My Wealth Creation Dilemma

Feature Article My Wealth Creation Dilemma
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“I finally know what distinguishes man from other beasts: financial worries.”Jules Renard

We’ve all felt it at one time or another in our lives, - financial stress! Have you ever looked at a dog and wished you could trade places with them so that you could live their simple, easy life, free from financial worries? That’s exactly what this quote is getting at.

The greatest reason why many people are stressed financially is low financial literacy. If there’s one thing which we know you can do, and you must do, is to become educated on your finances. That’s a good thing!

I have attended quite a several programs that talked about success and related issues. A few of these happened during my secondary school age. A number of them during my days in university, and quite a number of them organized buy associations and groups including church, particularly youth ministry. The focus was, in many of such programs to give us guidance on how to do well in life.

This discussion focuses on an issue that's central to our lives, very critical to our very existence. And that's our finances. Every single block of wealth you see around you and across the globe began with someone’s personal finance. They invariably started with someone’s little saved money. What I mean is that the moment you see an individual's income or financial outlay in a systematic structure, that individual is most likely to climb up the 'financial monument' quite easily.

Financial monument; you say what's that one too, Yeah, the financial monument can be said, in summary, as wealth. In this discussion I want you to look at your desire to have money at some point in your life as a dream to be pursued with levels or stages you must climb. This is why everyone needs to search out systems that make your monumental financial dream achievable. So, I'm thinking that I should just disclose to you what I've discovered as I kept browsing workable financial systems to aid me. I've discovered that whatever it is, it begins with your very own personal finance, and either ends or continues almost in perpetuity, if systems and structures are properly built.

First and foremost, as an individual, you must begin by getting money. When you set up yourself in a state where money comes to your hands, whether through salaried work or income from an individualistic engagement, you're a good candidate for wealth. I should say you are a fantastic agent of wealth creation because of what I now know. God being so good, I've discovered this at a fairly early age. I say this because, as we all know, making substantial returns on investment is naturally a function of how much you put in with time. This means that the younger you are, the more likely that you'll make greater gains - ceteris paribus. So, considering my current age, in comparison with friends within my circles, I'm most likely to reap bigger rewards because I probably have a longer time to allow my money to work for me. That's to say that at age 30, if I set up an investment account with 200 cedis on monthly basis, my colleague at work who's 42 years, also starting at the same time and investing the same amount, there is a whopping 12 years more to leverage on my investment ahead of my retirement age of 60 if I’m well and alive. It'll shock you how this 12year difference can make so great a difference, as compared to my 42year old colleague. This is referred to as “Cost of Waiting”, (CoW).

Before I give you the breakdown, get to know this: as I have said, begin to earn an income. This, once again makes you a candidate for wealth creation, i.e., your financial monument. So, when that's settled, having an income, your next level is becoming financially sufficient. At this point, you don't owe anybody – you are debt-free! The third level is that you've become financially independent. This is the point in your financial life where people come to you with support for the "fun" of giving. I want to call it ceremonial giving. You get to that point where when people give you presents in any form - cash or material things in times like funeral, it is for the expediency or the beauty of it. They say, "don't spend your money," - though we know you can afford to spend without any strain. What they're saying is: “allow us to be relevant in your life too”. At this point, no doubt, you have become a candidate for wealth creation in practice on a different scale. At this level, we say you are rich!

Per this hierarchy, you attain the status of ‘wealthy’ when you have built substantial and sustainable profit-making business alongside, probably other investments. Wealth that is not generational is no wealth! Wealth is when it outlives twice your lifetime.

Every Wealth creation revolution begins with good education, particularly on a mass scale. So, my view is that when you come to the point where gestures made to you are mere formalities, your children would probably be attending the best schools around and, of course, rise to high ranks in education. This is the first level of generational wealth creation.

Giving your children the best education doesn't end there. You should do well to ensure they start their lives on a sound foundation... probably what you wish you had when you started your life, especially those who didn’t have any inherited wealth. A good financial reserve for them takes what education does for your children to another level altogether. That's the second level of generational wealth creation. The third level of generational wealth creation is when you have effectively developed your children to the point where they're very capable of taking the reins of your business and effectively running it per the established succession plan. And to add to this is when they are imbibed with what I call family business succession and supervisory culture. That's when you have built wealth, a financial monument as I call it.

