Is It Worthy To Help Orphans?

Feature Article Is It Worthy To Help Orphans?
JAN 8, 2022 LISTEN

Ghana is part of third world counties, though recent statistics project Ghana and other few African countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Gabon, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique and Angola are in the path of being alleviated to Second World Countries. Per the publications carried by Institute For Economic And Peace (IEP), 2021. The country Ghana has her poverty rate to be 3.57 million and majority are from the rural area, estimated to be 3.3 million whiles the remaining 278,000 are in urban area and subsequently works done in this area by UNICEF indicates 40% of this bracket are children.

According to publications made by UNICE, over one million children in Ghana are orphans and only 45 thousand out of the lots are hosted by orphanage Homes. The questions I pose to million Ghanaians out there is who takes care of the remaining orphans? There are few orphanage Homes scattered across the Regions of Ghana and almost all this orphanage Homes are doing their possible best to resolve the problem of orphans, that has engulfed the country for some time now. The country has some few known orphanage Homes such as the Osu Children’s Home, Christ Mission Orphanage and Charity Home, Spintex Orphanage and few not mentioned which had received gifts both local and international, but it must be on records that such gifts are not enough and more can be done by individuals within the country in helping this known Orphanage Homes to continuing taking care of this orphans. Apart from the known orphanage Homes mentioned in this article, there are few wonderful Orphanage Homes doing great works, with the little resources they get and needs the attention of Ghanaians to be able to do more for the remaining who are still roaming on street and homeless. Orphanage Home like Mama Lardi’s Children Home Centre and Centre for Child Development in Upper East Ghana, needs more attentions from philanthropist both in Ghana and outside Ghana to enable them to host more orphans within the Upper East enclave.

In my conclusion remarks, I urge all Ghanaians whether young or old to cultivate the habit of giving towards the running of orphanages, irrespective of what you give it would go a long way to help take out someone from street or one becoming homeless. I would never shy away to the fact hasn’t been the help of a kind heart I would have been on street or who knows in bad situation now. It took a single kind heart in helping me as a person to realize my dream and I belief when all of us emulate this gesture the country Ghana would be a better place for all. The bible says in the book of proverbs 19;17 Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deeds and in Proverbs 22;9 the generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

To pay back society I founded my own NGO with my wife’s support, which is duly registered, and I have been giving out gifts to deprive family and Orphanage Homes and urge all meaningful Ghanaians whether home or abroad to come on board to help someone out of street or becoming homeless.


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