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13.10.2003 Feature Article

Assaasie-Gyimah's Lies And Inconsistency

Assaasie-Gyimah's Lies And Inconsistency
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I read Assaasie-Gyimah’s rebuttal to the NRC allegation of one Dr. Matthew Narh Tetteh, who claimed to own the Unibrick Housing Units at Dansoman and Adenta. (Assaasie-Gyimah’s rejoinder was carried by Though Assaasie-Gyimah was asked by the NRC to make information on the ownership of the properties available to them he chose to rather write a rejoinder, which if scrutinized will show that this Assaasie-Gyimah is a very dishonest man bent on throwing dust into the people’s eye.

He admitted that Dr. Tetteh invented the Unibrick technology when he stated “The unibrick technology briefly is the use of a chemical in place of cement to mould bricks out of clay and it is generally believed in Ghana that Dr Tetteh invented the chemical.” And he went on to state that Dr. Tetteh approached the PNDC to help develop his invention to make it marketable.

From then on, Assaasie-Gyimah, went on to provide little substance but more “junk” just to confuse those who do not have the patience to go through his useless account of the finances that went on in the PNDC Unibrick Coordinating Committee. Ghanaians are not asking for an account of that Committee. All we want to know is whether or not Dr. Tetteh owned the technology, and whether or not he owned the company that built the properties at Dansoman and Adenta. That’s all we want to know!

As stated earlier, he has admitted Dr. Tetteh owned or invented the technology. So that issue is settled. What he mischievously tried to get away with is the second question of ownership of those properties that the PNDC “confiscated”. Assaasie-Gyimah wrote, “The only thing Dr Tetteh did was sell the end product of his discovery which is the chemical to the committee.” If he did really sell his invention to the PNDC committee the natural expectation of any reader of Assaasie-Gyimah’s article was to read ‘for how much he sold it to the committee’. This important information was not provided by Assaasie-Gyimah. But he continued, “By this the Government of Ghana made it possible for the Unibrick Coordinating Committee to source an IDA loan of Three Hundred Thousand dollars ($300,000.00) to import the chemicals and equipment from Germany through Dr Tetteh’s company UNICLEAN LTD. The point here is that the Government of Ghana through the PNDC Unibrick Coordinating Committee bought and paid for all the items used in the manufacture of bricks from Dr Tetteh’s company Uniclean Ltd.”

It’s obvious from the above quotation that the $300,000 sourced from the IDA was for the importation of the chemicals and equipment to manufacture in mass, Dr. Tetteh’s invention. That money was not compensation to Dr. Tetteh for the invention. So it’s very deceptive for Assaasie-Gyimah to then state in the same rejoinder “He sold the chemicals and the machines to the Committee for over $ 300,000 and it was paid for.” Assaasie-Gyimah, needs to explain to us how the same $300,000 used to import the chemicals for manufacturing the bricks by the PNDC committee, could be, simultaneously, used to pay Dr. Tetteh for his invention.

It’s obvious that these PNDC crooks still think they can fool the people and get away with it. They seem not to realize that a new generation of citizens have arisen who are more detail-oriented and who cannot be easily manipulated by his likes. This inconsistency in his speech is incriminating and is also evidence that Dr. Tetteh was telling the truth. It is obvious that the $300,000 was not given to Dr. Tetteh as he (Assaasie-Gyimah) went on to account for how the PNDC committee used that money to purchase various equipments, etc. How could he account for the money if it had been paid to Dr. Tetteh? So that money never exchanged hands. In other words, Dr. Tetteh was duped by the PNDC. He got his invention criminally stolen from him and never got compensated by the PNDC gang who, it is obvious, saw the invention as a good way to make a few bucks.

I even wonder, if the PNDC had indeed paid Dr. Tetteh the said amount how long it would taken them to let him have that huge money. Knowing their record of jealousy against successful businessmen and women and their inherent hatred for wealthy citizens I bet it wouldn’t have taken a day for Assaasie-Gyimah and his PNDC crooks to go to Dr. Tetteh’s house at dawn with a bunch of soldiers to arrest and murder him in order to repossess the $300,000 if he had indeed received that amount.

Assaasie-Gyimah could have chosen to prove, by a bank statement, that the $300,000 was paid to and withdrawn by Dr. Tetteh, and this would have settled the issue, but since he doesn’t have that evidence he chose to throw dust into our eyes. I appeal to the NRC that for the good of our country, they should be bold enough to let all those who illegally had their properties confiscated by the PNDC thug government to have their properties back! We should all pay for allowing this coconut-heads to rule this country in that way. This will help any future government that will seek to go the PNDC-route realize that in future all their illegal decisions will be overturned. It will also help we the people realize that if we do not rise up and stop stupid deeds by our leaders, we will pay for it in future. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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