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17.09.2020 Opinion

Is Academic Examination In Ghana Becoming A Vehicle For Exodus Into The 'Corrupt Land'?

By Samoa Mensa
Is Academic Examination In Ghana Becoming A Vehicle For Exodus Into The 'Corrupt Land'?
LISTEN SEP 17, 2020

Earlier this week, I was able to talk to a close blood relative to desist from allowing herself to be used as a vessel for sharing 'tagged' likely examination questions online, which may 'theoretically be likely but practically be actual'.

Some God-fearing parents are really trying the best they can to teach their wards the right thing at home, concerning the conduct of examination, but out there, on the other side are scorpions who are determined to sting these innocent children with their deadly poison.

Teachers of my niece who is taking part in the ongoing BECE, forcefully and shamefully collect GHC 2.0 from each candidate per subject paper, to be given to invigilators for assistance. This is immoral!

What are we trying to teach these teenagers? Isn't that the genesis of corruption in our institutions? The educational system which is supposed to mould our children into responsible adults is the same vehicle that exodus them into the uncultured normalcy called corruption.

These institutional stakeholders in our Schools ie teachers, headmasters, directors, examiners etc are the same clerics who stand in front of pulpits every Sunday, singing praises of hymns and preaching big sermons.

The fight against corruption has failed because the Church has failed to touch its members.

Shame unto every adult who is involved in these malpractices. The Kingdom of God is at hand! Please turn away from your sins!

God bless you! Good day!

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