It never happened that physical cash was stored in a bunker or a tunnel where you just walk in and dip your hands in and smoosh out as much as your open-fingered hands could grab. Yet there was money all around us. One thing led to another, and another, and another - and money was created and developed. Since then, the growth of cash has been by way of systemic accumulation. Look around you, all rich and wealthy people, whether they took over an inheritance or built wealth from scratch, they’ve come this far by systemic operation of money to add on to money, - an accumulation of cash from zero to one, one to two, two to three, and on, and on and built up to what you see today as rich or wealthy.

We find in the Great Good Book, The Bible, that “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Needless to say, please take note of the fact that the emphasis is on the love of it. Statistically, Seven to Eight (7 – 8) out of readers of this article would most likely be God-oriented religious people. This entails that some readers are going to respond to the ideas propounded herein with certain dogmatic ‘claim-checkers'.

Here’s what it is: ‘breakthrough’ is a biblical parlance. Every form of growth, development, wellbeing, and progress in scripture is money-related. God the creator looked at His creation and declared that all was good. He says, “the silver and gold ‘is’ Mine”. We found, as we went on in scriptures, that said: “money answers all things”. Apart from the promise of salvation, just about all other promises in scripture are leading to the overall wellbeing of the believer. Scan through your own life right now and tell me if there’s anything about you that doesn’t require money to achieve perfection, or at least, an acceptable standard.

Why do you then feel jittery when the topic is about money-making - as though you don’t spend money. Anyway, let’s jump right into the main focus of this discourse. If you’re like me, and like many who met little or no inherited wealth, you’re going to have to build one from scratch. As much as I know, everyone who’s yearning to achieve financial security or independence is looking for an appropriate and trusted financial or secured investment scheme. Growing your money requires a certain amount of discipline. Quite unfortunately, many are those who can be disciplined with their money and yet lack the education on appropriate and secured schemes to invest in. It is because of this that I’ve taken the time to disclose to you what I’ve done that has given me absolute peace of mind financially. Many are really in deep search of schemes that will give them financial security but can’t find one. A lot of people have lost hard-earned money to bloodsucking financial systems; very much attributable to little or no education on personal finance. Good news: there are some financial schemes out there that are appropriately rewarding, highly secured, and one which gives you absolute peace of mind as I have.

Anyone who finds and commits to it will remain grateful to his stars. But how would you venture into it if you don’t believe it? How would you believe it if you’re not told? How would the telling be possible if there isn’t anyone to tell? Now you’re going to have an idea about how it works. Warning: if you fail to follow up for more and make a decision now, it’ll cost you! If you turn a blind eye and death ear to it, you’ll regret it. And if your children, in particular, discover that you ignored this education, which in turn denied them of their livelihood and something to begin life with, you will be alienated from their hearts; for sure! Don’t say I didn’t tell you. I’m talking about a financial concept legally crafted, accepted, and regulated by the government, and overseen by an established government agency. You have absolute security! And most importantly, no excuse!

I am here as an angel messenger to present this investment scheme to you. It’s jaw-dropping, unbelievable, fantastic, and a feature-packed financial concept that takes care of all your immediate financial security needs. Furthermore, it is crafted, in the long run, to help you achieve your financial aspirations and goals.

The building blocks to wealth creation as enumerated above, are 1. Earning income, 2. Achieving sufficiency, 3. Becoming financially independent, 4. Becoming rich, and 5. Building wealth and making it generational. The financial concept I’m talking about here possesses the tools to enable you to achieve all the five building blocks to being wealthy. There’s absolutely no monetary policy or financial scheme that can ensure that you build wealth in the manner described here if it cannot secure and replace your initial earnings. Whether you’re a salaried worker, self-employed, or even as an entrepreneur, your initial earnings must have total security. This simply means you must find the kind of scheme which secures your initial income ahead of time. Please take note of this statement: “secure your income ahead of time”. What do I mean? Securing your income ahead of time is such an intriguing financial concept. If I say: “save your future money today”, you can think only as far as saving in a bank account or better still setting aside some money into an investment account with compounding interest. Far from it! That’s an error!

This financial concept says it, and does it as it says it! Save your future money today. Look at a scenario where you’re given a blank cheque. All you need to do is to write an amount that you want on it. Not just any amount. I mean, an amount of money, with which you can continue to live and do all you do today for the rest of your life without working for money (anymore). If you can think of any amount, be it 500,000, 1 million, 2 million, - that’s the amount that this financial concept is asking you to save today. This is magical! It’s like; simply, write an amount on paper or in a book. Make a copy and give it to Buy Term and Invest in Mutual Funds and then hide your copy in a safe place for reference purposes.

