An Obscure Tip On How To Become Rich

Feature Article An Obscure Tip On How To Become Rich
SEP 5, 2020 LISTEN

Ever thought why Americans call the Washroom or bathroom a “Restroom? If you haven’t, then please pay attention to this, as it may draw you to a certain obscure fact. I believe if you keep playing these scenes in your head and pay heed to the reoccurring voices, it could change your mentality towards work or a doable beneficiary idea.

On my travels, I learned one unique thing from a Greek Spiritual family known as "Omilos Eksipireton-Servers Society". They thought me a philosophical spiritual rule to life, thus, "to pursue any activity, idea or positiveness that crosses my mind in real quick time". They taught me that, when a conscious thought emerges in a quickest of flash such as, offering your parents money even in your worst financial environment, just go ahead and share the little left with them. I have held this secretive principle for years and the results have been awesome.

I would not wish to bore you with my personal perspectives to life on an observation or a partial rule as circumstances vary per each living being.

Dear reader, how well do you pay attention to the washroom? I would suggest you take a pen and a sheet of paper to the washroom anytime you visit it. Why do I say this? As a writer and a creative individual, I have come to the realization that, when visiting the “loo” or taking a shower in that enclosed space, it generates a sharper reoccurring thought of harvest worth noting. If no one has experienced this literally thought-provoking insight, then start counting your replaying losses.

Surprisingly, I began the, “who I am today journey”, in the washroom. My journey in life is something that the affluent rich could see as a meager fight, those in academia might see as an unjustifiable trial test and the poor, a heavyweight of achievements in the plight of a young experimental being, in an unnatural world, called Ghana.

In as much as each category of persons might view it, “I am alive and still in a learning process. For it is interesting how we, as a people, no matter the condition we find ourselves, are either being hailed or broken into leftovers by a band of talkers”. That is, being rich, poor or ill within an insanitary madness, is a skill to receive a clap or downplays and therefore, leaving lessons to the fact that, though man is born of himself, he is not of himself as the onus of his or her results, lie within his or her appreciation and depreciation of people around things.

Before I pin down my personal thought, I wish to reiterate that, my life began in the washroom. Ask yourself, what do I do when showering? How well do I pay attention to the ideas I conceive in that quiet room? Do I even generate some ideas whiles I foam my body and scrub off the dirt? Dear reader, do not be like the man who thinks of nothing but assumes all things are vain for tomorrow he shall die. Let me remind you of this, those reoccurring ideas or strategic plans that you do not heed to are counted as your losses and I would suggest you start paying deep attention to them, as the washroom is a solvable literally metaphor because if the washroom was a talker it would have been inquisitive as a nagging and curious wife.

Fast forward, my most successful journey as a writer and an imaginative sleepless billionaire, which is laughable but true, started here. Someone would ask, “why this washroom introduction or diabolic unneeded imagery?”. It is the chorus scenes of voices of a positive energy that can change your life from rugs to riches. Pay attention to them as Americans deem it a Restroom. Someone would ask, is the writer rich himself?

No! But becoming rich or being rich is a state of mind or a preconceived/preconditioned attitude towards finding value in the right space of non-ignorant people. I wonder how much you can sell a signed jersey of world Pele which dates as far back his playing career in Ghana during an auction. It would interest you to know that that same jersey can give you a thousand more value abroad or at a museum.

You might be asking where you would get money to execute the conceived idea. Sorry as you need to pay attention to how you build relations. Becoming rich is dynamic and possesses a dribbling metaphor. Persistence breaks resistance so keep the faith, learn, pray, and keep noting the things that come in mind.

Also, do not ever forsake your mother on your journey to wealth creation as she is the only one who understands the mysteries of your birth. Your make or unmake resorts in your mother.

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