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Must 'Fake Pastor ' Be Vilified?

Must 'Fake Pastor ' Be Vilified?

Most of you, I believe, might've seen the disgusting video in the social media that's gotten many talking this week. Many were enraged, including myself when I first saw it and wondered why such a weirdo could be allowed to take the vulnerable for a ride.

But hold your horses not too fast.
In fact, to say the man behind the video has been lambasted is euphemism for crucifixion.

However, the bad or good news is, the video is still trending, despite calls by some 'landlords' that it be taken down or not shared amongst friends and groups because it seeks to attack the Christian faith.

One particular 'landlord' says if he'd his own way he would get the man arrested and prosecuted.

Yet, the architect of the video remains stubborn---assuring Ghanaians that they haven't seen the last of his exploits. Rather they should expect a few more from him in the years ahead.

Who must be blamed the 'Fake Pastor' or the 'Landlords?'

First, I've got a question for the 'Landlords':

Where didst thou keep thy discipline rod that the sleazy labourers are abusing thou, innocent children?

If you put a cat amongst some poor pigeons she's likely to cause commotion for the vulnerable birds. Imagine a sneaky cat in her sneaky gear sneaking around the piss poor gals day by day.!

That appears to be the scenario playing out amongst the Christendom in our beloved Ghana. Some charlatan pastors are using God's name to shame, belittle, rob, rape and kill their church members.

This is what angered 'Fake Pastor', compelling him to embark on his crusade. And in his view, the earlier this insanity is stopped the better. Certainly, sanity must have to prevail and someone ought to man-up and take on the wolves in sheep clothing.

Though his approach or method has vehemently been criticised. Fake Pastor says he's on a warpath: " I am the one to fight them. I know how to catch the bad guys," he brags.

"I saw the heavens opened and I saw God and the Angels surrounded me. And they gave me the direction."

What kind of direction? We will soon learn about it.

The scripture says a house divided cannot stand on its own.. So, must the crusader come from amongst them? What if he's not a pastor, would Ghanaians forgive him?

But who really is this man that churns out creepy sneaky videos that have been trending in the social media since 2016? Remember the pastor that bathed some congregants in a barrel in the church and made them drink the dirty water? That was 'Fake Pastor'. His latest product the " Baptism Vagina' video spotted on the social media a couple of days ago has gone viral amid controversy.

Pastor Blinks, he simply identifies himself...
Blinks says he is not a pastor but he's here to wage a relentless battle against fake pastors.

"I'm not a pastor and I haven't been to any pastoral school.. But I'm on a mission. My mission is to expose those who parade themselves as men of God only to fleece the poor and also abuse them," he told Kofi Adoma, Kofi TV-- an Accra based Television Station.

Blinks is a film or movie producer and he calls his fake church Endtime Church of Blinks. He claims he has a few branches across the nation. According to him, he's here to watch the watchman. In other words to check the pastors that have gone wayward..

What does the constitution require?
The constitution prohibits religious
discrimination and provides for individuals freedom to profess and practise any religion of their choice.

That notwithstanding, these rights may be limited for stipulated reasons including public safety, public health or human right abuse.

So how come some of these bad apples are allowed to operate?

Their works at best can be described as magic
And everything portrayed by Blinks (Fake Pastor) in the movie are the real things that happen in some churches owned by these so-called men of God.

I think 'Blinks somehow deserves commendation and not vilification. After all, his movie seeks to expose these bad nuts and also admonish Christians especially women to be wary of them.

What kind of direction did God give Fake Pastor?
In the movie, Blinks says he was directed to shave off women's pubic hair. Why? Because most of the women (actors) didn't allow pastors to break their virginity. Thus. they needed to be shaved off and bathe by the pastor.

Is that not what some fake pastors do?
He backed his action by quoting Leviticus 14:8
" The person to be cleansed must wash their clothes shave off all their hair and bathe with water then they will be ceremonially clean."

Again, what we saw early this week from Blinks aka Fake Pastor is a movie. But don't forget, worse things are happening in some of our churches. They're using the pulpits to bully the vulnerable. The gullible are swallowing anything thrown at her. The heartbroken is looking for signs and wonders. And the hopeless is seeking hope.

Therefore. I pray we will not wake up one morning to news that a head pastor of so and so church has done the unthinkable. Be reminded they usually show red flags but it seems authorities don't pay much attention to them.

By Gordon Offin-Amaniampong