The amount that you willfully write is called your financial independence number (FIN). And this is so important because you cannot set yourself on a journey without a predetermined destination. If you decide to travel the whole world, no matter what, you have to choose your first stop, - a destination from where you connect to all other destinations across the globe. This is how you look at the concept of financial independence number on your journey to wealth creation. So, to be more precise, “save and secure your future money today”. This financial concept says that choose an amount, write it on the blank cheque, and put it down. Look at this, to every investment you do, there’s an agenda, and there’s always a target. Just as you put away an amount aside in an investment account, expecting to hit a certain figure after some time for a particular purpose, so it is with this financial concept. But there’s a huge difference in the outcome. After you set the amount you want to have after a set period, the concept shows you how much you’re going to have to commit periodically. Typical of any standard investment, right? Yes. But this scheme does what investment cannot do. No single type of investment scheme, bonds, stocks, etc. can do anything near what this financial concept - Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds, can do for you.

If you want to save towards buying a car, you first identify the sort of car you want to buy, you go to an investment house and tell them the present value of the car. They study your income and then they’ll show you how much you will have to commit on monthly basis and for how long. Mind you, the amount you commit is determined against the possible future value of the car you want to buy. On the other hand, you go to the bank and tell them you need an auto loan. If you qualify, they buy the car for you and you pay it back on monthly basis. The beautiful thing about this arrangement is that the car which was bought with the loan is used as collateral for the loan. There are two analogies above. Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds has those provisions.

First, it says, set an amount you want to have as a financially independent person. It’ll determine how much you should deposit on a monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annual basis. The very moment you start the plan, that amount is secured in your name. Come rain or shine, that amount will be available to you when you need it the most! This is financial security, (if you didn’t know).

Secondly, just as your car collateralizes the auto loan, Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds says take a loan with your life. Except that this loan facility is withheld for you against life-threatening situations. It could have asked you to keep paying for the loan so long as you live. But no! Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds say, if God has given you long life, say 80+, you don’t pay beyond age 65! Yet, if peradventure, your life gets interrupted with life-threatening situations that can cost a fortune to afford a solution, Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds comes onto the scene to take care of it for you with as much as 40% of the amount you wrote on the paper or book. Should the life-threatening situation strike you beyond remedy, such that you have become unfit to make a living, and your income seizes, Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds graciously provides the exact amount of the loan facility you secured with your life, i.e., the full amount of the money you wrote on the paper or in the book, 100% lumpsum.

The amazing thing is that the amount of money Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds brings you under the illustrated circumstances has nothing to do with how long your deposits or contribution has accrued. – And this is what sets this financial concept apart!

The second amazing thing Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds does for you, is that it considers the fact that living beyond 70, 80+ is a blessing from God and it shouldn’t be taken for granted by any bloodsucking financial instrument. And so Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds is crafted in a way to be counted among the blessings God may have given you. This is where it answers the question of what do one stand to gain in the absence of the circumstances illustrated if you’re indeed blessed with a healthy long life? Providing details of the answer to this question might make it too long to read. So, simply, whether or not any of those circumstances occur, your loan amount is still realized and paid to you in your lifetime.

Interestingly, Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds is as good as any form of inheritance. And a lot better than many types of inheritances. Death then becomes a variable to the illustrated circumstances. It is constant! It cannot be avoided! So, in the worst-case scenario of death, particularly prematurely, Buy Term And Invest In Mutual Funds presents itself as the handiest, easy, accessible, and most useful form of inheritance to beneficiaries and survivors.

Should that happen, you’re assured of appropriate and befitting memorial sendoff without leaving debt and making life unbearable for your immediate survivors.

Forgive me, I want you to do yourself a favour by rereading this discourse. What I’ve presented here is limited to three out of the five building blocks of wealth creation suggested here. In investment, profit or revenue is generated per your input over time. Do not wait till I’m able to bring you the part that covers the remaining two of the building blocks of wealth creation before you take action. That can cost you a lot of money. Those two are essentially byproducts of the first three. This means that the first three must be achieved at all costs. I am only as far as Zero Two Four Two, Eight Eight Zero, Two Two Seven, Or, Zero Two Zero Three, Six Five Four, Zero Zero Eight.

Share this article. It might be someone’s financial lifeline. Leave a comment especially if you want to get more education on the topic under discussion and if possible, add your contact to the comment. If you’re unable to connect with me, I may reach out to you. You can also check out my details and send me an email and I’ll gladly respond for further guidance. Thank you.

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