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Gambling Children to Satisfy Questionable Women and LGBTQ

Gambling Children to Satisfy Questionable Women and LGBTQ
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Children are primarily entrusted to biological parents and secondarily to society. As the most vulnerable group with no voice, the conscientious folks must try to minimize their suffering, beyond physical. Technology, laws, and lobby groups are sadly used in a very risky manner against children of our age, especially in the west. This does not mean African and other poor countries are not harming children in other ways, but the focus of this article is about upcoming new problems from the west to the world. The technology aided LGBTQ biological children and post menopause women should be closely studied, if not banned.

When heterosexual parents offer children for adoption, it is wiser to give heterosexual parents a priority, but we cannot totally exclude fairly decent LGBTQ adults as resort option for children in need. Although I see LGBTQ as disposition, I do not believe society should kill or jail them, just educate and let God judge. Worse than unstudied adoptions by LGBTQ is helping them have children without studying the effects on the children. Even the LGBTQ friendly media admit they change partners more often than average heterosexuals. Reciprocal law asks if you were to reincarnate on earth, what types of parents will you prefer, tolerate, and/or rather wait? Growing through different parents can be challenging, and poorer black Americans are enough as example. Rappers rap about 'why am I seeing different uncles in the house every week', because children like stability and know sexual 'uncles' at times.

Adopted children by LGBTQ parents was just in the thousands, and were suppose to be closely studied. With technology, new laws, and about 50 million+ rising LGBTQ, the world will see millions of children by LGBTQ and less likely any reasonable studying. Children and wealth are universal desires, thus many LGBTQ will opt for children when legally allowed. Western governments see it as financial opportunity, way to raise their declining population, and votes seeking opportunity against children. When a lesbian buys or take a sperm donation, the laws of many countries do not care about the child's right to know their actual parents. Whereas a five year old may not care much being surrounded by two women or men, the thirteen to fifteen year olds will have wet dreams or learn about sex in other ways. Suppose the teenager is heterosexual, it may be very hard to tell friends these 'two women' are my parents, one is my dad and the other is mum? Even within self it will be challenging, but some friends will make it harder. When parental tension rises, the heterosexual teenager may wonder if the parents sexual orientation is not part of the problem. If she cannot tolerate men, but lie she just don't prefer men, how will she manage a teenage boy without over molding him to be half a man? Imagine a heterosexual girl under lesbian parents? Sexual abuse is also going to be more likely in LGBTQ parenting, because they lack mental balance of emotions, including sexual emotions. Feel free to question my assumptions based on the thousands of under studied adoptions, but we are heading to millions and the next twenty years is when we can study adoption versus millions of technology aided children.

My worries are largely psychological effects of such children beyond sex. Will they have more mental health problems, be more violent due to confusion or feeling neglect by government and society at large, etc. 'I want to know my sperm donor and not ready for lengthy bureaucracy.' Use drugs more to adjust to unanswered questions, etc.

Menopause is not a punishment to women, but a natural favor to minimize orphans and the hard emotions of losing a parent. When a law allows women to store eggs and have children at seventy , ninety years old, then die. We can celebrate satisfying the raw desires of a woman, ask the child to be thankful for 'life', and be indifferent to the emotions of a grieving child with questionable empathy. There is life in hell, including some earthly life, so I refuse to call every life a blessing. I am thankful for enjoying over forty years with my parents, so I do not know how to say to a child to be happy for five years with parents, because a woman/man and state ignore the lessons of nature and gamble lives and emotions through technology. Society can bear the financial burden of such children with or without inheritance, but society have the responsibility to advise parents to be more realistic, be content, and learn from nature, instead of unnecessary and reckless defiance to nature and children. I know the so called feminists will argue how about the seventy year old man who have children with forty year old woman? Our responsibility is to tell men to avoid having children at late age. Not every natural 'can' or 'technology' aided 'can' concur with should or conscience. 'Can' does not mean 'should' nor 'want'. The women who voluntarily have children with very old men are 'partners in crime', especially in our age. Feel free to marry older men, but use safest birth control if they are too old, unless you are indifferent to children.

Chapter 103 demands we 'exhort each other to truth and patience', so you have the right and responsibility to advise beyond your country or continent. Care does not know boundaries, but never impose where patience may be more ideal. The Africans who argue they brought LGTBQ to reduce our population are cowardly dummies. Wrong arguments will make them laugh at you, hang on to LGBTQ more, and make babies in risky ways. Instead, our task is to advise and make laws that protect third parties, not two guilty or questionable folks. Considering some of them think women need months to decide if they should stop the heart of a baby as 'my body', they may argue women need decades to decide on having children at late age. When LGBTQ wants the fruits of heterosexuals or questionable women argue they have the right to compete with questionable men, you and I must stand up where we can and should. Every power on earth is for testing purpose, meaning it can be used for varying level of good or bad, including technology. If we push for worldwide marijuana legalization, we may get more inspiration to separate truth from lies and illusions. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

Activist and transformer

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