Crime rates high in Ghana over economic hardship, pressure to make money – Security Analyst

Headlines Crime rates high in Ghana over economic hardship, pressure to make money – Security Analyst

A Security Analyst, Muftawu Mumuni has indicated that the economic hardships and pressure on people to make money is what is leading to the increasing number of crimes in the country.

Speaking to Starr FM, the security analyst disclosed that although a number of factors contribute to crime, Ghana’s situation has a lot to do with dysfunctional social structures.

“It is not entirely surprising, in terms of incident or increase in the rate of crime in the country. When you look at the various factors that contribute to that it should not give us any surprises. Crime is product of many factors, it’s an economic challenge. It’s a product of dysfunctional social structures or family structures.

“The hard economic reality we are facing today increases the tendencies for high core crimes and opportunistic crimes. So there is dark in the system and it’s because there is fatigue and frustration and once jobless, unemployed people are more likely to take those paths,” Muftawu Mumuni shared.

The top security analyst continued, “There is a lot of pressure on people to make more money, and here we are in very hard economic times and high economic times bring about higher economic crime rate.

“Looking at the issues of unresponsive or inadequate youth interventions those collectively impact on the rate of crime.”

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Public Safety, violent crimes in Ghana have gone up by a staggering 40.8%.

Data in the report also shows that deaths went up by 53.7% compared to 2020 with Accra and the Ashanti region topping the chart on the level of crime in the country.

This has raised a lot of concerns with many calling on the government to continue resourcing the security agencies to fight crime.

Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo

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