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Azar News Network (ANN) 2003 YEAR-END AWARDS

Azar News Network (ANN) 2003 YEAR-END AWARDS
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1. Biggest Winner: Osafo Sampong, This Director of Public Prosecutions gets the job done quietly and deserves a bonus! 2. Biggest Loser: Fast Track Courts, were these courts not supposed to administer justice in a speedy manner? At the rate at which the courts are going, I expect the Tsatsu Tsikata case to be resolved in 2011. 3. Best Politician: Kwesi Nduom, how did the APSUNIAN resolve the VRA impasse? 4. Worst Politician: Professor J. Atta Mills, his fundraising trip to North American fell way below expectations! What was Agya Atta doing at Chaflin College? 5. Most Boring Politician: J. A. Kuffuor, his speech at the Oguaa congress, which was supposed to energize the party faithful, nearly put the 2,000 delegates to sleep! The President deserves a new speech writer. 6. Most Annoying Person: Speaker Ala Adjetey, for his self-serving lectures on the cost of democracy and the nature of corruption (i.e., corruption does not cover legally authorized transactions). Mr. Speaker, the bulk of corrupt transactions is in the so called “legally authorized space.” 7. Charismatic leader: Dr. Richard Kwaku Afriyie, the National Health Insurance Scheme and the National Ambulance Service Program should save many lives! 8. Turncoat of the Year: Kofi Wayo, this NPP “Nima boy” is now a member of the PNC? Tweeaaaaa! 9. Most Defining Political Moment: When MPs complained that they would not be able to repay the entire $20,000 car loan by the end of their four-year term unless their $300 monthly salary is reviewed upwards! Yoooooooooo! 10. Bumest Rap: The Law on Causing Financial Loss to the State is unconstitutional and must be repealed! 11.Fairest Rap: NDC is a Chairman J. J. Rawlings Fan Club, not a Political party! 12. Best Comeback: Corporal Mattew Adabuga persecuted in the 1980s and assumed dead, the ex-corporal burst onto the scene and had Chairman J. J. Rawlings scrambling for cover. 13. Original Thinker: Justice Sophia Akuffo for being the only Justice who thinks the Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction over electoral disputes! 14. Stagnant Thinker: Yaw Osafo-Maafo, for justifying Speaker Ala Adjetey’s $15,000 “leave allowance” as "reasonable and a privilege attached to the Speaker’s position.” Do these politicians get it? 15. Witty Image: Agya Atta Mills in a Poodle Suit! 16. Enough Already: EC’s decision to increase the number of MPs to 230 when we hardly can afford 200. Does this EC know that each MP cost the nation at least 460,000,000 cedis for a 4 year-period? 17. Worst Lie: The campaign of vicious lies against Wereko Brobbey that eventually cost him his job at VRA! 18. NGO of the Year: CDD for its workshop on economic governance. When will someone implement some of the ideas from these workshops? 19. Colossal Flop: Aliu Mahama’s Campaign against Indiscipline, which was launched amidst the usual fanfare but is now all but dead! Talk about indiscipline!! 20. Best News Media: Ghanaweb for providing the most convenient and timely one-stop shopping for news, rumors, gossips, and events! 21. Worst News Media: Palaver for giving its readers a steady but toxic dosage of APC (Another Palaver Creation)! 22. Story of the Year: Ex-Corporal Matthew Adabuga’s revelation that Chairman J. J. Rawlings ordered the killing of the 3 judges and Major Sam Acquah in 1982 and that the chairman popped champagne after he was informed that the four persons had been murdered. 23. Person of the Year: Nana Owusu-Nsiah, this IGP is transforming the Police Service into a smart crime-fighting unit and has chalked significant successes in reducing the spate of armed robberies!

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