERVANTS but as LORDS AND LADIES, who have to be worshipped?

Same people, who every four (4) years appear before us in all forms of humility, singing and begging, carrying gifts of all sorts to attract our attention in the supreme act of securing our votes; and then after treat us as 'what'?

Check yourself for such acts, states or moments in the life and times of a people and a nation, will always have one conclusion, which men with foresights dread as the Beginning Of The End, whatever that is.....

Check yourself again for HUMILITY is and will always be the greatest of all human attributes as pursue both always in equal measure on the path of SERVICE TO MANKIND...

By Magnus Naabe RexDanquah, the Ghanaian – is a Land Economist & Appraiser, Events Architect & Planner, SportBusiness Consultant, Social Commentator and an Author