Sickel Cell Anaemia Can Make You Poor

Feature Article Image: Center for Health Journalism
SEP 3, 2022 LISTEN
Image: Center for Health Journalism

Please single and entangling ladies and gentlemen, be selfless and check your sickling status before you fully commit yourself in the relationship to prevent any innocent child from going through excruciating pains for the rest of his/her life, while preventing you from having zero (0) account balance.

These are the sickling types: AA, AS, AC, SS, and SC.

If you're AA, you can have a child with any of the types without having any trouble.

But if you're AS, AC, SS, and SC, the best partner should be an AA, not any of the others.

Children and adults who are SS and SC are suffering too much and not only them, their parents get frustrated and often having zero account balance.

Think of the future and never allow “LOVE” to crowd your judgment and the needful.

When you meet a man or a woman, let your first interest be about your sickling status, not the temporary things.

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